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Has global warming ruined everything

It’s amazing how “global warming” keeps absorbing more power and wipes out more people as it grows. What is really being said over and over again is that WE are the evil power behind everything because of the amount of emissions we and our cars produce. Being alive will soon be a hate crime! Global warming seems to be the holding tank that steals and mutes any definition of TRUE EVIL and TRUTH.

What a shock! Al Gore came out today and said that the nightmare storm that has killed several hundred thousand people in Burma was caused by global warming. Never mind that immediately 10 top scientists came out and said he was WRONG. Anything to get attention Al; Pick your crises. I am 16 and have acne. Its global warming! My boyfriend broke up with me. Its global warming! I sat on the beach all day and got severe sunburn. Its global warming. I’m an idiot and need a lasting legacy. Its global warming. Continue reading Has global warming ruined everything