‘Ground Hog Day’ of Hillary crimes is coming to an end – quickly

Is America about to see the end of endless Hillary crimes – YES?

In a little over a week we have the most important election of all times.  Americans have been forced to endure and watch the unbelievable, suspenseful and horrifying Hillary tale unfold – topping any reality TV show ever.  America has been watching – ‘Hillary- Sleep around – Corruption Island’…and just when you think you have seen the huge, dramatic conclusion to the episode, there is much more again and again. Continue reading ‘Ground Hog Day’ of Hillary crimes is coming to an end – quickly

It is Trump’s Duty to question the election results


Trump has taken massive heat from the media, establishment and Hillary’s cartel at the mere suggestion that he might question the election results if things looked questionable.  He is painted as extreme,  dictatorial,  void of any real Presidential demeanor to even suggest that he may question the results –  evil and dangerous Trump. Continue reading It is Trump’s Duty to question the election results

F – For GOP Establishment and Hillary ‘American missing assignments’

Forget GOP and Democrat this time.  There is only one American assignment given to those running for President on Nov 8th and it is indeed pass or fail.  Serve America and her citizens – Protect her safety, economy, Judeo-Christian values, opportunities for all and freedoms or not. One candidate has continuously failed on all these levels over and over throughout her 30 year, money and power hoarding career. Continue reading F – For GOP Establishment and Hillary ‘American missing assignments’

Don’t believe the Hillary propaganda machine – Vote Trump and win

The battle lines have been drawn and many are scared about there even being a fair election due to all the revelations out there of funded and organized voter fraud.  Then there is all the organized violence at the Trump rally’s, all linked back to the DNC and Hillary campaign.  Fraud, threats and low ball tactics are everywhere this election cycle.  It is like a crime family amusement park of terror rides. Continue reading Don’t believe the Hillary propaganda machine – Vote Trump and win

Presidential Candidates – In only 5 words


* Hillary represents herself and Satan

* Trump represents America and God

What Hillary really plans for America

Decoding the endless deception, partial truths and lies…Hillary is quite clear about her dreams and plans for America.  First Hillary must seduce and lie her way into the White House.  Then, Hillary will do 4 major things to America once in power  1) Attack our freedom of speech, create more hate crime and racist type laws that silence and neuter Conservatives, Pastors and Christians.  2)  She will destroy American sovereignty with create schemes.  She will sign treaties in place to force Americans to bow down to the UN and International laws.  3) She will create false flag crisis that will allow her as Hitler did, to collect our guns and stop gun sales. 4) Once America is truly crushed and her and other perverts are the only ones with power and rights, she will build America back up from the dead and turn it into a ‘new world order franchise’ and ‘gay and Islamic haven and resort.’  America will be number one alright…in perversion,  lack of faith in God,  exposure to our enemies and debt. Continue reading Presidential Candidates – In only 5 words

Christians listen up – No staying home this time – Show up and vote for Trump

No diplomacy here – No vote your conscience this time

Trump is America’s man – God’s man – the people’s man – women’s man – minority’s and inner city’s man.  Trump is the man.  Forget the dribbling speech of sell out criminal Hillary Clinton desperately trying to get her small crowds to get excited about being the first woman President –  ‘Isn’t it time for there to be a first woman president?”

Let’s see if I can possibly get excited….Let us look at a small portion of Hillary’s glowing legacy.  She got Ambassador Stevens and his team murdered since she denied the many calls for help and told military standing by to stand down.  That would be leadership for a Ted Bundy company, not the head of the state department over America.

By now, we know Hillary offers nothing but a tsunami of lies, scandals, deception, fraudulent media assaults on Trump, Bill’s victims and no doubt sexual acting out herself.   She has a bold plan to destroy our U.S. sovereignty.   She will turn us into a submission slave to Hillary’s corruption, executive orders, back room pay to play deals, the U.N.  New world order and Islam.

=Glenn Beck and these legalistic, whiny pretend Christians and Speaker Ryan types just kill me with their hypocritical, completely off base rhetoric.  We hear many not daring to lower themselves to vote the ‘lesser of two evils’ so they cannot and will not vote for Trump.  Then we get the holier than thou speeches that either a non vote or a vote for Hillary would be a better moral solution for America and your faith.  I just about threw up writing this paragraph.

Let me remind the ‘brain dead’ poser- Christians out there on your Hillary high horse about a few things.  God has always used imperfect, even mouthy leaders for his purposes.  Go back into your Holy Bible and actually read it.  Notice how God boldly blessed and used two secular Kings – Nebuchadnezzar and King Cyrus who eventually served God (God knew their hearts and pulled them toward him).   God hugely protected them, made them wealthy beyond measure and helped them conquer nation after nation.  This favor, when they were yet secular was simply because they helped, freed and supported Israel.  Trump is the only candidate who plans to help and protect Israel, while standing – no crushing radical Islam.    Believer, any question on who really supports Israel?

My Dad, Neil Roth, is a retired minister and educator who remembers clearly when he was in the army the stories of General George Patton and his mouth.  “Laurie, he swore up a blue streak, but was a brilliant commander and just what America needed.  Without him at critical times we would not have won the war.”   If Patton was leading now against ISIS there would soon be no ISIS left, nor radical Islam waiting to pounce.  However, the ever so sensitive – legalist – leftist Christian types would be marching in the streets in horror because of his swear words and what he called the enemy of America.  The truth was that General Patton was precisely what America needed to win then and Trump is precisely what America needs to win now…bad words and all.

Remember, God is transforming, protecting and leading Trump and has prepared him for such a role and time.  Trump is gusty, courageous, and not for sale.  The endless attacks on Trump by rogue and paid off women from ages ago are so bogus and typical Hillary.  Remember what Miss U.S.A. has recently said about Trump. “He was one of the kindest men she had ever met” She only saw graciousness, kindness, appropriateness on and on….no groping her and trying to get some.  She saw just the opposite.

I strongly believe Donald Trump is God’s man for America and he will get elected,  clean house,  continue to grow in the Lord,  build America back up in all the important ways with the right team, and kick total butt of our enemies instead of fund them and give them more weapons.

My last hurrah

I am a sincere and Bible believing Christian – I am an entrepreneur who is a dreamer – I am a survivor of a near fatal and life changing motorcycle wreck – I am a commentator and working on a new national show again – I am a mother of two kids – I have been married for 16 years to the same man – I am a gun owner, black belt, animal lover and trained Ph.D. in counseling.  I am a singer, songwriter, actress and creative wildcat. I am a dynamic American and cannot wait to vote for Donald Trump and watch what God has in store for America…and it is very good.

All people of faith, you must stop the judgment, show up and vote.  It is not a choice between the lesser of two evils.  It is only good – Trump and evil – Hillary.  Decide which side you are on – I have.








Mind Control and Sex Slave Cathy Obrien swears when yet a child she was raped by Hillary Clinton

Having sex with a child who is a mind controlled sex slave, goes well beyond stark evil and criminal in my book.  It is organized and planned hell for kids so that perverts can have their sexual fix.  According to Cathy Obrien and her former CIA husband, that is exactly what she experienced at the hands of Hillary Clinton back in 1978 in Arkansas.  Cathy was the typical sexually abused pawn for  MKULTRA – U.S. Government mind control scheme.  Mind control techniques, torture and sex abuse surrounded Cathy and she was exposed to rape, sex abuse and other tortures by many.  She says she was raped by Hillary Clinton.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAbReI000Fc&feature=youtu.be

During the 70s MKULTRA was connected to state agencies, hospitals and the like to target foster kids, those who were depressed – suicidal and in the system to get help or those who were victims of child sex abuse and tracked somewhere.  They were manipulated into the system, then forced to submit to MKULTRA research – sex, rape, drugs, torture…directed by former NAZI Doctors and Scientists.

Back to the Cathy Obrien horror show

Cathy says in 1978 in Arkansas, she observed that Bill Clinton was Bi sexual and had many encounters with men but her main sexual involvement when a child and sex slave was with Hillary who raped her.  She also referred to Hillary as bi sexual.  Just a few alternative media, www.beforeitsnews.com   and  Alex Jones have mentioned this with a few more alternative blogs.  Naturally,   mainstream news pretends as usual not to hear this.  They couldn’t possibly hurt their Hillary with an MKULTRA survivor and her former CIA husband accusing Hillary of rape when she was a sex slave and child.  That is just too messy and sounds like a Trump set up.  This must get out to all quickly.

The November 8th  Presidential election is almost here and everything is at stake – our basic freedoms – especially for Christians and conservatives;  national  border security;  radical Islam getting a key to our front door or pushed back into oblivion; jobs,  morals economy, health care and much more in the balance.  The Trump path is freedom – power and healing.  The Hillary path is more corruption, destruction of morals, military, freedom and speech.  Now it seems we can add to the list more out of control sexual displays and crimes.  Everything is at stake for all — black, white, Hispanic, Christian, gay, straight, conservative and liberal.

This is the kind of headline that Hillary owned mainstream media runs from.  However, some alternative and real media is starting to get Cathy Obrien’s sworn statement about Hillary raping her out.  In my view,  this sworn testimony by Cathy Obrien and her former CIA Husband, add way more than the cherry on top of Hillary’s pile of treasonous and corruption sewage during her 30 year career.  It is more like Godzilla just sat on top of her pile with the cherry in his teeth.

We have heard the occasional rumors of lesbian activities…but who really knows.  The big, pervert card in Hillary’s deck has always seemingly been her sex addicted husband Bill, who has raped and assaulted all kinds of women over the years – You know,  the women that 99% of the media has called names or ignored since the Clintons are so protected and even worshiped.

…but apparently Hillary has been competing with Bill in the sex criminal and perversion department for as long as Bill – her Olympian -pervert husband.  Naturally, in response to these bold rape allegations, Hillary will repeat her usual response:  “I don’t recall”  “This is a Trump lie and set up”  “This is a set up by the right”   “Cathy is insane and has been paid off.”

Has Hillary ever admitted any real crimes against Bill’s victims, their Foundation, or dangerous and compromised-illegal emails?  Did Hillary ever admit the endless calls for help from Ambassador Stevens and his team while telling him and the military who could help to stand down?  “What does it matter anyway?”

Over the last 16 years I have researched and interviewed survivors of mind control and talked with mind control sex slaves who were essentially sold into it and kept at various locations through out America.  In the early 1970s Nazi inspired MKULTRA projects and subprojects of mind control were in full swing.  Some of these were subprojects 8, 10, 63 and 66.  The easy targets for more mind control, sex and drug experiments were those with mental illness, kids who were depressed or suicidal, kids who were fractured due to sex abuse already and in the foster system.  They were targeted, taken and held.

I interviewed mind control survivor Karen Wetmore who wrote her amazing story in her book – Surviving Evil.  I interviewed her many times on my former national radio show about her horrific treatment in the Vermont State Hospital and related facilities.  It is a miracle she ever survived but she reported regular rapes, drugs put into her, isolation from family and friends and Nazi like horrors just to see how her mind would handle things.

MKULTRA was Government controlled, funded and had a huge perverted reach backed by former NAZI doctors and scientists to continue their experiments in the U.S. they had started in Germany.  Unbelievable – yet true.

Does it matter America in this election whether you are male or female, Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, that survivor of MKULTRA mind control Cathy Obrien remembers and has documented that Hillary Clinton raped her when she was a child?  If this doesn’t matter to you and you still vote for her, you are already dead and maybe the country also.  Do what is right for you and America because Hillary Clinton sure won’t.





Trump is God’s Nebuchadnezzar and King Cyrus set to restore and heal America


Many now have had various words from God comparing Trump to Nebuchadnezzar and King Cyrus.  The Holy Bible describes these bigger than life kings in the beginning of their leadership as worldly, a bit arrogant and who didn’t know God.  However, the Bible says that they had great favor with God, largely because they freed Israel and supported them.  They both became very wealthy and grew to know and submit to God.  Trump also has been a ‘self made’ business billionaire, with a tinge of arrogance, big mouth and worldliness.  However, he is the only one who has boldly stood for Israel, Christians and Christian rights and stood against radical Islam.  Recently (as in the last few years) Trump become a Christian and is growing in the Lord for real.  Hillary is not.  Continue reading Trump is God’s Nebuchadnezzar and King Cyrus set to restore and heal America