Why Is Storytelling Important For Podcast?

Why Is Storytelling Important For Podcast?

Oral storytelling has been around for centuries and was the only form of entertainment around for a long time, in the form of local knowledge, history, traditions in their communities etc.,

Podcast in the last few years have seen a growth in the sense of listeners and is believed that it is going to be here for a long time.

  • We see an increase in investment
  • Improvements in content
  • Stable growth in talent base
  • An increasing number of audience


What are a story and what is storytelling?

Stories have the power to move people. It is seen that a show that starts with a story always draws audience attention. Stories in the form audio create a magical experience. Stories are not just about the experience; it is also about creating a world of imagination. Although stories are everywhere, the art of storytelling is not easily obtained, in the field of podcasting the only source of connecting with the audience is audio. And storytelling allows you to play with different voices for each situation.

Storytelling in a podcast?

Audio and story have been known to work wonders. There is a connection between the listener and the presenter. You need to become a trusted voice to the listener and develop a deeper relationship. There are many performance elements such as using words and phrases, bringing in emotion, the tone of your voice these create an image in the listener’s mind.

  • Catches audience attention

Stories are always known to catch audiences attention, and in the podcast, stories are one of the best ways to grab attention. As it increases a sense of attachment in the minds of listeners which will later encourage the audience to come back and listen about your experience and that relate to them.

  • Teaching through stories

An educator may have difficulty attracting audience attention to teach. Stories can improve the whole process, by sharing the stories of problems in the community and how to overcome them increases interest. You can take also bring in another person and bring in their expertise over the issue to bring in a unique perspective and create a dynamic with the audience.


  • Connect through stories

It is natural that the audience will develop a connection toward the host and vice-versa. A podcast is like a conversation, sharing of stories, thoughts, etc. The fundamental way you can connect is by sharing a personal story about you, your life, your family. These stories allow you to be ‘real’ with the audience but also being aware of overdoing it, as it may lead to an adverse reaction from the audience.

  • Inspiring through stories

Sometimes you might want to listen to something that inspires you to get up and go on with your life. Podcasts provide the perfect space to hear stories about others struggles and their means of overcoming them. This inspires the listeners to do more, motivative them to learn from their failures.

Gwendolyn Morrison