Legal Implications of Dating During Divorce

Dating someone new is exciting but can be complicated for those going through a divorce. Getting back into the dating scene after divorce is a time for growth and renewal, the first step towards a new life. However, you need to consider the legal implications of dating someone new before your divorce is finalized.


Some divorce proceedings last for months or even years. While you might want to just move on with your personal life, dating before your divorce is finalized can cause some severe problems. Not only does it make the divorce process more stressful, but it can also hurt the outcome of your divorce agreement in court.


Before you consider dating someone new, wait until your divorce is final. Otherwise, you can face some of the legal implications we’re about to discuss.


Why Should You Wait to Date?


Divorce is a complicated and stressful process. Adding other people into the mix by dating before your divorce is finalized just further complicates the process. Dating someone can lead to new disputes and conflicts between you and your spouse. Additionally, it can slow the divorce process if your soon-to-be ex-spouse brings up your new relationship in court.


Dating someone during divorce can lead to the following legal implications:

Complications with Child Custody


Dating during divorce can cause complications and conflicts with child custody. When one spouse is dating another individual other than his partner or spouse, the opposing party can bring up the possible effect of this new relationship on the children’s wellbeing. Children often find this situation very stressful and disturbing, especially as they’re trying to process the emotions of watching their parents divorce.


This can impact the judge’s view of you as a parent. Since you couldn’t wait until your divorce was finalized, a judge might find that your parenting abilities and duties are impaired. If a judge feels that you are not putting your children’s needs first, they might award primary custody to your former spouse.


The primary goal of the court is to put the comfort and needs of your children first. If you have older children, this can have an even more significant impact on your custody arrangement. This is because your children can voice their opinions and feelings about your new relationship. If they don’t feel comfortable, you may be legally required to have visitations without your new partner. Failure to comply can result in a significant loss in your parenting time.


Complications with Spousal Support


Dating someone during the divorce process can also cause problems with alimony. Alimony is the financial aid that one partner gives to the other if the one has little to no individual income. If you are dating someone new, the judge may decide that you require little to no assistance. The court might bring your new relationship into consideration when awarding financial support.

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