Pilin’ on Palin

Did we even attack Hitler so much as Sarah Palin?

Lets see……her clothes were too expensive;  her boy was running away from something when he went to Iraq to serve as a soldier;  her handicapped baby was attacked along with her parenting skills;  her marriage slaughtered;  her faith and church attacked as extremist;  her pregnant and unwedded daughter smeared in “worldly hypocrisy blood;” and of course she was evil and nasty to animals since she was a hunter.  These were just the hors d’oevres offered by the left.  Then we saw at least 15 ethics legal assaults flung at her costing Alaska 2 million and her and Todd 500,000 to fight.  All were thrown out of court.  Continue reading Pilin’ on Palin

Obama calls US arrogant – apologies owed

Flatten and horribly insult your country abroad and get nothing for it.  No more troops for Afghanistan.  Our allies lined up to say no with respect to helping us fund and fight the war on terror……….hark, what am I smoking,  I mean “the overseas contingency operation.”  This is the achievement President Obama will take home, a big fat nothing but shredding his own country, in the name of what, international stupidity?  I think YES.

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Save America from Socialism

The legs and arms continue to be ripped off the body of the patient while Obama talks ever so carefully and diplomatically with the world leaders at the G20 meeting. No doubt these wonders of international leadership and wisdom are campaigning for an international currency and regulations to come. Expect a well-worded, international report within a week or two announcing an international currency that would of course have negotiated controls and regulations from a central source.

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Global Warming – Freezing Planet

I am most concerned about the mental health of so many environmental geniuses who don’t seem to know the difference between hot and cold and world disaster and normal temperature changes.  Then there is the confusion about stealing and working for a living.

Mental illness and pathological like confusion even permeates our award givers.  Even with hundreds and hundreds of renowned and published scientists completely refuting Global warming, the award elite police gave the Nobel Peace Prize to Al Gore, that is Dr. I don’t know where I am, but it sure is hot…Al Gore.  Who was one of the low life wanna bes who lost the bid for the Nobel Peace Prize in favor of Mr.  Gore?  Only a German woman who just passed a way in her mid 90s and what did she do? She only saved over 2500 Jewish children, sneaking them out in her cleaning truck, day after day,  week after week, eventually being caught by the Nazis and being beaten within an inch of her life.  That is why I cry mental illness folks.  Do we not know real courage from cowardess?  Do we not know a real hero from a fraud and moron?  Apparently we don’t. Continue reading Global Warming – Freezing Planet

HR-1586: Sleight of hand & revenge against bankers

The bonuses of the big bad evil banking industry must not only be minimized, maligned and shamed but our Government must tax the workers 90% of what they receive after $250,000. They’ll get what’s coming to them I tell you! Recently Rep. Barney Frank and US Sen. Chris Dodd practically had a melt down over the $165 million bonuses. This is precious given that these two wonders of science helped create the sub prime mortgage crisis Sub prime Mortgage Crisis. Continue reading HR-1586: Sleight of hand & revenge against bankers

Will William Ayers & Bernadine Dohrn pay for their crimes?

It’s finally here, March 12th, the National Press Club, Washington DC. We see 39 years after the murder of Sergeant Brian V. McConnell, a renewed attempt to finally get justice done.

Larry Grathwohl, FBI informant in the Weather Underground, who I have interviewed several times on my national radio show, states that the bombing murder of Sgt. McConnell clearly points to Weather Underground member and now “Professor” Bernardine Dohrn. It also points to Bill Ayers, another fancy Professor. These thugs are just two of the many questionable associates of President Barack Obama. Isn’t that precious? Continue reading Will William Ayers & Bernadine Dohrn pay for their crimes?

Could Obama do much worse in his first few months?

Oh, the gifts of the first few months…

Obama has moved to nationalize banks and health care. He and his administration play word games with us by calling it partnerships instead of national takeovers. They can call it Pee Wee Herman’s financial playhouse for all I care. It’s still socialism and nationalism! Continue reading Could Obama do much worse in his first few months?

GITMO: The horror show of torture & human rights violations?

Wow! I’m sure glad that President Obama had the vision and foresight to declare practically the moment he got into the white house that GITMO must and will close down within a year. After all, its common knowledge that our troops just love torturing the prisoners held there and making life a living hell for them. Certainly this is the long held belief, shouted out by our 5th column media and leftist Politicians that rights are being infringed and torture is abounding for the poor terrorists being held through this war. Continue reading GITMO: The horror show of torture & human rights violations?

The US is stuck in Frankenstein’s Laboratory

We are sadly in a time in our country when we have no choice left but to fight for it. Notice I didn’t say gossip about it with friends, scream about it over coffee or give up because of depression or apathy! The U.S. is now being dissected in Frankenstein’s laboratory. Lets see, a little arm of Internationalism and submission to global elites here and a mangled leg of Marxism there. Here we see a twisted head of victimization and another arm of immorality and Godlessness! Doctor, the creature is starting to move and he is glowing with rage. “What can he destroy to focus this anger?” Continue reading The US is stuck in Frankenstein’s Laboratory

Socialist health care that kills

Now you have stepped over the line you wanna be politicians! This is war now. I already knew this stimulus package had nothing to do with stimulating anything but was rather a bunch of porky pig entitlements and dreamed about programs that the democrats wanted for ages, but now this! The democrats and 3 turn coat republicans decided it was ethical, appropriate and also a national emergency to sneak in a national health care plan that would be run by the Federal Government, just like Europe. Daschle must be drooling from the ecstasy of it all! Continue reading Socialist health care that kills