Ultimate Guide to Air Conditioning Maintenance

Your air conditioning system keeps your home cool and comfortable, but it needs proper maintenance to work effectively. Like any other household device, it’s natural for your air conditioner to show signs of aging over time and develop technical issues.

Maintaining and servicing your system is critical to extending the life of your system and keeping it operating smoothly. You must be willing to take care of your air conditioner if you want it to keep its peak performance. Fortunately, we’ve created the ultimate guide to air conditioning maintenance just for you! Let’s dive right in!


Advantages of Maintaining Your Air Conditioning System


Here are a few advantages of routine AC maintenance:


1.   Better Air Quality


Your air conditioning system has a significant influence on the quality of your indoor air. The better your system works, the better the air quality you’ll have in your home.


2.   Saves Energy


If you service your air conditioner regularly, it guarantees that it is operating at the best efficiency. As a result, your system will not have to work hard to cool your home, and your energy costs will be lower. If there is an issue with your system’s efficiency, your maintenance professional will be able to identify it quickly and provide the necessary repairs to fix the problem.


3.   Increased Lifespan


Neglecting to maintain your cooling system shortens the life of your air conditioner significantly. A routine tune-up keeps everything working smoothly and extends the life of your air conditioner.


4.   Saves Money


With regular maintenance, you can detect problems with your air conditioner before they become severe enough to cause damage to your house. Maintaining your system can save you hundreds of dollars on the cost of repairing or replacing your air conditioning unit.


How to Maintain Your Air Conditioning System


If you want to maintain your system regularly, you can take these steps in between your scheduled service:


1.   Turn the System Off


To keep yourself safe, turn off your system’s power supply before performing any maintenance or repairs. Turn your heat and air on/off through the thermostat to double-check that you have powered off the correct electrical breaker.


2.   Clean It


Clean the system thoroughly. This includes cleaning any dirty air ducts, clogged filters, and other obstructions that cause the system to fail. These are the most common reasons why air conditioning systems stop operating prematurely. Cleaning your outdoor condenser unit, evaporator coils, vents, air ducts, and other main components at least once a year can also enhance your system’s efficiency and save you money.


3.   Change the Filters


The interior components of your air conditioning unit can quickly become clogged with dust, dirt, debris, and other contaminants, regardless of how clean your home is. That is why, for your health and the health of your air conditioning system, cleaning or replacing your air filters regularly is critical.


4.   Use a Programmed Thermostat


A programmable thermostat provides you more control over your home’s internal temperature, allowing you to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the day while saving money on cooling. This also reduces the amount of time your system runs, extending its life significantly.


5.   Hire a Professional


Although you can perform some regular maintenance of your air conditioning system without the assistance of a professional, hiring a professional is the best way to get excellent results. If you need a reliable Pasadena air conditioning service, we’re here to help!

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