Stuck on stupid syndrome is growing

Our Culture seems to be stuck on stupid and backwards thinking these days! We see many of our top leaders, politicians and management confused about right and wrong, victim and perpetrator, bad guy from good guy. This “stuck on stupid” syndrome acts like a fast growing brain tumor, reflecting symptoms in runaway courts, political agendas that are mostly hidden and un American, and endless empathy for sick, illegal and dangerous people! Continue reading Stuck on stupid syndrome is growing

Unholy Trinity running for White House

It just never stops! Last week I was contacted by a reliable source that had put together the nightmare connections of some of Obama’s fundraisers and supporters. A few of these connections have been quickly touched on then avoided in most of the media. The current facts, names, places and events dropped on me last week from a very reliable former CIA agent are currently making the Internet rounds but interestingly seem to be non existent when it comes to the “big dogs” in media and TV. This will be most fascinating to see if anyone in media actually sees Obama’s chronic pattern of poor choices with fund raising supporters and anti American loud mouths. Is anyone home? Continue reading Unholy Trinity running for White House

A prostitute by any other name

Isn’t New York getting a face-lift, though. Now a fill-in Governor will take over the reigns of the State of New York. Let’s just hope he can set a sound moral example! What is there about so many politicians that goes straight to narcissism and law-breaking? What is the code that was broken by Eliot Spitzer and what have we learned? Well, you know exactly how a Governor is going to sin and commit crimes by how hard he harasses and attacks those very industries, i.e. prostitution rings, corporate and ethical compromises with Wall Street and crime families. Obviously, this arrogant bozo needed the challenge to live on the edge, trick the public and his family, and see how long he could get away with it. Well, now he knows. Six years of visits to the prostitute and $80,000 of mystery money, which no doubt will be investigated. Indictments may yet be coming if not a talk show. Continue reading A prostitute by any other name

Homeschooling parents in California facing prison?

The un-American and unbelievable appeals court decision in California, recently criminalizing home schooling parents if they don’t enroll their child into a public school, makes the memories of communism look bland. This is now on its way to the California Supreme court. If this decision is not reversed, parents will be deemed criminal and face major severe consequences. There are nearly 200,000 home-schooled children in California, which means there are tons of parents this ruling affects. Allegedly, Governor Schwarzenegger has come out against this and said it was a ruling against families. So, as this now races to the California Supreme Court, what is Arnold going to do, and what is a parent in California to do? Submit and immediately comply with the law and enroll your child into the public school, or try and sell your house and leave the state, OR?…Choice number 3. Continue reading Homeschooling parents in California facing prison?

Free speech isn’t free

The last few decades we have seen the endless obsession with freedom of speech and our “rights.” Our right to yack; our right to complain; our right to demand more rights; our right to sue everyone and their dog. Everywhere you look it seems society has elevated certain groups of people not only to rights of expression but to “special” rights. It’s not enough rights for those with special “sexual interests” to be able to make choices without being targeted as Sharia law would. It’s not enough for them to be able to live their life, keep their job and partner and approach God however they want. Instead we see the mainstream of America demonized such as when Arnold and some politicians in California hit the news with their plans to change the school curriculum to exclude those hateful terms, Mom and Dad and Husband and wife. Why, because special, sexual folks weren’t being seen enough and getting enough time and attention, so let’s get it from the kids. This is when freedom of speech for all turns into a systematic and well funded indoctrination scheme to manipulate minds into filth and experimentation. Continue reading Free speech isn’t free

Will the real leader please rise?

I’m looking at the two big bullies in the ring as they punch, swerve, slam, swing, kick and bleed on each other. Of course I’m talking about the Republicans and Democrats. We are living in a day when conservative and liberal terms are morphing into a similar looking green slime of compromise regarding sovereignty, morality, borders and how to define danger and traditional priorities. Instead, we see the unthinkable with many in the GOP and Democrats (including ALL that are running for President now and at the top of the heap), the obsession with globalism, the North American Union and endless concern about everyone BUT our people! Continue reading Will the real leader please rise?

Berkeley leaders have gone bonkers

The Berkeley city counsel apparently wants to purge their fine city of the marines and that pesky recruiting habit they have sometimes. You can’t have Marines around when they might interfere with your porno establishments, gay recruitment centers and grocery stores featuring grape-flavored condoms. After all, the war is about our troops murdering civilians and creating another Apartied of evil. With the Feds threatening to yank two million in funding, suddenly the Mayor has a moment of pause. Now the Marines can stay, but the city counsel certainly isn’t sorry and won’t offer an apology. Continue reading Berkeley leaders have gone bonkers

Wanna-be presidents will fix us

Well, we saw Super Tuesday, or was it slippery Tuesday or pathetic Tuesday? We have heard the endless sound bites and plans the wanna-be presidents have for us. “I am going to get Osama BinLaden” “I will garnish wages if I have to, but everyone will have health care” “It’s the economy stupid” “I am the candidate of change” “We will talk to our enemies” “We will bring our troops home.” Continue reading Wanna-be presidents will fix us

Economic woes

Our economy is a big Turtle according to the latest numbers. While China’s economy has grown 11.2% this year, the U.S. grew less than 6/10 of 1% this year. People here are pulling back on spending, trying to plan for a rainy (snowy) day, while the housing market and mortgages continue to unravel as loans default and houses try to reset themselves to REAL values from the inflated ones across the country! Continue reading Economic woes

My national non-partisan priorities

What do you want to see in this next election? What does this country need to see? Sadly, the whole process of getting elected at this level by default turns most trying to get elected into America Idol contestants, fund raising experts and sound bite droppers. Oh yeah, how could I forget, it also turns them into private investigators who must find the trash and inconsistencies with their opponents. Occasionally, in between dealing with the media distortion and money pressure, we hear from a real heart here and there. Sadly, most of us don’t recognize it when we hear it because we are so sucked into the entertainment and soap opera everyone is running! Continue reading My national non-partisan priorities