I want a real committment from our leaders

Just as some married couples renew their vows after 25 or 50 years, maybe its time for US officials, Congress and the President to renew their vows to the Constitution, Bill of Rights and to the American people! Either that or run off to Iran, China or Mexico and stay there! How come I feel like putting a restraining order on my President and congress half the time??? Could it be because many of our members of Congress, President and Judges are often committing adultery by kissing-up to other countries such as Mexico, regarding border issues with our border agents and selling out to China as they prepare to send endless trucks up to our unwanted and manipulated super Highway? Continue reading I want a real committment from our leaders

Will we stand up to the enemy in 2008?

We are in the whoop-it-up race for the next President…..bring on the popcorn, attack ads, scandals that are certain to surface, secret mistakes, addictions, lies or nastiness exposed by the person running on the other team. Then there will be the many Presidential contenders balancing yet again on one leg and trying to appeal to the ever-so- confused and non-committed middle. Of course, as many of the Presidential would-be stars try to act tough, they realize they must somehow draw the illegal alien vote, if not the dead people’s vote. Continue reading Will we stand up to the enemy in 2008?

No apology necessary

I recall the well meaning Preacher who stepped out of the trenches in the classic movie, “The War of the Worlds.” He stretched out his hand to negotiate with the snakelike killer alien. Of course, the open-minded alien terrorist responded by shooting an empathetic laser beam right through his heart and vaporized him. Now, John Kerry announces that as soon as he is President he will make sure he apologizes for the years of mistakes made by the Bush administration. He promises to begin immediate dialogues with terrorist regimes and make things all better. I guess, the brilliant point we are to get from Kerry is that Bin Laden’s feelings are hurt and we need to make it all better. Perhaps we could throw a big bash for him, catered food, dancing virgins and runaway interns from the beltway. Just when the music is reaching its peak and the wine is over flowing, we could all throw ourselves at the mercy of Bin Laden. Heck, lets invite Kim Wrong Shrill, from N. Korea. We can send him more porno flicks for his collection and all share needles together. We can have the ever unpopular, white Christian males clean up the mess afterward when the building blows up and body parts are now strewn over corn fields in Kansas. Continue reading No apology necessary

The campaign trail of droppings

Have you ever wondered how all the loud mouth politicians can say they represent us, feel our pain, and won’t leave anyone behind? I don’t know about you, but I’ve never met a multimillionaire or lawyer who cared about my pain and suffering, unless of course, I shell out big bucks for a photo op or appointment. It’s kind of like the liberal, rich guys running for office now. Their natural inclination to love us is most acute when we pay more taxes so they can spend more money on girlfriends and secret treatments of Botox. Of course I should be kind. They need more money than they use to. Just the process of getting rid of these same girlfriends can be very spendy. Most of us have never even had an intern, let alone had a committee assigned to get rid of them. Continue reading The campaign trail of droppings

National Security & other fossils

My head is rattling with all the safeguards our Government is putting in place to secure our land. What an improvement since 9/11! Lets stand back in awe as we look at all the intelligent measures our Government has implemented, such as closing the borders, taking a national census, expelling illegal aliens and sending civil defense preparedness packets to all US citizens. I am also comforted to know that we really beefed up the quality of security around our airports and nuclear plants. Every Granny and Scottish Highlander now gets a pedicure and groping for free at most airports. I especially like that over 200 keys (many, leading to the plutonium rooms) from our nuclear plants have gone missing since 9/11. Fortunately, the keys are missing at a time when we are at orange alert and nuclear scientists are running around the country in fear of a dirty bomb going off. Also, some of the terrorists rounded up a few weeks ago were working at nuclear plants. Remember the brothers picked up recently in the Philippines. The icing on the cake is that Bin Laden is promising to break the back of America in the next 30 days and plans to make 9/11 look like a sparkler.

Continue reading National Security & other fossils

Christmas carols to soothe liberal souls

Isn’t it wonderful, Christmas is upon us……of course so are the law suits, whiners and “jingle bells a phobia crowd!” Or should I say “Jesus a phobia” crowd? As we approach the holiday season it’s a shame to have no acceptable alternative carols that might soothe the savage soul of the liberal, flag burner crowd. So…..in the interest of generosity and love I have rewritten several carols. Let the candles burn as we sing and hold hands. Follow the bouncing ball……

The Christmas Song (new and improved)

Pastors roasting on an open fire
Clinton ripping at your hose.
Yuletide carols are on trial in our schools
As we watch new shock TV shows.
Every soldier knows to retain counsel on the battlefield,
Terrorists must have their rights.
Drug crazed liberals with their eyes all aglow
Will find it hard to sleep tonight.

They know that Rodham’s on her way.
She’s bringing Queen size panties on her sleigh
And every liberal’s child is gonna fly,
Cause they see cloned monkeys in the sky.

And so I’m offering this foggy haze,
To liberals from one to ninety two,
Although its been said, you can read my lips,
Christ and Christmas will out live you.

By Laurie Roth


Joy To The world

Joy to Fat Earl, the drugs have come.
Those married sell your rings.
Let legs part everywhere
It is not really sex,

And Doctors and Lawyers sing, and
Doctors and Lawyers sing Doctors, doctors and Lawyers sing.

Let’s burn the flag, while vets groan
We want their lives destroyed.
Let’s reinstate the draft, while their families starve we’ll laugh.
And soldiers hitchhike home, and soldier hitchhike home,
And soldiers, soldiers hitchhike home.

Let all our sins and sorrows grow,
Let there be no Babies found.
Bill comes to make the interns glow,
Far as the curse is found, far as the curse is found,
Far as far as the curse is found.

By Laurie Roth

Jingle Bells

Bashing what we know,
Liberals fill their brains with Hay.
From bed to bed they go,
Laughing all the way.
Hell has lost its sting, cause liberals burn so bright.
What fun it is to bash George Bush, while terrorists attack tonight.

Empty shells, Empty shells, Empty and astray.
Oh what fun it is to help America lose her way.
Sleeper cells, Sleeper Cells, planning everyday.
Let’s light our candles as the terrorists plan to make us pay.

By Laurie Roth

Frosty the Snowman

Frosty the snowman has just been sold.
Cause he lost in court when his lawyer froze,
Liberals ordered a dress and hose.
Frosty the snowman is going to surgery today,
To change his sex to Julie and Rex
So the ACLU will go away.

Binge and purge, Binge and purge,
Look at Frosty blow. Binge and purge,
Binge and purge
There are chunks in the snow.

One night the snowman planned a daring and scary escape.
He melted down and flowed into town to the sewage treatment place.
Now, stinky Frosty flowed over the fields and mountains,
He crossed gutters and lakes, and pipes and steaks to Hillary’s drinking fountain.

By Laurie Roth

Since God by himself has the majority vote, I just don’t have the guts to tell Him and the world that Jesus isn’t the reason for the season. May Jesus Christ be praised! Merry Christmas to you all.

© 2003 Dr. Laurie Roth Ph.D. – All Rights Reserved

Better rude & alive than polite & dead

Recently, our President reminded us that we are dealing with “evil in plain sight.” He also reminded us how dangerous a lack of will is when fighting the enemy. He referenced the League of Nations pouncing around like a paper tiger and crumbling in the face of murderous dictators. That sounds like our UN today. Back then, President Wilson was spreading hopes of idealism with his 14 points of light and just a few years later we saw millions gassed in ovens while Mozart played in the background. During World War II, we finally got a clear image and target outline of the enemy. With this clear vision (it took us long enough even then to get moving) we then bombed our guts out until the war was over. Continue reading Better rude & alive than polite & dead

Will moms have to finish this war?

Why are war crimes being perpetrated by our own leaders against our troops?

The same week congress voted themselves their 5th raise since 9/11; they managed to turn down an attachment to the 87 billion dollars our President wanted for Iraq. The attachment would have paid for our returning troops to fly home from Baltimore!!! Just how many types of drugs are they on in Congress? They just couldn’t find enough money to fly a poor, exhausted private, home on leave, but they made sure their new BMW was paid for with yet another raise in time of war! Disgraceful, even treasonous!! Continue reading Will moms have to finish this war?