4 Signs Your Sewer Line May Be Broken

Your home’s sewer line is key in ensuring all household waste is transported out of your home and to the main sewer line for proper disposal. When your sewer line is broken, your home will feel it! It is vital that you get your sewer line looked at by a professional as soon as possible after noticing something is wrong, in order to prevent any property or sewer damage from further developing. How can you tell when your sewer line is broken? A few signs to look out for include:

1.  Slow Drains

One of the most telling signs that your sewer line may be broken or damaged is that all your household drains are draining at a very slow pace. Though a single slow drain may often indicate a clog, once you notice two or more fixtures draining slowly, it is best to get a professional to check out your sewer line as soon as possible!

2.  Gurgling Toilet

When you start to notice any unusual noises from your plumbing fixtures, this can usually indicate an issue. If you are noticing that your toilets have started to gurgle when flushed, this can point to a broken sewer line. Gurgling toilets don’t just point to any old plumbing issue, so it’s better to be safe than sorry and get your local plumber on call quickly!

3.  Rodents & Cockroaches Are Making Appearances

If you have been dealing with any of the signs listed, and also note that there are  rodents and cockroaches suddenly making an appearance in your home, this clearly signals a broken sewer line. Small rodents and cockroaches can make their way into a home by slipping through the cracks of a broken sewer line. This is why it is important to keep an eye out for other additional plumbing issues if you find yourself facing off with pests as well!

4.  Sewage Backup

There’s no surprise that sewage backup can be a heavy indicator for a broken sewer line. For example, if you flush a toilet and find water backing up in the bathroom sink, you’ve got a broken sewer line issue on your hands. Addressing the problem can lead your plumbing fixtures functioning efficiently as they should be again!

Call A Professional Plumber Today!

A broken sewer line should not be ignored, as this can end with plumbing damage and expensive repairs! If you notice any of the indicators above (or more than one), it is best not to wait to call a plumbing expert to help and check out your sewer line for any signs of cracks and heavy damage.

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