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Why The Roth Show

With the numerous talk radio shows airing on radio stations and on the Internet, why listen to The Roth Show? If you are tired of the same old talk radio shows that fail to thoroughly examine and investigate critical issues facing our nation because they promote a specific political agenda, then The Roth Show is for you.  Are you weary of talk show hosts who claim to be hard hitting, yet are disappointed when they fail to address the deeper issues that endanger the freedom of every American?

Judging by the phenomenal growth of The Roth Show, many people in the U.S., Canada and throughout the West are. If you want answers – if you want the truth unbiased by any political agenda, then you’ve found your radio home – the home of a truly independent radio show that talks about the most important issues facing America today. Laurie Roth does not gloss over issues to create soundbites, she investigates them. More than ever before, listeners to radio talk shows are looking for a home where the host talks about politics without being political, calling out all politicians alike when it comes to the selling out of America. The Roth Shows gives listeners a stable, rational and non-conspiratorial platform for the discussion of topics that include the creation of a “New World Order,” “North American Union,” and the loss of America’s sovereignty at the hands of the globalist elite.

The Roth Show is the answer to the growing frustration of Americans over where America is headed, our moral decline, the erosion of our rights, and the threats facing the U.S. and the West, whether foreign or domestic.

The Roth Show is a nationally syndicated talk show hosted by Dr. Laurie Roth, Ph.D., and stands on principles and leading the charge for the legions of Americans who are saying “Enough Already!” In the quest for ratings, many programs on radio today take a hard line conservative or liberal approach across the board. This may result in controversy, but usually results in the alienation of groups and minorities with an opposing viewpoint. In contrast, your host of The Roth Show, Laurie Roth, is on a mission to examine each issue devoid of party lines and special interests and solely on the merits of right and wrong!

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When to Listen

Join us weekdays from 7:00-10:00PM Pacific,  10:00-1:00AM Eastern on any number of the Information Radio Network radio stations that carry The Roth Show live across the United States, or listen online.

We are taking your calls toll free at 877.999.ROTH – (877.999.7684).

You have a voice in America, and we want to hear what is on your mind.

Want to find the closest station that carries The Roth Show? Use the Information Radio Network Station finder HERE.

Listen online

If you wish to listen to The Roth Show online, click HERE to go to the Information Radio Network. You might be required to download a simple plug-in to listen to the show.

The Roth Show: Growing in syndication

Talk show host Laurie Roth

Talk show host Laurie Roth

The Roth Show is growing in syndication all across the U.S. through the Information Radio Network. As of January 2011, there are over forty-(55) stations that carry The Roth Show.

Stations interested in broadcasting our hard-hitting topical program live can do so by contacting Kelli Deshan, the Affiliate Manager at the Information Radio Network by E-Mail at:  kelli.deshan@irnusaradio.com.

Stations that would like to rebroadcast The Roth Show or have any specific questions may contact us directly by using our Contact us form. Please type “Affiliate inquiry” in the subject line.

The Roth Show – what America needs.

Become part of one of the fastest growing talk shows across the U.S.

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The Roth Show in print

Do you find yourself wanting more information about a show topic, or want to read more about what is on Laurie’s mind? You can do just that here at The Roth Show home. Read Laurie’s blunt, often satirical, frequently biting but always thought provoking articles by choosing the current month within the articles box on the left side of this page. Laurie also writes weekly columns for such Internet sites as News With Views, Canada Free Press, and the New Media Journal.


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