Electrical Energy-Efficiency Tips for Summer

Over the past several years, we have faced unbelievably hot temperatures. Unfortunately, this trend is expected to continue. As each year passes, summers get hotter and hotter. This means that home and business owners are using a significant amount of energy in electrical consumption.


With increased energy usage, how can you take extra precautions to save on consumption and increase efficiency. Let’s discuss some excellent energy-efficiency tips you can use to save on consumption this summer.


Electrical Energy-Efficiency Tips


Here are some excellent ways to save on your energy consumption this summer:


1.   Invest in Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning Systems


Energy-efficient units are incredibly popular today. In fact, most modern units come equipped with energy-saving advantages. Whether you are searching for a new unit or looking to upgrade to an energy-efficient option, this can be a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Discuss your options with your electrician to pick the best unit to fit your needs and reduce your energy usage.


2.   Schedule Maintenance


Another great way to save on your energy consumption is to perform routine maintenance on your system. Maintenance doesn’t just help prevent costly repairs, but it also increases the efficiency of your unit by ensuring there is no extra strain on your system. Without the proper maintenance, your system can use extra energy to keep your property cool. Schedule your routine maintenance to keep your unit working at optimal performance.


3.   Switch to LED Light Bulbs


Conventional light bulbs use a significant amount of energy to work effectively. If you want to save on your energy consumption, consider switching to LED bulbs. They aren’t just more energy-efficient, but they also use a mechanism that doesn’t emit heat to light up your property. Therefore, they don’t need to use as much energy as traditional bulbs to work effectively.


4.   Use a Dehumidifier


Especially in the hot California temperatures, rising humidity can increase your air conditioning needs. Instead of cranking up the AC, use a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from your home or business. An energy-efficient dehumidifier can bring even better results by reducing your energy consumption.


5.   Invest in Blackout Curtains or Room Darkeners


A blackout curtain or room darkener can be placed over your windows to stop 90% of the light and heat entering your home from daylight. This doesn’t just keep your room dark while sleeping, but it also keeps it cool. Investing in these can be a great way to reduce your energy consumption when cooling your home.


6.   Unplug Your Electronics


Even when you are not using them, plugged-in wires produce a lot of heat and burn energy.  Unplug your electronics when you are done using them to reduce your energy consumption.


7.   Consider Alternative Energy Options


Using alternative energy options, especially renewable energy, to produce electricity and beat the heat is a much better option to reduce energy consumption. Consider investing in things like solar panels to save on your energy usage. Electric cars are another great way to reduce your carbon footprint.


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