Beck does not stand for God – Morals or the U.S.

There is no worse hypocrisy and evil then for a high profile person like Glenn Beck to play the  ‘pious’ owner of moral high ground,  and courageous – stand alone Christian card.  Beck is announcing that he will not vote for Trump and would rather have Hillary as President.  These days he is practically her campaign manager.  Beck has encouraged and campaigned for all his dwindling listeners and viewers to join him on his moral and Christian high ground island surrounded by ‘never Trumper sharks’ by not voting for Trump and even voting for Hillary.  Let’s have a moment of silence as we breathe in the Beck enlightenment. Continue reading Beck does not stand for God – Morals or the U.S.

Trump shows humility regarding video “I said it and it was wrong”

By now many of us have heard the 11 year old video – ‘hot mike’ moment Trump had talking gutter talk about sex and women.  It was obviously ego and lust driven and wrong.   Naturally, everyone and their dogs have come to the party on this.  Some on the Republican side but most on the Hillary side who are thinking this is the October surprise and election blow that will crush Donald Trump.  Now everyone will know he really devalues women and is an ego driven fiend. Hillary will run in to save the nation, or is that really the case? Continue reading Trump shows humility regarding video “I said it and it was wrong”

Trump will win debate 2 and 3 – Then take the White House

He must continue to focus on what America wants, needs and what he will boldly provide that Hillary won’t. He should ask what the audience wants and feels.  Do Americans feel safer now then they did 8 years ago?  Do they feel more secure financially and have the job they want?  Do they feel like Obama and Hillary have protected them.   Have they defined and taken on ISIS and radical Islam or ignored and empowered them with PC talk while people have died from California to Florida.  Do Americans want unvetted Islamic masses being imported through out America?  Hillary proudly plans on this.  Continue reading Trump will win debate 2 and 3 – Then take the White House

VP Tim Kaine was in perfect form at the VP Debate

At the VP debate things were even better than I had hoped for regarding former Governor Tim Kaine.  He won in all the big ways for all of us freedom loving Americans.  Thank you Kaine for showing us who you and Hillary really are…again.

From the beginning Kaine reflected beautifully, the smearing, interrupting, assaulting, insulting, lying, rude, hyperventilating, out of context, brazen attributes of his boss Hillary Clinton.  He was loyal as he walked through the low class, stinky sewage of the Hillary machine, pretending he was on a stage to be worshipped and admired.

He was indeed successful in being the overbearing and rude shadow of Hillary, allowing the masses to peer not only into ‘rotten sugar Kaine’s heart but directly into Hillary and how she runs things – Rudely, with assaults, distractions, lies and distortions.

As we have seen Hillary pass out,  have seizures of sorts,  her head, neck and eyes bobbing around and disjointed thoughts fly out.  Of course, nothing is wrong.  For a minute in the VP debate I thought I would see Kaine ‘hyperventilate’ himself to death since he seemed incapable to take a deep breath and calm his heart down in-between interruptions and smears.

Yes Kaine, you did just perfect.  We all saw you and you made huge points and garnered many votes….for Trump and Pence.  Thanks again ‘rotten sugar Kaine.’


Get Ready – God will have mercy on America this election and make her God’s light on a hill again

How many commentators and Christian types in print and media do I know that say America is done? We are lectured that we are evil Babylon and are getting what is coming to us – judgment.  In fact, the words of many that rolls out of their pious mouths is nothing but evil curses on America and her people.  They don’t really pray and stand in the gap for a struggling and suffering America, praying for mercy, God’s grace and protection.  They arrogantly pray for God’s judgment and look for a way out. They are the false flame throwers who grieve the heart of God and throw only curses back on themselves as they sew unbelief and spread it far and wide. Continue reading Get Ready – God will have mercy on America this election and make her God’s light on a hill again

AGs in all states join the lawsuit NOW against Internet take over

Obama is a freedom slicing, dicing and crushing machine – so is his mirror sell out Hillary.  His latest America hating, UN Constitutional and criminal act was to give over our historic control of the Internet which was given birth in America.  Hillary is also for this and this alone should cause all Americans, liberal, conservative, all nationalities and persuasions to never consider voting for her. Continue reading AGs in all states join the lawsuit NOW against Internet take over

The Trick is Up – Forget Slight of Hand Hillary

This is war and is the worldview clash of the century with Clinton and Trump.  Never forget this as you peer through the magic looking glass for debate 2 and 3 and see the smooth and lipstick laden Hillary doing what she does in her magic show.  She distracts, she plays pretend with ‘fact checks’ attacking Trump with disjointed assaults that don’t exist in any real and fair context.   She lies, cheats and steals as she arrogantly smiles away with bright red lipstick smeared on her teeth.  She is no ‘first woman’ anything but rather the last woman on earth any one of us should want in the White House running anything. Continue reading The Trick is Up – Forget Slight of Hand Hillary

Smear – Lie – Assault Hillary – Worthless ‘middle class’ savior for America

Contrived and coached Hillary’s game on the first debate was to appear collected and together, with apparently, way to much bright red lipstick, while throwing ‘racist’ bombs regarding old lawsuits against Trump.  The old lawsuit she brought up was deceitfully used to paint him a racist.  Never mind the lawsuit had gathered up many companies and Trump in his innocence ended up paying zero. Continue reading Smear – Lie – Assault Hillary – Worthless ‘middle class’ savior for America

No matter what happens this election – This is not the end

‘Know it all’ commentators and those with compromised faith make sure during this election cycle we all know that terror is everywhere.  We are told that if Hillary wins this election, America is over.  Others say if Trump gets in it will be the reincarnation of Hitler and yes – we are over.  Many others say that America is under the judgment of God and there is nothing left to save…and we are already over.  The finally is that ‘this is our last chance’ if Trump doesn’t win we are over. God is simply done with us. Doesn’t that just make you want to host a party?

What is a country and person to do – scream, cry, take a hand full of dried food and run to the nearest cave?  I would do that but out where I live, caves have bears and cougars in them and I have enough scars on my body so I guess I had better ‘man up’ ‘woman up’ or as Judi McLeod said in her last inspired piece, look up to God folks?

Most Americans know what to do this election cycle and though Trump is far from perfect, he is the only one who will stand for freedom, jobs, national defense, tax relief, and school choice, health care choice with real options, Judeo-Christian values and freedom of speech for all.  He is the one we must get behind for all our sakes.

Hillary has long hidden behind the skirts of as many ‘specialty’ groups as possible so she can look like ‘Father Christmas’ and ‘Mother Theresa.’ She is the caring crusader who is courageous and passionate in her love for blacks, Hispanics, women, gays, disabled, illegal aliens and immigrants.  The tragic and obvious truth is however, that Hillary is always the best friend of anyone she is talking with and only cares about gaining and keeping money and power.  Everyone and everything else can go straight to hell if they don’t fit on her deceitful game board.

It is common knowledge – Republicans and Democrats alike, that Hillary and Bill have been about keeping power and getting rich in the most fraudulent of ways with their foundation.  This is while Hillary has continuously compromised the safety of America through here flagrant use of emails with all the wrong people and on all the wrong servers.

Regardless of Hillary’s endless track record of betrayals, crimes and greed, if she says one more time “I didn’t know”  “It doesn’t really matter anyway” “It is a vast right wing conspiracy”…one more time, I think I will lose what is left of my mind.

Of course our country is facing endless peril and danger this election, but God is and will always be in control and will listen to and protect people of faith and there are millions praying for America and that God will protect her and bring her back.

Prayer and focus on our Lord really does influence and change things so don’t get seduced into looking glibly at what isn’t right, the evil that surrounds us and the aches in your stomach…only look at God and HIS love/power.

Just a few closing reminders of God’s power and intervention in the face of stark danger and evil

The miracle of Seadrift Texas

In WW11 in the small town of Seadrift Texas, 52 of their young men were called off to war to fight the NAZI regime through out Europe.  They were all facing deadly peril yet their wives, sisters, Mothers and Grandmothers decided to intervene so they posted photos on the wall of all 52 men and prayed Psalm 91 protection over them every day.  This went on day after day as a whole town lifted up and prayed for their boys.  Unbelievably, all 52 came home alive, reporting all kinds of regular miracles of protection as they faced the enemy everywhere.

The Battle of Dunkirk

England saw a bold miracle of God during WW11 as reported by correspondent C.B. Morelock among others.  It was said that over 400 men were trapped on the open and flat beaches of Dunkirk with no place to hide.  The guys were continuously attacked by over 60 NAZI war planes dropping bombs and strafing them with endless machine gun fire.  It was Christmas time for the NAZI bombers looking at their feast just lying open on the sand and it was an obvious death sentence for the 400 men – or was it?

Survivors and witnesses said that their Chaplain, joined by many other men on the beaches started praying and screaming out loud Psalm 91 protection over them.  Just like the compromised and scary condition America is in…the prayers are a little too late???

Not one of the 400 men trapped on the beach died or had a bullet or bomb hit them.  Bullet holes were all over the beach, even outlining some men, but none hit the guys. Is America in worse danger than any of these guys?  I think not.  Lift up your eyes.

Perhaps we should be praying Psalm 91 protection over Trump and his family and our lives and families.  Look up and believe in all circumstances and situations.