Eminent domain & government takeover of a family farm

Eminent Domain is a big fancy term in most cases used to simply steal private property from landholders in the name of progress, city needs or other manipulated issues by folks in some authority. We have seen distortions and theft over the decades using Eminent Domain. Currently, our Federal Government is planning the unwanted and manipulated Super Highway right through the heartland of the U.S. A., while stealing and cutting up to a million acres of prime, multi generational farmland.

What is it when an official is offering very low prices for your acreage, the acreage you count on to feed your cattle and grow crops, the acreage you have never wanted to sell, while threatening Eminent Domain if you don’t want to sell? I call it “the Gambino crime family tactics and theft.” Why are state and Federal officials playing with such a violation and distortion of our constitutional, property rights? Yes, it is written clearly, right in the constitution that we all have property rights. Continue reading Eminent domain & government takeover of a family farm

Surrounded by our enemies

We are surrounded by a sea of enemies that threaten to destroy us. Just who are they and how do we fight them and survive? First of all, we have seen over years and decades now, Islamic radicals wanting to take out the infidels, Jews and Christians and take over country after country. We have seen their gains, conquering and imperialist spirit throughout the Middle East, Europe, Indonesia and the Philippines. Let us not forget their manipulative gains with assuming “rights” and “speech” laws in Canada, thus manipulating Sharia law courts and action into the mainstream. They are dong the same with some success in the U.S. by manipulating our courts, school curriculum, getting voted into office, suing, threatening and intimidating those who dare to notice strange or dangerous looking behavior and accusing any others questioning anti American behavior as mentally ill…i.e. Islamaphobia. Don’t you dare notice the large, undercover investigation recently by members of the military, FBI and CIA that found that 3 out of 4 Mosques and Islamic centers are preaching and teaching anti Americanism and promoting sharia law and jihad. Is this a religion of peace trying to just hang out in our country and assimilate?
Continue reading Surrounded by our enemies

Why the secrecy behind Flight 1544?

Monday you may have not even heard that Flight 1544 flying from Houston to Cleveland was nearly hit by what numerous witnesses on the plane described as a cylinder shaped object with a long plume of thick smoke pouring out its back. Many said it flew rapidly past the front of the plane, nearly missing it. The plane was flying at an altitude of 5,000 feet and 11 miles east of Bush Intercontinental Airport. The Pilot radioed to the control tower that the object was “missile-like with a thick contrail” traveling at a high rate of speed.

Media outlets and the FAA are suggesting that this object seen by 148 passengers was just a model rocket. Doug Hagmann, Director of Northeast Intelligence Network and CEO of Hagmann Investigative Services, Inc. told me this week that he was called by one of the passengers who told him that the story being circulated by local and other media as well as the FAA story was not correct. It was no “toy” rocket and that they had all been told to say nothing to the media. Doug also talked with the lady passenger’s husband. Both were terrified about giving their names but even more terrified about even flying again. Continue reading Why the secrecy behind Flight 1544?

Is our Congress and White House for sale?

We already know the global elites want control. For years now we have seen the manipulative and almost secretive meetings of the SPP moving forward on the North American Union and the super highway plans. Naturally, the whole time talk radio and any conservative media has been slammed and insulted as pushing urban legends and make believe when this even comes up. Rest assured it has majorly been in the works for years. I remember on my show asking Rep. Duncan Hunter about it and he confirmed that indeed this push was going on with a super highway and North American Union.

As I pause for a moment to contemplate how I and a few others doing shows have been hallucinating and making all this up, I wonder how with a non existent push for a super highway how this headline has jumped up recently. The Philadelphia Daily News has Gov. Ed Rendell announcing that Abertis Infraestracturas of Barcelona has offered the top bid of $12.8 billion to the state of Pennsylvania with a 75-year lease to manage the toll road. Of course, you didn’t know did you that already Cintra, another Spanish company had been managing the Chicago Skyway, another road connecting I-90 and I-94 but they had lost the recent bidding process to Abertis. Continue reading Is our Congress and White House for sale?

Free trade policies are creating hunger

In the name of the growing fettish of trade and Internationalism we see revealed the real heart and soul of the World Bank, International monetary fund and corporate elites. One bold word fits perfectly….MURDER! We also see as many of our deluded politicians and bankers worship at the feet of making more money with foreign trade, the lack of care for any human beings in general. With the requirement of the World Bank loans to many 3rd world countries to dramatically cut tariffs, international products and higher priced food has soared. Farmers in Honduras, the Philippines and throughout Africa can barely afford the fuel and seed now to plant crops to create food for their own families. Naturally, the wackoids pushing the international wreckage of formally protective tariffs, will be happy because they will make more money, the environment and some animals may be happy, and the annoying people will starve and die. Continue reading Free trade policies are creating hunger

Has global warming ruined everything

It’s amazing how “global warming” keeps absorbing more power and wipes out more people as it grows. What is really being said over and over again is that WE are the evil power behind everything because of the amount of emissions we and our cars produce. Being alive will soon be a hate crime! Global warming seems to be the holding tank that steals and mutes any definition of TRUE EVIL and TRUTH.

What a shock! Al Gore came out today and said that the nightmare storm that has killed several hundred thousand people in Burma was caused by global warming. Never mind that immediately 10 top scientists came out and said he was WRONG. Anything to get attention Al; Pick your crises. I am 16 and have acne. Its global warming! My boyfriend broke up with me. Its global warming! I sat on the beach all day and got severe sunburn. Its global warming. I’m an idiot and need a lasting legacy. Its global warming. Continue reading Has global warming ruined everything

How important are our freedoms?

It’s the endless obsession with personalities running for the Presidential Peyton Place. Hillary, Obama, McCain…..will the real globalist and liberal please stand up? When I think of our heritage, our heart and core as Americans I think of radical, original thinkers, first thought of as traitors to the crown and Queen. We were a bunch of wild misfits who were tired of being told what to do so we pushed hard, shot off a bunch of guns, spit in the eye of the Queen and hitched a ride to a new land. Its not like we were the good little Stepford Wives kids who sat in the front of the class and raised hands in unison. Thank God we were naughty. We live in freedom now because we were. Continue reading How important are our freedoms?

Global warming, ethanol and food shortages

We are seeing a new cult emerge to the “cool Aid” “Jim Jones” level. Many of our politicians, media and leaders are obsessing about global warming to the point where humans are to feel freaked out about the emissions they cause for simply being alive…driving an SUV, using the wrong light bulbs and hair spray. We simply cause havoc on the earth….that precious “God like” earth to be worshiped. Not the people in it, nor God, but nature.

Of course you know the ever so caring environmental wackoids led by Al Gore have had to declare war over the last few decades against chemical things, inventors and developers of creative energy and anything they deemed as not “green”. Thus we saw the obsession the last decade to eradicate and make illegal the use of DDT in Africa. Never mind that DDT almost took out Malaria, epidemic all over Africa….no. It is an evil chemical that just ain’t green. The pressure groups took DDT out all right. What do you think came in as DDT went out the door? According to my recent guest, Dr. Art Robinson, President and Research Professor at the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, 30 million black children have died from malaria as a result of “lovingly” taking DDT out of commission. That is children who would have been alive if that evil DDT had been allowed to keep killing mosquitoes. But who cares about lives, black or white, young or old when chemicals have to be eradicated? Al Gore was right at the front of the DDT ban. Other environmental, global warming cult leaders such as Hillary, Pelosi, Obama and even Newt Gingrich are leading in the global warming myth and manipulation! Never mind that over 450 renowned scientists have refuted global warming as a total fraud. Why be confused with the facts when you can create new, moneymaking industries. Now, billions more can be stolen from the American public. Continue reading Global warming, ethanol and food shortages

HAMAS & Ted Bundy – birds of a feather

Jimmy Carter is certainly on a roll isn’t he? He hasn’t done enough damage to our country and the Israelis yet, so he has to contact the two terrorist heads of Hamas, fly over to the middle east, kiss a few faces and start talking peace again. It wasn’t enough that he encouraged the Shaw to get out of Iran and the lovely, peace-loving Ayatollahs to start the endless down hill spiral into hell, or that he would sell the Panama canal to the Chinese, but now he wants to broker peace with a bunch of Ted Bundy racists who will stop at nothing to kill Jews and swipe Israeli land! Continue reading HAMAS & Ted Bundy – birds of a feather

The New World Disorder

Apparently Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has his knickers in a twist because of the Fed’s crack-down here and there on established businesses in L.A. to find illegal aliens. The L.A. times just reported that ICE has made 4,900 arrests in the work place, nationwide since 2007. This is dramatically more than during 2001. Apparently workers are being picked-up at various manufacturing plants and businesses in a random sort of way who are suspected of being illegal aliens. The Mayor has asked ICE to instead focus on bad employers who don’t play by “the rules” because so many business raids, in L.A. especially, are hurting business. Continue reading The New World Disorder