Top Coffee Drinks for the Coffee Newbie


If you’re a bit of a coffee newbie, your choices when it comes to trying brand new drinks at a local coffee shop can be very overwhelming. In this day and age, a coffee shop’s menu can be very extensive and offer a variety of drinks. If you’re looking to try a new coffee drink, don’t get flustered by a neverending drink menu. Here are some of the choices you can go with if you’re looking to try a coffee drink that is flavorful and perfect for coffee novices.



The infamous latte can be the choice of drink for many. This classic drink contains just two main ingredients: espresso and steamed milk. The choice to customize is up to you! You can add a variety of different flavors: such as vanilla, mocha, caramel, and hazelnut. If you find yourself anxious to order the perfect coffee drink to try in one of your local coffee shops, you can’t go wrong with an OG, a simple and delicious latte.


Cold Brew

If you’d prefer your coffee drink to be cold, a cold brew is an excellent choice. This smooth coffee is brewed overnight in the fridge and served with ice to ensure a smooth and tasty drink. You can make it yours by adding your preferred milk and additional flavors, such as vanilla and caramel.



The cappuccino is another great coffee choice. If you are looking for a coffee drink that is not charged with caffeine, a cappuccino can be the drink for you. This drink contains even distribution of espresso, steamed milk, and a layer of foam. Another classic coffee drink for many, you can’t go wrong with ordering this drink at a favorite coffee shop near you.


Iced Coffee

The drink of choice for many, iced coffee can be the drink for you if you are unsure what to order at a coffee shop. This coffee is brewed hot and then cooled, always served with ice. If you have a sweet tooth, you can get iced coffee sweetened and flavored. If not, a splash of milk and your iced coffee will be good to go. You can even have it black!

Iced-Blended Drink

If you want a coffee drink with an added boost of texture, an iced-blended drink is the way to go. Think of an iced-blended drink as a refreshing coffee milkshake. You can get it in your favorite classic flavor, and feel refreshed and caffeinated all day long.


If you’re a bit of a coffee newbie, have no fear. Above are some classic coffee drinks that many turn to when they want a delicious combo of flavor and caffeine. You may even find yourself with a new favorite! If you are looking for an amazing coffee shop in San Diego, then come pay us a visit at Intazza Coffee Mug & Grub. We’ll help you find the coffee drink you want, and maybe even a tasty breakfast burrito to pair that satisfying drink with!

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