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Our Blog

Who Is Ben Shapiro?

Benjamin Aaron Shapiro is an American political commentator, lawyer, radio talk show host, author and columnist. He writes columns for Newsweek and Creators Syndicate, founder of conservative news/opinion website “The Daily Wire” where he also serves as editor-in-chief and he hosts a daily political podcast and radio show; The Ben Shapiro Show. He was also an editor-at-large of Breitbart News between 2012 and 2016.

Common queries about him would include where he studied? his net worth, what are his books?, how tall is Ben Shapiro? and other personal facts which people are curious about.

How Tall Is Ben Shapiro? (And Other Fun Facts)

Aside from facts like Ben Shapiro’s birthday (which is January 15, 1984) another common query for him would be “How tall is Ben Shapiro?”and the answer is 5ft 6in (1.7m).

He was born in Los Angeles California, went from Walter Reed Middle School to Yeshiva University High School of Los Angeles where he graduated at the age of 16 in the year 2000. He graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2004, at the age of 20, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and then cum laude from Harvard Law School in 2007.

He is married to his wife, Mor Shapiro since 2008 and they have 2 children.

Shapiro began writing his first book at the age of 17 entitled Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth (2004). Also at age 17, he became the youngest nationally syndicated columnist in the United States.

As of 2019, the total estimated net worth of Ben Shapiro is $8 Million which he has accumulated through writing, being a professional lawyer and by working for different news channels.


Shapiro has always been interested in politics and this started at a young age, he initiated a nationally syndicated column when he was 17 and he had written two books by the age of 21. From 2004 – 2013 Shapiro has been writing and publishing books (and he continues to do so), In between the years 2012 and 2013 Shapiro has also been busy being a columnist. In 2015 Shapiro has been involved with podcasts and radio.

In terms of his legal career he started in Goodwin Procter law firm. He currently serves as the president of his own consulting firm “Benjamin Shapiro Legal Consulting” in Los Angeles, California and his firm works with major media clients. He has also given speeches and lectures in various colleges and universities.


Below is a list of some of his books:

  • D.C.’s Dirty Politics – 2018
  • America 2030: What the End of the Free World Looks Like, and How to Stop It – 2017
  • The Left’s Phantom Wars – 2017
  • The Establishment Is Dead: The Rise and Election of Donald Trump – 2017
  • A Moral Universe Torn Apart – 2017
  • And We All Fall Down – 2017
  • Evil in America – 2017
  • True Allegiance – 2016
  • The People Vs. Barack Obama: The Criminal Case Against the Obama Administration – 2014
  • Bullies: How the Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences Americans – 2013
  • Primetime Propaganda – 2011
  • Project President: Bad Hair and Botox on the Road to the White House-2008
  • Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth – 2004

Ben Shapiro: Fearless

In today’s society people are free to speak their mind but a lot still chooses to do the opposite especially when it comes to politics. Ben Shapiro is a perfect example of a person who is not afraid to speak his mind even if expressing himself would garner him haters and possible threats as well. He started expressing his opinions at a very young age and he continues to do so even when was already threatened to be thrown into a gas chamber along with his family when he criticized Trump’s candidacy in the 2017 presidential poll of the US.

His courage is astounding, his books are worth reading and are eye opening. Ben Shapiro is truly a controversial and fearless political commentator, author, columnist, radio talk show host and a lawyer.


How to Promote ClickFunnels?

A lot of people are now considering having a business of their own whether they are currently employed, wanting an extra income or looking for a full time business. Establishing any business is never easy but good thing that in today’s fast paced world, having your own business is possible as we can do it via the internet. You can do anything with the internet, you can sell products online, advertise, write blogs or anything that you can think of, it is a matter of pulling strings together and having a great tool like ClickFunnels which could be a great booster for you, see ClickFunnels pricing so you can check it out.

Best way to promote ClickFunnels?

Snooping through ClickFunnels pricing made me learn further on the available plans suited for various business needs, benefits of the ClickFunnels and of course more about ClickFunnels. Below are some of the best ways to promote ClickFunnels:

  1. Share Funnels. This is a built in feature of ClickFunnels, every funnel you create in your account has a unique share funnel URL which you can share with others. When someone visits the link you shared they will be taken to a ClickFunnels page either to sign-up or log in for them to have access to the free funnel you have built for them. If the person is an existing ClickFunnel user your funnel will get added to their account but if not it will prompt them to sign up for the 14-day trial account and if they stay as a paying member then you get the affiliate commission.
  2. YouTube. Recording a YouTube review (or comparison video), creating a helpful and informative content is one of these ways to promote ClickFunnels as there are tons of people using YouTube as a search engine to buy products.
  3. Blogging. If you are not in to recording videos you can do exactly the same thing in blogging but then in a written form, then add some links throughout your article. People will start landing on your website read your review, join ClickFunnels after they clicked on your affiliate link.
  4. Website. Basically the same concept as blogging, creative content is also key.
  5. Social Media. Best way to get to people is through free platforms, people are on it and you can reach them through writing posts, pictures,sharing stories, and any eye catching ways you can imagine. Facebook (Ads, Group or profile), Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus to name some. You can also share your blog content there, link the article there and viola!

Other unconventional ways to promote (for free):

  • Use online forums
  • Promote by speaking at events
  • Word of mouth to friends, colleagues, business partners or family members
  • Podcasts and interviews
  • Pinterest
  • Guest blog on niche websites

Why promote ClickFunnels?

  • The product itself is good which makes it easy to promote.
  • You can learn a lot of great ideas that you can use in your business.
  • It really helps build sales funnels that increases the value of customers.
  • Each product has its own funnel with up sells and down sells.
  • They have cool bonus prizes.


Starting something isn’t always easy. Same goes with start up businesses and promoting ClickFunnels. But what could go wrong with all of the available ways to make the step easier.

Grab all the resources that you can, add in hard work, consistency and surely you will reach your goal no matter what platform you choose to pursue.


The Quit 9 to 5 Academy Review and Bonus – For Our Podcast Listeners

quit 9 to 5 academy review

If you are on this article, checking out this Quit 9 to 5 Academy review, either you have an interest in the Quit 9 to 5 Academy by Mark Ling and demand to know more, or you have received an email or heard from somebody about the system, and you need to know more.

quit 9 to 5 academy

What is Featured in Quit 9 to 5 Academy Training?

Quit 9 to 5 Academy Training comes in 6- modules:







Who is Behind Quit 9 to 5 Academy?

mark ling quit 9 to 5 academy
Quit 9 to 5 Academy is produced by two of the best affiliate marketers in the world.

One who is already familiar in the area would not need a special introduction on Mark Ling. For those of you who don’t learn the kind himself, Mark Ling is the Co-founder of Salehoo and a digital millionaire who has generated over a hundred million dollars in online sales. He is self-made and started his life right from scratch. If someone is interested in the field of affiliate marketing or wishes to sell a new product web-based, Mark is the go-to person and the moreover one of the best mentor one can get.

He is the creator behind all the legendary affiliate marketing program such as.

Pathway to Passive.
Traffic Travis.
Profit Engine (no longer available).

Nick Torson

Nick Torson started off in his life as a Floor Installer, he found his 9 to 5 routine not suitable for his life and made a decision to start a different path with on-line marketing. Which began as his passion is not helping him earn full time at the comfort of his house. Together With Mark Ling, Nick will train the users on how to get this kind of full-time income with on-line marketing.

Who should Give a try to Quit 9 to 5 Academy?

quit 9 to 5 academy review

Anyone who’s willing to concentrate, hustle and stick with the course. You can be a beginner or an expert either way if you have an enthusiasm for advertising and wish to learn from the scratch and get mentored in carrying out the same then the Quit 9 to 5 Academy program is for you.

Quit 9 to 5 Academy Reviews

We will soon update you with latest reviews once the system is launched.

Quit 9 to 5 Academy Bonuses?

Users can avail 6 Quit 9 to 5 Academy Bonuses after the purchase of the training including:.

Private Facebook Group.

Weekly Funnel Hacking.

Weekly Master Class Sessions.

Proven Campaign Examples.

Done For You Presell Pages.

Credit Score Secrets.

Credit card scoring always has a tough job, to scale up the business having a decent credit score is mandatory, this is precisely what the creator will show you in this bonus.

Quit 9 to 5 Academy Cost & Plans

The price for Quit 9 to 5 Academy is $2500. But, you can easily buy it by paying for the full amount in six installments of $499.

We will update with working Quit 9 to 5 Academy discount coupons, once the program is launched.

What Actually is Quit 9 to 5 Academy?

Quit 9 to 5 Academy is a highly effective marketing method that lets the students produce wildly profitable offer campaigns from scratch. If the consumer is previously established in the area, the course will show the user how to generate more and take the business to the next level. Instead of a course program that stops with a book or a CD, the Quit 9 to 5 Academy is a constantly updated system were the inventor, Mark Ling will post new strategies and models into the modules, to make sure that the consumer too can learn these new methods and use them for growth as opposed to a method that stops after a couple of success.

Quit 9 to 5 Academy Reviews

The user can also get constant assistance from the Facebook group is exactly where Quit 9 to 5 Academy participants can mastermind, post victories and milestones, grow and engage with mentors and peers. Also to further support the students, the creator, conducts a VIP funnel hacking & master class training session once a week, Monday at 5:30 pm pst within the private Facebook group (an outstanding concept for the consumers and well as the creators to learn and grow as well as offer constant care).

Why Should You Sign up in Quit 9 to 5 Academy Program?

The Quit 9 to 5 Academy Program is developed by Mark Ling, the self-made internet millionaire who has generated over a hundred million bucks in online sales. He experiences in the industry has mored than a decade and is also a recipient of many business awards over the years.

Mark Ling’s Profit Engine was among the biggest selling digital marketing program that shattered the net in the year 2018. Marks enthusiasm for coaching and training individuals is what makes all his programs highly trusted and worth joining.

There are very couple of online programs that can actually supply remarkable value to amateurs and advanced media buyers alike. The Quit 9 to 5 Academy Course will teach you how to get to your 1st $100 day, $500 day and $1000+ day not just by words or fake guarantees but by really supporting you get your initial sale and a lot more such sales. Normally what happens with such an over-promising training program is that you get your hands on a number of sermonizing philosophy and generic videos were all you get is inspired but no knowledge “how to,” “when to” and “where to,” you get zero care. That’s precisely why you need to Enrol in Quit 9 to 5 Academy Course because with Quit 9 to 5 Academy Course, the developer is not really creating a training, but he is really providing you a full-on training on how to DO the REAL thing.

What We Think

As I already mentioned in this Quit 9 to 5 Academy review, this course is worth the money you pay. To be educated and mentored by the leading kings of network marketing is one thing, but then again coming out as one among them and obtaining enough training to get your own company set up is a completely different thing.

We are desperately looking forward to this much-hyped launch and will get back to you soon with more in-depth insider details and the actual working of the system. Stay tuned!

Sitting Down With A Toronto Psychic (Spooky Interview)

Dream Interpretation

Have you ever had recurring dreams of someone who already passed and wonder why this is happening? Finding out the interpretation of such dreams can bring you peace and enlightenment. Consulting an expert about dream interpretations like a Toronto Psychic can provide you answers in such confusing situations.

Losing someone you love the most can be very difficult. Often seeing them in your dreams makes it even harder. Sometimes you may wonder if they may be sending a message or you just really miss them.

Either way there will always be a part of you that wants to find out the truth behind it. You should not think twice in seeking help as there are a lot of available help around you.

Tarot Card Readings

Tarot card readings and other divination tools are usually used by psychics to obtain answers to your queries, see events that an average person could not see. Aside from tarot a lot of future mapping system use unique tools such as I Ching, palmistry, rune casting, astrology, dowsing etc. All which they use to find out the answer that you are looking for.

Clairvoyants in Toronto

You will be able to find a highly recommended and reliable clairvoyants in Toronto.

They are ethical and proven to be world class because of their precise and accurate readings.

They are here to help you understand your problems and current situation, will guide you throughout the session and direct you in the best possible choices that is suitable for your need.

Spooky Interview

Had a personal chance to sit down and speak to a clairvoyant since a recurring dream of a departed loved one happened several times which felt a little frustrating. Also been seeing a beautiful butterfly in random places a lot of times, been smelling a familiar flower scent and just felt really curious why such things has been happening. At first it seemed that this probably happens when you miss that loved one very much, although there could be really more to it.

Patterns about the dream, being open and not ashamed could be really helpful when you are speaking with a psychic. Once you really start to open up the process will be a lot easier. Tell how you really feel, your thoughts and what you want to know or achieve.

Surprisingly speaking with a psychic brought answers, realization and reassurance. Discovered that the departed loved one is just wanting to send a message that she was okay. After our loved ones cross over most likely they are very anxious to let the people they left that they are okay.

Often they give signs that we cannot ignore. It could be through dreams, they can come through as an animal, make songs come on at the perfect time. They give off fragrances similar to their perfume, favorite flower and any other familiar smell that they had.

The entire session was refreshing. Brings you a peace of mind. Most importantly it helps you find ways and allow time for healing.

Dreaming About Deceased Loved Ones

If you experience frequent visitation dreams you will feel mixed and strong emotions. It could feel so real, you may feel love, relief, joy, anger and most of the time sadness. Figuring out what they are trying to tell you could be really frustrating.

That is why understanding the meaning of your dream can be transformative. Do something about it so you will have a peace of mind.


Take Chance and Speak Up

Speaking with the best psychics in Toronto could be really what you need if you have an unanswered question and a troubled mind. In such instances it is really important to share and express how you really feel. Give it a try and surely you will have the answer that you are longing for.


Finding The Best Affiliate Marketing Courses For Podcasters

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has gradually acquired momentum throughout all corners of the world. Really, you can even work from home by creating traffic to a company’s site and get paid based on the sales made. Thats why choosing the best affiliate marketing courses is so important.

The journey to becoming the best in this field needs a solid training program that will assist you on the dos and do n’ts of this new pattern. The training is focused on providing you the basic knowledge that you will need as you browse through the world of affiliate marketing.

affiliate courses

Some marketers go for the trial and error choice, which is a shortcut towards becoming the very best in affiliate organisation. Nevertheless, research has actually shown that there are high possibilities of failure if you are not correctly directed on the preliminaries that govern affiliate marketing.

It is essential to sign up with credible affiliate training organizations where you will be fortunate to meet experts in this field. Also, you will be equipped with the essential skills and tools that will assist you dominate affiliate marketing.

The training guides, tutorials, and e-books give favorable outcomes to the students who are enthusiastic in knowing the fundamentals of affiliate marketing.

What Are Some Of The Best Affiliate Courses For Podcasters?

There is so much that you will learn from this affiliate marketing programs. While you require to part away with a small fee to join them, they are definitely worth the price. Below is an assembled list of the best affiliate marketing courses that can successfully guide you on the journey towards ending up being the best affiliate online marketer.

best courses

Generating Stable and Recurring Income

This domain can work for individuals in two ways. One is to get unexpected bursts of income by offering a specific item. The second part is offering a service that provides you repeating fees. This course on Affiliate Marketing Strategy for Stable and Recurring Income can be very helpful if your goal is the latter. At 5.5 hours and 56 lectures, this is very extensive and helpful for those looking at mastering this topic. Information are readily available here.

Generating Instant Traffic to Affiliate Links

For a slightly various take on the subject and determining how to get targeted traffic onto your promoted links, you should take a look at Affiliate Marketing: Instant Traffic to Affiliate Links. A peek at the reviews will help you choose if this is the precise course you are searching for. Sometimes the best approach is what is needed to make a project work, this one might just work for you. You can see more information here.

Udemy Affiliate Marketing Courses

Udemy has comprehensive protection with over 20 million students worldwide who take any of the 80,000 courses that they provide. As to affiliate marketing alone, they have about 253 affiliate market training courses. I understand you may be questioning on how you can pick the right course considered that the website has numerous marketing-related courses. Here is a fast tip; select any course that has a ranking of 4.5 and above.

The courses that have such ratings are those that are appreciated. However, that doesn’t mean that the other offered courses are bogus. Udemy has a high profile, and you can be sure that any affiliate marketing course that you will take with them will equip you with the required tools and abilities.

A few of these courses have actually been limited sub-topics that deal with Affiliate Marketing under Google Editor.

Others have a wider viewpoint that offers a broader image of affiliate marketing along with what forms its core. The good idea about the programs that Udemy offers is that they cover affiliate marketing in a detailed way leaving no stones unturned.

affiliate courses

Affiliate Marketing + SEO Strategy

For those who want to determine how to sell Amazon items and make money off it, this course on 2017 Affiliate Marketing + SEO Strategy could be perfect for you. It’s a quick course that teaches how to construct an amazon affiliate site, brushes you on the latest SEO techniques but may not suffice if you are looking at an innovative curriculum.

Develop High Quality Affiliate Websites

If you are interested in finding out the process behind building a WordPress website then you need to look at Learn how to Build High Quality Affiliate Websites. This will assist you not simply find out how to promote however likewise get you opting for establishing the wordpress website and then promote relevant items.

CPA Marketing

Cost Per Acquisition is one of the methods which we will all hear more projects being defined in the future. While it is just another word for whatever we have actually been speaking about up until now, this brief series on CPA Affiliate Marketing will introduce you to the concepts of CPA and initiate you into discovering more about this kind of measurement. More information are offered here.

Top Keto Cookbooks Authors Who Have Podcasts

podcast keto cookbook authors

It’s the new diet fad and craze of the times, not everyone agrees with the idea behind it, but a lot of people are jumping on board the keto diet train. The Ketogenic diet plan is one that is extremely low in carbohydrates and higher in fat. It’s a great way to shed pounds fast but can really be a challenging diet plan to follow through with. So lets take a look at the top keto cookbook authors who also have prominent podcast.

top keto cookbook authors

Top Keto Friendly Cookbooks of the Year

The number one meaningful way to ensure you are sticking with your keto diet is by having a plan and knowing what dishes to use that are both keto friendly and tasty! Start by finding a superb ketogenic cook book that only focuses on keto-friendly recipes the top four keto cook books include The Keto Diet: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet Plan, Keto Comfort Foods, The Keto Crockpot cookbook and Simply Keto.

The Keto Diet Plan: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet plan

The Keto diet plan cookbook, published by Leanne Vogel is a great dish book and a great read. Not only does this book feature more than a hundred great keto-friendly dishes but it also has diet plan plans and weight loss advice written throughout the entire book. Leanne is a pro at the keto diet and will be able to provide you with some good information and useful tips and methods that will ensure you stick with your diet plan to reach your weight loss goals. The book will get to off to a great start by supplying you a 28-day startup a meal plan that features all of the meals and even a grocery list to help you get started with your shopping. So if your a newbie at the keto diet plan this book is certainly a great choice.

keto comfort foods

Keto Comfort Foods

This is a superb cook book for those that have been doing the keto diet for a while. If you are wanting something different, then this will be the excellent book for you. The cookbook will offer you the meals that replace carbs with fatty foods. This will provide a new take on some classic recipes. Things like a pizza that is cauliflower based, a meatloaf that is bacon wrapped. This cook book will give you a unique look into some of the dishes that you have really loved for years.

Keto Comfort Foods developed by Maria Emmerich is a great tool for those who have been on the keto diet for some time and are looking for some new and scrumptious recipes to add to their ketogenic diet. Maria publishes out a meal plan that includes mock comfort meals using fatty foods in place of the carbohydrates. Some examples of recipes you may find in this cook book feature cauliflower based pizza, bacon wrapped meatloaf, and chicken cordon bleu. She finds ways of creating the comfort meals you adore and crave and keeping them low carb.

The Keto Crock-pot Cookbook

If you are a person that likes to use your Crock-pot, then this cook book will take your keto diet and brings in the Crock-pot to give you new ideas to expand your diet plan options even further. The publisher is knowledgeable about the subject matter as she lost over a hundred extra pounds herself on a diet. She took this accomplishment and decided to create a cookbook that would be useful for others that were trying to lose weight. This is a must-have in your collection of cookbooks.

The Keto Crock-pot cookbook developed by Diana Barrera is an excellent option for keto dieters that enjoy slow cooked meals and are comfortable using a crock-pot. Since meat is a large portion of a keto dieters meal, it’s important to make sure it’s cooked right. A slow cooker is a great way to cook the meat of your option all day while you go to work or wherever you require to go for the day and then come home to a delicious cooked meal. You can also use the slow cooker to cook vegetables, casseroles and even stuffed peppers if you’re in the mood! If you’re on the keto diet plan and are looking for something different, this cookbook might be ideal for you.

simply keto

Simply Keto

Another great keto cookbook you should check out if your starting the keto diet is Simply Keto published by Suzanne Ryan. Simply Keto is a superb tool for those of you who are just starting out and are really trying to lose weight on this diet plan. Suzanne is a writer who has actually struggled with her weight and uses this book to detail her journey with body weight loss and how she stuck with the keto diet plan. Losing more than 100 extra pounds on a diet herself, I ‘d say she’s a pretty good role model to have.

Bacon & Butter: The Ultimate Keto Diet Cookbook

When you hear the term of Keto, the other words of bacon & butter are not things that you typically think about. However, this is a cook book that can really put a new perspective on the world of Keto and the effects that this diet plan can have for a person.

The Keto Diet: The Complete Guide to a High Fat Diet

This is not only an amazing cookbook, but it also offers the reader the required advice that they need to make the most out of their keto diet plan. This will supply you with diet plans that you can use in all aspects of your life. The cookbook will start you off by giving you a 28-day meal plan that will give you with a head start on your goals. This will feature all of the meals that you will require as well as a shopping list of the ingredients that you will require to make these meals. It is safe to say that if you are new to this Keto diet, then this will be just the cook book to get you started off.

keto cookbooks

Wrapping it up

As you are able to see, there are a large number of cook books out there, and while these are the top cookbooks, you may find some others that will be able to give you the same level of outcomes that you are hoping to obtain. From just a little weight loss to massive amounts of body weight, the effects of the Keto diet plan is real and able to be seen. The keto diet can not only change your appearance, but it can also significantly improve your way of life. Be sure that you try many of these meals and see for yourself what the keto diet plan is able to do for you.

How to Make Extra Money as an Artist With Courses

How to make an online course

In our last post, we discussed how to take care of your voice. Today, we are leaning towards wallets and purses.

Whether you are a singer, an actor, or any kind of performer, there are ways you can summon a few extra bucks into your account while doing the things you love. One of the easiest is making a course.

Think about it. You are a singer and probably have been for a while. You obviously have gathered enough knowledge to help some young person just starting out. Why not bundle it all up in a course and charge for it?

You might be wondering where to start from. Forbes published a great post about making an online course.

How long does it take to create a course?

Creating an online course can be a substantial time investment. “In my opinion, it takes about the same amount of time as writing a book,” says Balfour. “Of course, if you’ve already written a book and are doing a course about it, it takes a fraction of that time. If somebody is coming in with their own content, such as blogs and workshops they’ve already created, they can probably sit down in one weekend and create a 2-3 hour course.”

What are the technical skills required?

Balfour did all the filming and editing for her courses by herself. But it wasn’t easy. “The most difficult aspect is the video editing,” she says. “Like most people, I didn’t initially understand how to shoot video the right size, how to export it, upload it, and fix the noise.” She used the screen recording and video editing software Camtasia, which she describes as “pretty user-friendly, but it did take time.”

But making the course is one thing. Selling it is quite different altogether. This is where sales funnels come in. A sales funnel is a business marketing tool that converts mere site visitors into buyers. This article from Enterprenuer explains it best.

If you’re wondering what a sales funnel is, simply imagine a real-world funnel. At the top of that funnel, some substance is poured in, which filters down towards one finite destination. In sales, something similar occurs. At the top, lots of visitors arrive who may enter your funnel. However, unlike the real-world funnel, not all who enter the sales funnel will reemerge out from the other end.

In marketing automation, Ryan Deiss, co-founder of Digital Marketer, often describes the sales funnel as a multi-step, multi-modality process that moves prospective browsers into buyers. It’s multi-stepped because lots must occur between the time that a prospect is aware enough to enter your funnel, to the time when they take action and successfully complete a purchase.

But how do you create a sales funnel? The answer, for now, is it does not matter. There are some tools you can use to create effective funnels. One great online tool is ClickFunnels. It allows you to build a website along with a sales funnel with just a few clicks. You can get a free Clickfunnels free trial here.

The internet brings with it all sorts of possibilities. Apart from marketing your main work, why not create courses in the area of your expertise and make some extra bucks? With these few tips, you will find that it is actually manageable.

Are You Taking Good Care of Your Voice?

Are you taking care of your voice

Last time, we talked about taking care of your health as an artist. The topic for today may seem similar although it is geared towards your voice in particular.

If you are a singer, voice actor, radio host, or a public speaker, taking care of your voice is of paramount importance. We rounded up some vital tips that you might find helpful in this regard.

Live Science posted a great article with some helpful points.

Drink water to keep your body well hydrated, and avoid alcohol and caffeine. Your vocal cords vibrate very fast, and having a proper water balance helps keep them lubricated.

Allow yourself several “vocal naps” every day especially during periods of extended use. For instance, teachers should avoid speaking during the breaks between classes and find quiet ways to spend the lunch hour rather than talking in a noisy staff room with colleagues.

Don’t smoke, or if you already do, quit. Smoking raises the risk of throat cancer tremendously, and inhaling smoke (even secondhand smoke) can irritate the vocal cords.

One thing that most people do not know is that the quality of your sleep greatly impacts your voice. Sleep allows your body tissues to be repaired and that, of course, includes the vocal cords. Sleep.org came out with a great article on why sleep is necessary.

It Helps You Feel Refreshed

Your brain is busy restoring itself while you sleep. While you’re awake, certain neurons in the brain are actively producing a chemical called adenosine, which is a by-product of cell activities. When this chemical builds up, it causes you to feel sleepy. While you’re busy catching up on zzz’s, though, your body clears itself of adenosine, which allows you to awaken feeling alert and refreshed, rather than tired.

It Repairs Tissues and Helps Them Grow

Sleep provides an opportunity for rejuvenation. Many of the critical restorative functions in the body—like tissue repair and muscle growth—occur mostly or only during sleep.

It Relaxes Muscles

During REM sleep, muscles are relaxed, which can help relieve tension and reduce symptoms of certain types of chronic pain. Just like you couldn’t mentally focus for 24-hours straight at your day job, your body needs a break to chill out so it can conquer the next day with gusto.

But getting the perfect sleep does not happen by accident. For example, what you eat, the clothes you wear in bed, the lighting conditions in your bedroom, and most importantly, the kind of mattress you sleep on can all affect the quality of your shuteye.

While picking the right mattress is vital, it can also be difficult considering the sea of brands you have to choose from. These days, the internet seems to have answers for everything and when it comes to picking the right sleeping implements, Battle Mattress appears to be a great tool. It allows users to make quick comparisons before making orders.

Although you may have been blessed with a great voice from birth, you still need to take care of it. These tips can help keep your voice hitting all those high notes with perfect pitch.

How to Stay Healthy as an Artist

Bulletproof Brain Octane

The creative industry can be taxing. Especially if you work for yourself whether you are a writer, musician, or radio personality, your to-do-list may seem endless. In all the hard work, most artists tend to overlook their health. But as anyone one knows, your health is your greatest asset. So how do you put in all the work to stay competitive and still take care of your health?

In a Forbes article by Ruth Blatt, Dr. Gabrielle Francis, a naturopathic doctor addressed the issue of health for touring artists.

Insomnia. As touring has replaced recording as a primary source of income for artists, tour schedules have become especially grueling with multiple shows every week. Artists suffer from exhaustion and fatigue caused by the rigors of the schedule and lack of breaks. “There was one tour where it was like 300 shows a year, it was unbelievable,” said Francis.

Anxiety. Being away from home and families contributes to depression and anxiety. Instead of partying and drugs as a distraction, Francis encourages them to stay connected with their families by talking with them on Skype and on the phone. “Artists that don’t tour with a big entourage tend to get more lonely, so some of them bring different friends on tour with them.”

But you cannot talk about staying healthy as an artist and not mention diet. When it comes to healthy eating, there is no trend today that is as popular as the ketogenic diet even among celebrities.  Women’s Health Mag wrote an article about some famous entertainers that do the keto diet.

Halle Berry

Halle emphasizes that, to her, keto isn’t a “diet” per se: “I hate the word ‘diet’ so while you’ll see the word diet, just know I encourage you to think of it as a lifestyle change.” She also credits the keto diet as “largely responsible for slowing down my aging process,” and helping her lose her “baby belly,” control her appetite, and boost her energy and mental performance. The 51-year-old mother also says it’s helped improve her physical endurance and skin.

Megan Fox

The actress credits a strict, low-carb diet (along with long walks) for helping her stay svelte after three kids. “I cut out all bread and those sort of carbohydrates,” she tells E! Online. “No crackers, no pretzels, no chips.”

Kourtney Kardashian

Although she doesn’t explicitly state she’s on the keto diet, her gluten-free, sugar-free style of eating definitely qualifies. She even explains that this plan helps her keep her “body in a state of ketosis, which occurs when the glycogen in your liver is depleted and the body burns fatty acids for energy.” Yep, that’s keto, alright.

Although keto has taken the diet world by storm, it does have its own drawbacks. One of them is that it might be unhealthy for your brain since it deprives your system of certain necessary nutrients. Many keto users go around this problem by using Bulletproof Brain Octane. It ensures that your brain gets all the nutrients it needs while you reap the benefits of the keto diet.

Maintaining healthy habits if you are a busy artist can be difficult. However, it is a non-negotiable must. With these tips, you may actually find it to be quite manageable.

How Podcasting Works

Have you ever dreamt of having your own radio show? Before the internet came into the picture, you can be a recording artist only when you have a lot of connections in the radio industry. No matter how good you are with your skills, without proper connections, you will not be able to get into the business. But ever since the internet came into the picture, anyone can do anything they want with just a click of a button. You can develop connections with millions of people instantaneously, and you can bring your dream of being a radio jockey alive.

For those who don’t really know much about podcasting let us first understand what podcasting means?


Podcasting is more of a free service that allows users who are on the internet to listen to audio files from various podcasting websites on the internet and listen to them on their personal computers. The word podcasting is basically the combination of iPod and broadcasting. Now you might be wondering since the word is derived from iPod, you might require an iPod for this podcasting, but you don’t really need an iPod to listen to a Podcast. All you need is a portable media player on your PC. All you have to do is download the podcast, or you can subscribe which will automatically download the podcast for you.

How it all started?


In the year 2004, an MTV video jockey named Adam Curry and Dave Winer who happened to be a software developer wrote a program called the iPodder. The program which they wrote allowed them to download all their favourite radio broadcasts onto their iPod automatically. A few other software developers added more ideas on this and podcasting was born. Adam Curry hosts a show named The Daily Source Code which is a popular show on the internet.


You don’t need a licence to broadcast your program, and it is free from all government regulations. You also don’t have to make your content go through FCC, which means that you can listen to almost anything on a podcast.


How do you listen to a Podcast?


If you want to listen to a Podcast, you will have to first go to a Podcasting site and then click on the hyperlink for the podcast you want to listen. If you want you can listen to the podcast right on your computer, or you can download the podcast you want to the portable media player and listen to it later. You are also allowed to subscribe to one or more RSS feed. Your Podcast software is designed in such a way that it will check the feed on the RSS on a regular interval and it will pull content which will match your playlist. The software then updates your playlist with the latest content.