Global Warming – Freezing Planet

I am most concerned about the mental health of so many environmental geniuses who don’t seem to know the difference between hot and cold and world disaster and normal temperature changes.  Then there is the confusion about stealing and working for a living.

Mental illness and pathological like confusion even permeates our award givers.  Even with hundreds and hundreds of renowned and published scientists completely refuting Global warming, the award elite police gave the Nobel Peace Prize to Al Gore, that is Dr. I don’t know where I am, but it sure is hot…Al Gore.  Who was one of the low life wanna bes who lost the bid for the Nobel Peace Prize in favor of Mr.  Gore?  Only a German woman who just passed a way in her mid 90s and what did she do? She only saved over 2500 Jewish children, sneaking them out in her cleaning truck, day after day,  week after week, eventually being caught by the Nazis and being beaten within an inch of her life.  That is why I cry mental illness folks.  Do we not know real courage from cowardess?  Do we not know a real hero from a fraud and moron?  Apparently we don’t. Continue reading Global Warming – Freezing Planet