The strings of government bailouts

Where is the inner sense of restraint and personal accountability with our nation’s financial institutions? President Obama said this week that he had imposed a cap on the senior executive salaries for messed up financial institutions. Instead of the “big dog talents” getting several million a year in salaries and bonuses they are capped now at 500,000, if they have received a bail out from the Feds. Continue reading The strings of government bailouts

More persecution of our military officers

Most sequels I don’t like, but now we are to be treated again with another Groundhog Day movie, where things repeat themselves every day without end. It wasn’t enough insanity and betrayal as a nation to shred and force into retirement war hero, Lt. Col. Allen B. West, serving bravely in Iraq several years ago. You may recall, Lt. West had intelligence that a captured terrorist knew where snipers were hiding that were primed to kill off his men. This guy wouldn’t talk after several attempted interrogations by Allen’s troops so like any of us wanting to save lives and get to the bottom line, he faked him out by shooting at the ceiling and threatening him if he didn’t talk. The guy did finally talk and for you very sensitive touchy types, the terrorist was fine. In case you want the important conclusion to the story…….Allen’s men were all saved. However, as you may recall, the politically correct illness that grows like cancer through parts of the military, our media and members in congress, freaked out. Continue reading More persecution of our military officers

Shame on politicians for imposing endless taxes & fees

As usual, the obvious escapes the Doctor and patient. The patient has sclerosis of the liver but don’t you dare tell him to stop drinking 20 beers a day. That would be rude. To some out there in la la land it is the end of the world and start of clinical depression if tough times mean cutting back on cable TV, dinners out, less toys and facials, and less visits to the mall. We have become a nation of frail whiners, desperate and addicted to casual entertainment and perks. Continue reading Shame on politicians for imposing endless taxes & fees

Are we to apologize for Christmas?

Winter is here and Christmas is coming. Thus prepare yourself for those pesky manger scenes, crosses and references to Jesus birth. Thankfully, the ACLU and other concerned communist groups have sued to erase our nations history, get rid of those hideous memorial crosses and fossilize displays of the 10 commandments from shore to shore. Of course some of our spiritually psychotic, including some in our Supreme Court continue to wax ever so balanced and fair. For the last few years some California school districts have been cramming Islam down the throat of junior high kids, all in the name of history. Continue reading Are we to apologize for Christmas?