Homeland Security seems to have severe mental illness

I’m sorry if you feel that way…..I’m sorry if you misunderstood the report…..I stand behind the report but I think there was a misunderstanding regarding the report…….Doesn’t this sound like the naughty 14 year old who stole the keys to your car, ran it into the ditch then promptly blamed it on the car, ditch and parents? Little Suzie of course had nothing at all to do with it, yet, that is exactly how Secretary Napolitano sounds. Madam Secretary, you shouldn’t be trusted with keys!

After the release of this document that read like a declaration of war on the American people, defining massive millions of law abiding citizens AND our returning vets as potential domestic terrorists, Napolitano, Obama and DHS got way more heat then they counted on, thus, the 14 year old Junior high half baked and insincere apology.

Even more insincere and tell tale is Napolitano only half way apologized to the VETS yet DHS assaulted and slandered all people supportive of 2nd amendment rights, NO APOLOGY to them; assaulted and slandered all pro lifers and those supportive of less taxation and sovereignty, NO APOLOGY AGAIN. By the time the list of slander was completed there weren’t many millions left in the country who weren’t insulted and slandered! Where is our apology?

Congressman Peter King ® has called for a Resolution of Inquiry as to why this report was even released to the fusion centers all around the country. He shared his shock on national TV news this week that Homeland Security would dare to even think that this was their job or appropriate in any way, thus the Resolution of Inquiry demanding answers, reasons and participants.

As usual, the paranoid Democrats are calling this request the “Nuclear” option, crying fowl. As one of the millions of beneficiaries of this report from hell, I could care less if this Resolution of Inquiry is nuclear. For that matter let it be bio-chemical or a dirty bomb.

If there ever was a time and need to get answers for such an inappropriate report, followed by a thin apology that didn’t even pass the laugh test to only one group, it is now! Napolitano should lead the aggressive charge in declaring publicly the properness of such an inquiry. However, since she also said (Miss Junior high mouth) that she was supportive of the report, why would she want to dig further other then to imply there may have been a misunderstanding and a maverick group within Homeland Security?


Hmmmm, do you think yet that Obama might not be what he says he is?

“I am a Christian, never a Muslim.”  It’s incredible to me as I revisit the emotional and spiritual seduction so many millions had when Obama was running for office.  So many were sick of globalist Bush, the Iraq war and Republicans in general.  We found ourselves with a handsome, young, rock star black guy who was vividly democrat and liberal competing against the usual Rhino type conservative who was older and was proud of being a compromiser and frankly a globalist, McCain.  I had a little hope when they brought in Sarah Palin, a real woman, wife, mom and servant to the people of Alaska who could speak.  However,  they quickly and stupidly pulled her back and like McCain they tried to moderate her.  Bad and fatal move to the campaign interviews and debates!

Continue reading Hmmmm, do you think yet that Obama might not be what he says he is?

Calling all Terrorists! Calling all Terrorists!

Our country is really and profoundly in danger as our President and Napolitano have reminded us.  As you know by now we are surrounded by a sea of domestic terrorists, just waiting to do us in or blow things up.   Don’t you dare go out to dinner alone with your Pastor you might get murdered.  Don’t even think about having coffee with anyone who is a vet or pro life, your throat will get slit.  Your friend who wants fiscal responsibility with Continue reading Calling all Terrorists! Calling all Terrorists!

Obama’s version of two classic American songs

We are being quickly contorted into a socialist/Marxist mess that targets law abiding patriots and vets, such as was demonstrated with Napolitano’s un American and incompetent release of the Homeland security report the day before countless, law abiding citizens met legally in national protest with the Tea Parties. 

The President and administration will do almost anything for International popularity, including severe compromising regarding our safety and national ideals, offering stupid apologies for our alleged arrogance and cultivating more moral melt downs while swiping freedom after freedom.


As a national radio host and singer/songwriter www.therothshow.com,   I have often sung the two American classics below at various events.  However, when reviewing the beautiful, historical words of these two Patriotic songs and the seeming socialist/Marxist mission of Obama and his administration, it occurred to me the lyrics were inappropriate and should be adapted to reflect Obama, so I took a stab at it.  You leftist radicals can sing with bling now!  


The rest of us who REALLY love God and country will sing the real Patriotic tunes with the right lyrics, pray, believe,  plan bigger and more Tea Parties!



The Star-Spangled Banner

Obama version


By Laurie Roth


O! say can you see by the dawn’s early light

What so proudly we failed at the twilight’s last scheming.

Whose broad sweeps and Government seizures, writing endless checks.

Tea Parties were watched and folks were courageously screaming.

And our Freedoms’ red snare, business bursting in air,

Gave proof through the night that our flag needs repair.

O! Say does that Star-Spangled Banner plan to wave?

O’er the land that once was free and the home of the brave?



My Country, ‘Tis Of Thee

For the Obama Administration


By Laurie Roth


My Country, ‘Tis of Thee, 

Sweet Land Of Apologies,

Of Thee I Sing;

Land Where My Fathers Lied,

Land Where The Pilgrim’s Died,

From Ev’ry Mountain Side

Let Globalism Ring.


My Native Country Thee,

Land of the Marxist glee,

Thy Pain I love;

I Love Thy Rocks and Rills;

Global warming and enviro chills;

My Freezing heart With Rapture Thrills;

Let Nature rule.


Let Music Swell The Breeze,

And Ring From All The Trees,

Sweet Submission’s Song.

Bow to the Saudi Kings;

We’re sorry for everything;

Can’t have nasty Freedom’s sting;

The Bling sing on.


Our Gods are one you see;

We pray to ocean, sky and cheese,

To ALL we sing;

Long May Our Land have Blight;

Control and Rule with your might;

International Rule is in your sites;

Let freedom Drool.





What really happened with Capt. Philips?

What really happened with Capt. Philips and his rescue?We all watched in horror and on the edge of our seats as modern day Somali Pirates attacked cargo vessel Maersk Alabama off the Horn of Africa.  In a bold, courageous and daring move, Capt.  Richard Philips offered himself to the 4 Muslim Somali Pirates to keep his crew safe.   They accepted the deal and launched away from the Maersk Alabama on a small lifeboat, while the world watched and waited.   Continue reading What really happened with Capt. Philips?

Tea Parties were a huge success

The over reach of this administration and President continues in bold Technicolor.  Magically, the day before the national Tea Parties we see a report released by Homeland Security identifying the new war on terror, the real danger (drum role please)  RETURNING VETS,  those who are against abortion,  for state sovereignty, for less Government,  less taxation,  against illegal immigration and pro gun rights.  I figure that would cover most of tax paying America!  Continue reading Tea Parties were a huge success

Congress Doesn’t have Time to Read the Bills

We have been told over and over again from congress and this President that the stimulus bill had to be passed due to our endless financial emergencies.  We were then told the pork would be taken out again and again.  There is only one small problem.  Pork kept being added.  Soon it became clear to some of us that this was not a national emergency bill at all but a “revenge of the Democrats” bill.   Continue reading Congress Doesn’t have Time to Read the Bills