How to Promote ClickFunnels?

How to Promote ClickFunnels?

A lot of people are now considering having a business of their own whether they are currently employed, wanting an extra income or looking for a full time business. Establishing any business is never easy but good thing that in today’s fast paced world, having your own business is possible as we can do it via the internet. You can do anything with the internet, you can sell products online, advertise, write blogs or anything that you can think of, it is a matter of pulling strings together and having a great tool like ClickFunnels which could be a great booster for you, see ClickFunnels pricing so you can check it out.

Best way to promote ClickFunnels?

Snooping through ClickFunnels pricing made me learn further on the available plans suited for various business needs, benefits of the ClickFunnels and of course more about ClickFunnels. Below are some of the best ways to promote ClickFunnels:

  1. Share Funnels. This is a built in feature of ClickFunnels, every funnel you create in your account has a unique share funnel URL which you can share with others. When someone visits the link you shared they will be taken to a ClickFunnels page either to sign-up or log in for them to have access to the free funnel you have built for them. If the person is an existing ClickFunnel user your funnel will get added to their account but if not it will prompt them to sign up for the 14-day trial account and if they stay as a paying member then you get the affiliate commission.
  2. YouTube. Recording a YouTube review (or comparison video), creating a helpful and informative content is one of these ways to promote ClickFunnels as there are tons of people using YouTube as a search engine to buy products.
  3. Blogging. If you are not in to recording videos you can do exactly the same thing in blogging but then in a written form, then add some links throughout your article. People will start landing on your website read your review, join ClickFunnels after they clicked on your affiliate link.
  4. Website. Basically the same concept as blogging, creative content is also key.
  5. Social Media. Best way to get to people is through free platforms, people are on it and you can reach them through writing posts, pictures,sharing stories, and any eye catching ways you can imagine. Facebook (Ads, Group or profile), Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus to name some. You can also share your blog content there, link the article there and viola!

Other unconventional ways to promote (for free):

  • Use online forums
  • Promote by speaking at events
  • Word of mouth to friends, colleagues, business partners or family members
  • Podcasts and interviews
  • Pinterest
  • Guest blog on niche websites

Why promote ClickFunnels?

  • The product itself is good which makes it easy to promote.
  • You can learn a lot of great ideas that you can use in your business.
  • It really helps build sales funnels that increases the value of customers.
  • Each product has its own funnel with up sells and down sells.
  • They have cool bonus prizes.


Starting something isn’t always easy. Same goes with start up businesses and promoting ClickFunnels. But what could go wrong with all of the available ways to make the step easier.

Grab all the resources that you can, add in hard work, consistency and surely you will reach your goal no matter what platform you choose to pursue.


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