Laurie’s accident & comeback

“The accident was a major hit in every way for me and my family, but I am here to tell you that the Lord met us repeatedly in this tragedy. We were taken care of as we trusted God.–Laurie Roth

It was a peaceful and beautiful late summer day in the Pacific Northwest on August 25, 2005. Laurie Roth, American Patriot and radio talk show host of The Roth Show, syndicated on 45 stations across the United States and into Canada, was on top of her game.  Successful by any standard, Laurie was a well-known singer and songwriter with five CD albums to her credit, including one track that hit Billboard’s top 40. She was host and co-producer for the popular PBS Show, CD Highway, which was broadcast on 155 stations nationwide. She also has hosted successful talk shows on radio stations from Boston to Los Angeles.

Enjoying the freedom of rural America and the serenity of the mountainous landscape, her life changed forever when a large deer sprang from a wooded area, landing directly on top of Laurie as she was operating her motorcycle. The impact propelled Laurie from her bike and into the ground “face first,” causing life threatening injuries to her and fatal injuries to the deer. Her twisted body lay near her mangled motorcycle as rescuers fought against time to get emergency equipment, including a medical helicopter, to her location.

The impact broke nearly every bone in her face and caused other severe injuries, leaving few parts of her body unaffected by trauma. She was within minutes of death when she was finally flown from the accident scene to the hospital, where the doctors were less than optimistic about her survival. They were much less optimistic about her ability to ever walk and talk normally again.

As word of her accident spread, well-wishes came to her from many in the broadcasting industry such as Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Lars Larsen and others. Calls, cards and letters arrived from her listeners across the U.S. Her ability to resume a normal life was constantly a question looming in the forefront during the hours, days and weeks following her accident. Returning to the airwaves seemed like a long shot when simply returning to a normal life appeared questionable.

At the hospital, Laurie laid in a coma for two weeks. Once out of the coma and while doctors were uncertain whether she would ever walk or even talk again, Laurie struggled and fought. She amazed doctors and nurses with her determination to fully recover and not only return to a normal life, but to get back behind the microphone.

The prayers of many and Laurie’s unwieldy determination resulted in victory. On Monday, June 12, 2006, less than a year from being minutes from death, Laurie Roth returned to the airwaves at her flagship station KSBN 1230-AM in Spokane, Washington. With the help of God, her strong will, the tireless assistance of her loving husband, family and friends too numerous to count, Laurie is back and The Roth Show has returned – stronger than ever – and needed now more than ever. Laurie has rebuilt her radio show; as of April 2009, The Roth Show is syndicated on over forty-(40) radio stations across the U.S. and streamed over the Internet to an additional tens of thousands of listeners, from Seattle to Salem, from the U.S. to the UK and worldwide.

“Much like Laurie’s fight to survive the life-threatening injuries she sustained in her accident, America is fighting an epic battle for her survival as well,” stated Doug Hagmann, director of the Northeast Intelligence Network and CEO of Hagmann Investigative Services, Inc. “The Roth Show, with Laurie at the helm, serves as the tip of God’s spear in America’s fight to reclaim her Judeo-Christian principles, regain her moral direction, and bring the truth to the American people,” added Hagmann.

It’s no coincidence that Laurie is back behind the microphone today. Laurie is a warrior of truth at a time when she is most needed.”

Various news articles chronicle Lauries accident and her return to the airwaves:

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A message from Laurie upon her return in 2006:

It is so wonderful to be back with you all!!! I look forward to hearing from your heart ..the different opinions represented ..taking me to task sharing what is on your mind examining ways we can all work together to improve our country. This show is not about walking the Republican line and beating up all others, but rather about focusing on the issues that frankly affect us all. Like you sometimes I have just had it with most politicians and would LOVE to see one less lawyer and millionaire in congress. I just love how they feel our pain!!!

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