5 Differences Between Live Radio Broadcasting And Podcasting

5 Differences Between Live Radio Broadcasting And Podcasting

Podcasts are gaining popularity every day and radio are trying to bring in a different set of audience and editing their content to match the audience, we are now starting to ask ourselves, what is the difference between them? What makes one more relatable? we have highlighter some five significant difference between radio and podcasting

Schedule vs demand

With radio, one has to deal with a lot of scheduling and has to stick to the plan. You have to walk around the clock like 3mins of news, 20 mins of the interview, 5 mins of music, 9 mins of live callers, ads for 3 mins, live sessions 20 mins, due to which radio hosts introduce themselves every now and them

Podcasts, listeners can listen to them according to their time. They can download or stream any session anywhere and catch up quickly.

Mass appeal vs niche

Radio tries to create mass appeal to the audience with contents on a wide range of topics to encourage their audience to stay in tune.

Podcasts try to find a niche and devote the whole podcast around the same topic. This helps the audience more actively search for items that interest them and also makes it easy for the audience to be up to date with your content.

Live vs pre-recorded

Pre Recorded

Radio is live and once it broadcasted it cannot be changed or editing. Some part of the radio stream may be pre-recorded but for the most part, it is live, and if there is a mistake in reading lines one has to keep the show running.

Podcasts are pre-recorded and can be edited as many times as needed, by doing this you are getting rid of all the mistakes you might have done. Although if the editing is not done right, you may ruin the spontaneity of the podcast

Short life vs long life

Radio shows can be recorded, but if you want to go back and listen to the same, you have to listen to the whole show which includes advertisements etc. Radio shows are trying to edit their shows which makes it easier for the audience to go back listen to the part they need.

Podcast mainly focus on one niche for the entire podcast, which catches attention. Podcasts can be found online easily, and if your audience is actively searching for a specific topic or content, it is easier for them to see you.


Regulation and licensed vs unregulated

Radio has to go through a lot of licensing and follow specific rules to broadcast music and also how many times you can play them.

Podcasting requires you to take specific permission from the artist of the music label to play them. A podcast is generally unregulated except if you want to play a piece of music you will have to do so in the limitations provided by the music label.

Gwendolyn Morrison