A Bullet from a Cop solved the problem – Deal with it

Protests have always taken center stage in America.  Many times our eyes roll back in our heads as we are forced to see the absurd of gays marching in the streets for their endless list of rights, the fake news worshippers screaming about the brutal cops and evil Hitler like Trump.  It is the end of Democracy you know, the one we never had.  Then there are black lives matter crowds marching in racist arrogance as cops are murdered and whites are attacked at their events. Continue reading

Trump has already done it more than ‘804 times’ and he isn’t in office yet

Hillary, Obama, the leftist controlled media and anti Trump liberals are doing academy award performances with their melt downs and scream fests.  If I was to describe the never ending blame, cry, hiss and Soros backed hit scenes, I would think the leftist – anti Trumpers are doing a remake of two movies that we are forced to watch – the morphing together of Ground Hog Day and One flew over the Cuckoos Nest.  Continue reading

The Hillary Political Tombstone is placed yet they try to dig her up

Just moments after the Trump landslide win of the century, Hillary and her hallucinogenic and sell out team were determined to steal a win from Trump by going after the electors.  Knowing how Hillary and Bill Clinton work, the threats, the, the lies, the intimidation and the favors…the electors have been in the Hillary team cross hairs to steal their votes.  Never mind what the people wanted in all the ‘worthless more conservative’ states.  The fact that Hillary had California and New York meant she had the right to be President – run us, control us,  steal from us…and do it by any means possible.  She was to become our first female President. Continue reading

Trump and Pence drain the swamp while the Obama/Hillary leftists cry and scream to ‘Kill the Patient’

The lies, violent set ups, acting out seizures about Donald Trump being elected are so absurd they are almost funny,  however,  at their core, they are tragic,  a waste of time and those involved really only shine the light of judgment on themselves.  They reveal themselves as bought and paid for slaves of the far left, lying agenda.  They are those with IQs below plant life. Continue reading

Trump wins huge – It is a miracle what ‘useless deplorables’ and God can do

The largest branch of Government who had been locked out of the building for years and forced to stand outside in the cold and freezing rain has spoken.  No longer were Americans going to look the other way, suck it up, believe the smooth – lipstick smiling lies and deal with more insults pain and danger.  We were going to take our Government and lives back.  We did it on Election Day and in spades.  Let the tears flow but they won’t be ours. Continue reading




Be a bold part of Donald Trump becoming our 45th President

Be a part of America’s power and healing machine that finally crushes the evil – anti God and anti America Clinton cartel.   Continue reading

Shut Down Hillary’s pretend magic show and vote Trump – Everything is at stake

Our Country has been put in ‘false flag’ type war zones at Trump events and rallies, with violence, threats, interruptions, name calling and distractions planted all over.  We now all know thanks to the under cover work of Project Veritas that Hillary and the Democratic Party have paid, planned and coordinated these violent episodes at Trump events.  It is all on tape and once again Hillary stands there with her guilty pants down as she screams more insults against Trump and calls Trump supporters a list of new insults. Continue reading

Bible Code Expert finds name of Presidential Winner in the Holy Bible

Rabbi Matityaho Glazerson, a Bible code expert has searched in Deuteronomy and found the words Donald, spelled in Hebrew, next to the word nasi – the word for President.  In the same area was found artzot habrit – that is United States in Hebrew. Continue reading

Pray the Queen of lies, crimes and treason goes down as America rises up with Trump

It is mind boggling, twisted and frankly unbelievable that anyone who had paid attention to even a few of the massive list of lies, treasonous actions and the 30 year list of crimes by Hillary would even wonder about voting for her.  Sadly, many caught in Hillary’s Pandora propaganda box will.  Continue reading