No matter what happens this election – This is not the end

‘Know it all’ commentators and those with compromised faith make sure during this election cycle we all know that terror is everywhere.  We are told that if Hillary wins this election, America is over.  Others say if Trump gets in it will be the reincarnation of Hitler and yes – we are over.  Many others say that America is under the judgment of God and there is nothing left to save…and we are already over.  The finally is that ‘this is our last chance’ if Trump doesn’t win we are over. God is simply done with us. Doesn’t that just make you want to host a party?

What is a country and person to do – scream, cry, take a hand full of dried food and run to the nearest cave?  I would do that but out where I live, caves have bears and cougars in them and I have enough scars on my body so I guess I had better ‘man up’ ‘woman up’ or as Judi McLeod said in her last inspired piece, look up to God folks?

Most Americans know what to do this election cycle and though Trump is far from perfect, he is the only one who will stand for freedom, jobs, national defense, tax relief, and school choice, health care choice with real options, Judeo-Christian values and freedom of speech for all.  He is the one we must get behind for all our sakes.

Hillary has long hidden behind the skirts of as many ‘specialty’ groups as possible so she can look like ‘Father Christmas’ and ‘Mother Theresa.’ She is the caring crusader who is courageous and passionate in her love for blacks, Hispanics, women, gays, disabled, illegal aliens and immigrants.  The tragic and obvious truth is however, that Hillary is always the best friend of anyone she is talking with and only cares about gaining and keeping money and power.  Everyone and everything else can go straight to hell if they don’t fit on her deceitful game board.

It is common knowledge – Republicans and Democrats alike, that Hillary and Bill have been about keeping power and getting rich in the most fraudulent of ways with their foundation.  This is while Hillary has continuously compromised the safety of America through here flagrant use of emails with all the wrong people and on all the wrong servers.

Regardless of Hillary’s endless track record of betrayals, crimes and greed, if she says one more time “I didn’t know”  “It doesn’t really matter anyway” “It is a vast right wing conspiracy”…one more time, I think I will lose what is left of my mind.

Of course our country is facing endless peril and danger this election, but God is and will always be in control and will listen to and protect people of faith and there are millions praying for America and that God will protect her and bring her back.

Prayer and focus on our Lord really does influence and change things so don’t get seduced into looking glibly at what isn’t right, the evil that surrounds us and the aches in your stomach…only look at God and HIS love/power.

Just a few closing reminders of God’s power and intervention in the face of stark danger and evil

The miracle of Seadrift Texas

In WW11 in the small town of Seadrift Texas, 52 of their young men were called off to war to fight the NAZI regime through out Europe.  They were all facing deadly peril yet their wives, sisters, Mothers and Grandmothers decided to intervene so they posted photos on the wall of all 52 men and prayed Psalm 91 protection over them every day.  This went on day after day as a whole town lifted up and prayed for their boys.  Unbelievably, all 52 came home alive, reporting all kinds of regular miracles of protection as they faced the enemy everywhere.

The Battle of Dunkirk

England saw a bold miracle of God during WW11 as reported by correspondent C.B. Morelock among others.  It was said that over 400 men were trapped on the open and flat beaches of Dunkirk with no place to hide.  The guys were continuously attacked by over 60 NAZI war planes dropping bombs and strafing them with endless machine gun fire.  It was Christmas time for the NAZI bombers looking at their feast just lying open on the sand and it was an obvious death sentence for the 400 men – or was it?

Survivors and witnesses said that their Chaplain, joined by many other men on the beaches started praying and screaming out loud Psalm 91 protection over them.  Just like the compromised and scary condition America is in…the prayers are a little too late???

Not one of the 400 men trapped on the beach died or had a bullet or bomb hit them.  Bullet holes were all over the beach, even outlining some men, but none hit the guys. Is America in worse danger than any of these guys?  I think not.  Lift up your eyes.

Perhaps we should be praying Psalm 91 protection over Trump and his family and our lives and families.  Look up and believe in all circumstances and situations.



America needs guts and belief in the White House – Not Hillary’s political Temperament and sell outs

In the final weeks of this history making election cycle, we hear the build up of name calling and assaults on Trump. They are growing to a loud, shrieking crescendo.  The big assault from Hillary and her sell out supporters, which include the Bush family, Glenn Beck and others, is to say Trump doesn’t have the ‘temperament’ to be President.  We are told non stop that he is dictatorial, Hitler like, racist, anti Gay, anti immigrant…anti everything that is good for America. Continue reading America needs guts and belief in the White House – Not Hillary’s political Temperament and sell outs

NFL – Don’t take a knee on America

Once again we see misplaced freedoms that end up yet again flipping off our country and the hundreds of thousands of service people who sacrificed their lives and treasure to secure our freedoms.  The latest display of confused freedom was by Colin Kaepernick, quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers who took a knee and wouldn’t stand during the National Anthem because of our alleged continued racism, treatment of black people and those nasty people who get early pensions (namely cops) while blacks lay dead in the streets. Continue reading NFL – Don’t take a knee on America

Hillary Clinton’s ‘Basket of Deplorable’ health issues make her unfit to be President

Hillary’s assaults on the Trump supporting masses continue to dig deeper and wider.  Now, we are called a ‘basket of deplorables’ who are sexist, racist, xenophobic, homophobic and Islamophic.  These bold assaults on the American people are in between her growing falling spells, seizers, frozen and odd eye, neck and head movements and inability to speak for moments while looking off in a stair during events and interviews.  Continue reading Hillary Clinton’s ‘Basket of Deplorable’ health issues make her unfit to be President

ISIS is apparently protected by Hillary and the Democrats

First DEMOCRATIC convention day we saw 61 speeches and zero mention of ISIS. This is when America, France, Germany and the world are reeling as ISIS continues to reinvent the terms – cruelty, torture and murder. Now, France and the world watch the horror again at the hands of ISIS. An 86 year old Catholic Priest was beheaded in Normandy France. He was forced to his knees at his own alter as church members and the world watched in horror.

It is stunning, with almost daily attacks by ISIS that the speakers at the Democratic Convention have nothing to say – No plan, no horror shared, no revenge wanted, no plan of attack, no real American response – no nothing. Instead, Hillary says she will bring in thousands more Syrian refugees, which the whole world knows by now is peppered with ISIS Islamic radicals and their murderous relatives. No wonder, there is zero real mention of ISIS and their endless slaughter since it was on Hillary’s watch that they were created in Syria and sent high level arms through Benghazi. It is a known fact worldwide now that Hillary and Obama were instrumental in the very creation, funding and arming of ISIS. No wonder they barely have tone in their voice when ISIS and their ongoing murders come up.

As the Hillary and Obama denial pathology stands tall, the dreaded and painful facts of ISIS and its danger is traded for ‘gun control speeches’ ‘Rebuke at Christians, the evil ‘Great Crusade,’ and our Islamophobia and persecution words against Islam. We are to simply pretend that ISIS is being wiped out and ‘small fry’ Islamic criminals – Oh excuse me. I forgot, they are not even Islamic.

So, using their own pathological language Obama and Hillary symbolically use to minimize all real danger, “what does it matter anyway” – “Hillary your suffocating addiction to power, greed, ongoing criminal behavior and corruption is building rage in Americans against you. I predict you will be destroyed on voting day.

America cannot ignore corruption and ISIS any longer. Push back evil and rise up America – vote in Donald Trump

Ted Cruz Arrogance – Bitterness and Judgement just ended his Political Aspirations

It is official this week. Donald Trump is the GOP Presidential nominee. Though we have seen mud slinging for months by the establishment, Senator Ted Cruz and other groups horrified that Trump has climbed to where he now is. Trump is in and I and many Americans believe he will take on Hillary and win. Continue reading Ted Cruz Arrogance – Bitterness and Judgement just ended his Political Aspirations

It is Time to put ISIS on the Chopping Block

It is time to put ISIS on the chopping block


ISIS murders have become regular dinner conversation these days and a part of the bloody horror we see on the 6:00 o’clock news. The latest tragedy is in France was at the alleged hands of 31 year old Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, a petty criminal but otherwise unknown the the intelligence circles. He was Muslim but seemingly not devout. Perhaps on this day he intended to make up for the ‘not so devout’ part in a big way and go out with a big bang. No doubt he was praising Mohamed screaming out ‘Alluha Akba’ as he flattened women, children and even babies. Continue reading It is Time to put ISIS on the Chopping Block

Ginsburg just proved our worst fears about Top level Justice in America

We have seen and lived through the compromised horror actions of the Supreme Court before when we watched them OK and throw Obamacare on the people. Never mind that it was vividly UN Constitutional, controlling and menacing to America. We observed the usual ‘lawyer language’ tricks and watched it be turned into a national tax among other things. We saw the controls of Obama on what we had dared hope was an objective and legal Supreme Court. Continue reading Ginsburg just proved our worst fears about Top level Justice in America

Black Lives Protest and Mass Murder – Original Message lost

America is the land of freedom of speech and protest when individuals or groups feel slighted. There have always been groups marching in the streets, declaring, even screaming out their rights – Civil rights era -Women’s Right to vote – Land Owners being abused by FEDS -Gun rights -Gay rights – Women’s rights – Too much regulation – Forced Health Care control – Over Reach with Taxation…on and on the protests and statements go. This is great and protests must be heard. Continue reading Black Lives Protest and Mass Murder – Original Message lost

Are Hillary’s lies and Treachery to be rewarded?

“Now listen up son. You wrecked the car I got you 4 times now. You destroyed 3 other vehicles while you were in a distracted and drunken frenzy. Your front end is smashed – your tires are flattened – you’ve been arrested for DUI and speeding 5 times. The cherry on top is that your car insurance has been dropped. You didn’t listen to me. You showed zero responsibility and frankly you betrayed my trust in you. So, what on earth do you expect me to do now? What? REALLY? Well, OK…here are the keys to my Corvette, I will walk.” Continue reading Are Hillary’s lies and Treachery to be rewarded?