4 Things In Every Home That Can be Pawned

Pawn shops have been around for ages and can be considered one of the older forms of financial institutions, but they also have one of the worst reputations. When using a definition, pawn shops offer small loans of money in exchange for collateral that would not be normally accepted by banks or other institutions that would use collateral. Pawn shops would take jewelry, electronics, firearms and weaponry, and more while a bank would not take those items as collateral. The point of view that people typically get from pawn shops is that it is an easy and quick way to get some cash. When looking into pawning your items, sometimes there are hidden gems that can be worth a large amount of money that most do not know are worth a crazy amount.


Here are 4 things that are in every home that can be pawned for some quick cash.



A lot of people do not typically think about it, but books can be worth a crazy large amount of cash. As long as the book is in good condition and is widely known, it can be worth a lot. First editions and publications are also known for being worth a lot more than any other regularly printed book, so it is important to look into that aspect of the book. Some books that go for a lot are children’s books, magazines, comics, and college textbooks.



Some people typically do not think of the instruments in their home first, but they can be worth a lot more than you think. The brand, condition, and date it was created can make or break the price of the instrument. It is important to keep the condition of any instrument up and take care of them, but any instrument can be pawned for some quick cash. Some great instruments to pawn are guitars, flutes, drums, clarinets, pianos, violins, trumpets, ukuleles, and more.


Sporting Goods

A lot of people do not think of these items since most people want to use them instead of sell them, but some sporting goods can be worth quite a lot of cash. Like the two previous options, it is important to make sure that the item is in good quality before selling and can still be used, unless it is a collectible or signed by a famous and well known athlete. Some items that sell quickly are gloves of any kind, golf clubs, skis, skates of any kind, snowboards, mountain or street bikes, tennis rackets, and more.


Board Games

Now, you would think that the pile of board games in your closet is not worth a lot, but you would be wrong. Any game in good condition, especially older games, can be worth quite a lot. Some important games to look out for that can be worth a lot are Jaipur, Cosmic Encounter, Flying Sushi, and Splendor. If ever in need to make some quick cash or a pawn shop in any way, contact this Pawn Shop San Bernardino.

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