8 Questions to Ask When Getting an Air Conditioning Estimate

When looking into getting a new air conditioning unit for your home or just improving the one you already have, it is important to get an estimate so you know how much money to set aside. When getting this estimate, a lot of people just gloss over and let the people doing the estimate and let them figure out what is best for the house. But it is also very important to ask these people questions about air conditioning units so you can also give an input on what you need most in your home.


Here are 8 questions that you should ask when you are getting an estimate for air conditioning.


  1. What size system do I need to properly cool my home?

Experts in air conditioning will easily be able to tell you when size and capacity air conditioner you need to make sure that you are getting what you need to properly cool your entire home.


  1. Can the current ductwork be used for this new system?

Most homes, either when buying new homes or renovating the one you already own, have existing ductwork from the previous air conditioning systems in the home. To save an extra buck, ask the people taking the estimate if the current ductwork, if there is any, can be used for the new system.


  1. Is there any proof that you can provide that the company is insured?

Making sure that the company you are hiring for your new system is insured and has proof that they can get the job done without issues is very important for any homeowner to double check.


  1. Are there any new technologies I should look at and consider when choosing my system?

With technology changing every day, there can be new systems and designs for systems that can be more efficient and effective in your home than the traditional air conditioning system.


  1. Is the new system going to be energy efficient?

Having a system that won’t break the bank every time it is run is a very important thing to know. You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars to cool or heat your house.


  1. Do you and your company take care of all of the necessary permits?

In some cases, for certain homeowners, it is extremely helpful and efficient to have the company take care of all permits necessary to build a new system.


  1. What kind of guarantee does your company make for the installation?

Much like number 3, it is important to know whether or not the company can pull through with installing a working and fully functional system that has no issues.


  1. What is the timeline for the installation?

It is one of the most important things to know. Knowing that it could take longer than expected can let you know if you need to make accommodations for living outside of your home for a while.

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