Vital Things to Talk About With Moving Companies Before Employment

There are so many different moving agencies out in the market. Some agencies specialize in specific areas for moving, some are better at packing than transporting, and some don’t even have the right licensing to be doing what they are doing. It is a very interesting market. When moving homes, some people like to pack themselves and move their things on their own to make sure that they arrive without damage or mistakes, but in some cases, there is either a want or a need to hire movers to help keep the process smooth and moving along. Thankfully, when looking into hiring movers, you are able to ask these people questions to see if they have the right qualifications and licensing to do what you need them to do.

Here are some vital things to bring up and talk about with moving companies before employment.

Who would the check be written out to?

Typically with this kind of business, the check for the payment should be made out to either the business name and never an individual that is a part of the company. If it turns out they request the check to someone in the company, they could be taking that money for themselves, showing that the company is very untrustworthy and should not be used.

What happens when deadlines are missed?

If the company does not follow through with the deadlines that are set for your moving times, there should be consequences set by either the company or yourself that should be laid out in the contract so that the company is contractually obligated to follow through. For some companies, they have things set out for missing deadlines, but others will make up excuses to justify why they are late and missing all of these dates. In those cases, it is important to state your expectations and show what you are willing to do if deadlines are not met.

About how many direct employees does the company employ?

This question, while being very straightforward to answer, will show how professional and put together this company is. If they can create and put together their own task force for all of the different processes of the moving process (loading, unloading, packing, moving, etc.), it shows the man power and efficiency in which they can get the project done. If they decline to say or have an incredibly small number, they could be subcontracting the process and it can create a lot of issues with the process very quickly

Does this company operate locally or out of a home office?

If the company operates locally out of an office or warehouse space, then they can be a perfect fit to any project. Sometimes the largest company is not always best for a local project. If they state they are working out of a home office, it may be best to come to them for small projects and not major ones like moving homes or across the country.

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