Mental Health Redefinition and slaughter of rights under Obama

Just a few years back we saw Obama and his team expand and rewrite the definitions of mental illness and throw out the confidentiality and long held assumption of safety between the client and therapist, or patient and Doctor. Health industry professionals were all pressured to ask ‘gun usage’ questions and report these findings to the federal authorities. These set up questions were without context and completely unethical, but Obama didn’t care. Continue reading Mental Health Redefinition and slaughter of rights under Obama

Moral High Ground with Ted Cruz?

Things continue to unfold about Ted Cruz that certainly don’t make me think of moral, ethical or Presidential high ground.

Here is what we already know

Cruz is truly a globalist

Ted Cruz in a speech back in the Iowa primary declared his support for international, controlling and highly controversial GMO Monsanto. Back in 2012 I wrote several articles and talked with a whistle blower about the evils of Monsanto and their creation of ‘terminator seeds.’ Cruz in his speech called all us non supporters of Monsanto “anti science zealots.’ Monsanto, with their famous ‘terminator seeds’ is destroying and controlling farms, growth and food supply around the world. They are dangerous, anti sovereignty and anti freedom. This ‘anti science zealot’ calls globalist Ted Cruz on the carpet for this betrayal. Be very concerned about this alliance.

Also in the Iowa primary Cruz fed on the bogus CNN article on Ben Carson getting out of the race. He swooped in urging his team and the voters to grab up Carson votes, either not taking the time to vet the CNN piece, or even worse, knowing it wasn’t true and stealing Carson’s votes anyway. Either way, Cruz was discovered and finally made a ‘much too late’ apology to Carson.

At the very least, regardless of Donald Trump’s attacks back and forth with Ted Cruz, we can see that Ted is indeed a globalist by his huge support of Monsanto. It also seems more than just a little question mark to his philosophy and belief system to have a wife who is a Goldman Sachs VP and member of the Trilateral Commission. Certainly, his wife is an open globalist. Does that matter? I say yes.

One of my personal concerns of the emerging Ted Cruz was at a recent ‘Christian conference’ hosted by Black pastor Kevin Swanson. He said that gays should be executed, then introduced Ted Cruz. Any real Christian who had just heard such a horrific statement, especially someone running for President would have boldly, and quickly rebuked him or refused to speak. I can find no evidence of either happening. Why? Is he supportive of targeting gays or perhaps other groups for execution? It certainly raises a big question mark with me, again.

Then, we have the potential mother load of all revelations starting to unfold all around us. This is potentially a deal breaker if all continues to roll out and be confirmed. I am talking about Ted Cruz and his sex life. Ted Cruz is being accused of having multiple affairs. Once this started to hit, Cruz quickly denied it was true and blamed the ‘release of the sex lies’ on Trump. Certainly, in a hot political season that could be true…or could it?

You may have heard that the infamous D.C. Madame’s attorney is soon planning to release the names on her black book, many insinuating that Ted Cruz’s name might be there. Who knows, it appears we will see this emerge soon.   However, I started looking at various sources and accusations, which hardly seem invented by Donald Trump.   There are too many emerging.

Check the Ted Cruz list of links and sex facts emerging yourself before you just poll the vote lever.

So far we know that Breitbart had a story on the Cruz sex scandal back in February there didn’t release. Why?

The Washington Times has confirmed Ted Cruz having at least two affairs and of course the Enquirer, which Cruz blamed Trump for calling it garbage. The tricky part about this is that Trump doesn’t own the Enquirer but rather it is owned by Clinton supporter Roger Altman and Evercore Partners.

Regarding other sex adventure:

The Sister-in-law of Amanda Carpenter confirmed an affair is true:

Then we have an ‘escort’ who had sex with Cruz also stepped forward in an interview.

I am certain all these emerging accusations and stories are all Donald Trump’s fault. He controls all women, all escort services, Breitbart, Washington Times, The Enquirer and certainly if any info comes out on Cruz where he might appear on a sex list, that also will be Trump’s fault. Think people, think.

Lift your heads up, pray real prayers, keep your pants on and vote right. Your country depends on it right now.







Do not believe those who say America is over

 Believe – Stand – Vote right and Pray

Real Americans and warriors don’t say or allow even the belief of defeat to creep into their heart and mouth. They don’t just identify the many attacks and even defeats we have endured. They group and regroup figuring out and/or inventing strategies to counter attack as they go. They fight the enemy to win. There is no other option. YODA said in Star wars, “There is no try only do.” I believe that 1000% Continue reading Do not believe those who say America is over

Donald Trump delegates are not for sale – nor are the American people

The suicidal GOP continues to fall on the floor awkwardly, rolling around in their ongoing panic attack over Trump and his continued surge forward. “We have to stop this guy at all costs.” “We must change the GOP rules at a contested convention.” “We have our candidates who fit nicely on our establishment kiss up leash…perhaps Romney and Kasich can fit the bill.”   They just can’t have Trump, the man off their leash who intends to repair, inspire and build back the real America. That would be the end to many of their jobs, sell outs and power. Continue reading Donald Trump delegates are not for sale – nor are the American people

Ted Cruz comes out in support of Monsanto – Calls all non supporters “anti-science zealots”

Back in an Iowa speech, Ted Cruz let it be known that he totally supported the huge agrochemical giant Monsanto. He even used Monsanto talking points attacking all non-supporters of Monsanto as ‘anti-science zealots.’ Mike Adams (The Health Ranger) of accuses Ted Cruz of spiritual treason against God for siding with Monsanto instead of food safety for Americans. He states: “Ted Cruz believes that Americans have the right to buy a gun, but not to read a label.” This is about as Anti American and pro establishment as it gets. Continue reading Ted Cruz comes out in support of Monsanto – Calls all non supporters “anti-science zealots”

GOP may just need a padded cell

Just like the wayward husband going to secret rendezvous with the woman he is having an affair with, the GOP partakes in ‘secret’ meetings with its bought and paid for money whores — millionaires and billionaires in politics, media and business. They all apparently think they are the 4th person of the Holy Trinity – controlling lives and outcomes, when in fact, they are all revealing themselves to be the 4th person of failed egos. Speaking of failed egos…we now see Boehner endorsing Paul Ryan for President. Why doesn’t the desperate GOP establishment endorse Pee Wee Herman? At least he would have a few funny comebacks in between naughty moments. Continue reading GOP may just need a padded cell

Cruz – Your Christian and Conservative cover is blowing up

Ted Cruz and other establishment pretenders continue to expose themselves and unravel. Let us see so far. Senator Ted Cruz followed the CNN misinformation about Ben Carson back in Iowa implying Ben Carson was quitting the race. Then we saw Cruz telling his followers to swoop in and get Carson’s votes. Ted said he was sorry later, naturally after the damage was done. Never mind that Cruz was accused of similar dirty tricks again by Rubio in the Hawaii primary. I’m certain it was another well-meaning accident. Continue reading Cruz – Your Christian and Conservative cover is blowing up

How can so many ‘uninformed’ ‘stupid people’ rise up and vote insurgent

It is truly an inspired miracle how many uninformed – low information Americans can rise up in state after state and register support in poll after poll for Donald Trump. Think of it, us stupid people who care less about the facts or truth are lining up in insurgent fashion and planning to take back our country. It is amazing what millions of dumb people can get accomplished so far. Continue reading How can so many ‘uninformed’ ‘stupid people’ rise up and vote insurgent

A Brokered Convention – A middle finger to the GOP voters – Really?

Though it has been nearly 70 years since the GOP has had a brokered convention, the establishment is leaking and screaming that they may do just that. All this is due to the surge and popularity of Donald Trump. Of course, we all know the race and primaries aren’t over yet and Cruz, Rubio and Kasich are trying their hardest. Continue reading A Brokered Convention – A middle finger to the GOP voters – Really?