Common Furnace Issues that Require Repairs

Furnace problems are one of the worst things you can face as a homeowner. Even the most minor furnace issues can impact your entire home heating system. As soon as your furnace stops working or shows signs of a problem, you need to call a local plumber to get it fixed.


While you can quickly diagnose some furnace issues on your own, many furnace issues require the help of a professional to diagnose the problem and provide a solution. Let’s look at some of the most common furnace issues residential property owners face.


Common Residential Furnace Issues


Here are some of the most common furnace issues that require professional repairs:


1.   Thermostat Problems


One of the most common problems that can stop your furnace from working is a broken thermostat. Thermostat issues are relatively easy to diagnose and repair. If your furnace suddenly stops working, listen to see if the fan is running. If the fan is running and your house still isn’t warming up, you most likely have a problem with the thermostat. The solution can be as easy as replacing the battery. However, contact your local plumber if that doesn’t work.


2.   Clogged Filters


A clogged filter can cause a lot of trouble in a working furnace. Your furnace needs a specific amount of intake to function correctly. If the filters get clogged, the intake is restricted, which can cause your furnace to stop working. You should regularly change or clean your furnace filter recommended by the manufacturer and your local plumbing professionals.


3.   Damaged Heat Exchanger


The heat exchanger is a device that separates cold air in your home. Heat exchangers can experience a variety of issues. If your heat exchanger is cracked, broken, or malfunctioning, your furnace will not be able to maintain a stable temperature in your home. Heat exchanger repairs and replacements should always be handled by a professional.


4.   Flickering Pilot Light


Another issue that can arise is a problem with your pilot light. If your pilot light constantly flickers, then there might be excess carbon monoxide in your gas furnace. Since this can be a dangerous problem, you should call your local plumber immediately if you have a flickering pilot light.


5.   Broken Blower Motor


Your blower motor is the part of your furnace that moves hot air through the ducts into your home. As it gets older, your blower motor can break down, which keeps your furnace from efficiently heating your home. If you notice unusual noises or notice that your vents aren’t moving air, call a professional to check your blower motor.



  1. Clogged Ducts


If your furnace is not blowing air, there might be a clog in your ducts or your blower motor. To check for this problem, put your hand over the vents in your home. Since dirt, debris, and dust can build up in your ducts, you should consider having them cleaned periodically. If there doesn’t seem to be any air moving through your home, it’s time to call a local professional for a solution.


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