Preserving Your Engine 4 Tips for Preventative Maintenance

It is essential to make sure that your car runs smoothly at all times if you want to avoid costly repairs. Your engine is the most vital part of your car. Without it, your car simply won’t run. That’s why it’s crucial to schedule preventative maintenance service to avoid car issues. Keeping your car’s engine in top shape can ensure the longevity of your vehicle.


In this article, we’ll discuss some preventative maintenance tips to keep your engine in top shape.


4 Preventative Maintenance Tips for Your Car


Here are some tips you can follow to keep your engine working well:


1.   Keep Your Engine Clean


One of the biggest causes of engine issues is buildup of dust, dirt, and debris. Cleaning your engine can substantial impact its overall performance. Do a proper checkup of your engine, looking for evidence of dirt, dust, grease, and other build-ups inside the engine parts. Wipe them down with a clean, microfiber towel. Pay special attention to the engine’s filters where leaves, debris, and other foreign objects pile up. These can prevent the engine from cooling down when needed. Build up can also block air passages as well.


To ensure optimal performance, most mechanics recommend cleaning your engine every three months. However, this depends on where you store your car and how often you use it. You can talk to your mechanic or a local auto repair shop to create a plan that works best for you and your vehicle. Scheduling routine maintenance can ensure a smooth ride and extend the life of your vehicle.


2.   Clean the Spark Plugs


Spark plugs support your car’s ignition and allow your vehicle to start. Keeping your spark plugs clean is one way to ensure they’re working the way you need. You should check your spark plugs with every change of season. To do so, disconnect the spark plug lead and gently remove the plugs from the socket. Clean dirt and dust on the plug using a soft bristled brush. You will typically see carbon buildup on your spark plugs which should also be cleaned off.


If necessary, you might need to sharpen electrodes. It’s recommended to contact a local mechanic to handle this task if you are not experienced with this type of work. Once you reattached your spark plugs and start your engine, you should notice it runs more smoothly.


3.   Keep It Lubricated


Your engine consists of many parts that need to be lubricated for adequate functioning. When you check your engine, make sure all these parts are properly lubricated. If they appear to be dry, talk to your local mechanic to lubricate them appropriately. This will ensure your engine is working at its best.



  1. Get Your Oil Changed Regularly


If you want to keep your car running well and avoid mechanical issues, you need to get your oil changed regularly. Over time, oil gets dirty and can move into different parts of your engine. This can clog or damage your engine. Schedule routine oil changes to avoid unnecessary damage to your car’s engine.


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