Bible Code Expert finds name of Presidential Winner in the Holy Bible

Rabbi Matityaho Glazerson, a Bible code expert has searched in Deuteronomy and found the words Donald, spelled in Hebrew, next to the word nasi – the word for President.  In the same area was found artzot habrit – that is United States in Hebrew.The study and finding of hidden Bible codes throughout the Holy Bible, revealing names, events in history, locations and much about Jesus the Messiah is more than amazing. Some just roll their eyes and think it is a ‘Vegas type odds games’ but is it?  A host of mathematicians and scientists are saying otherwise.

It has been found by Bible code expert Rabbi Matityaho Glazerson and others, that when looking at Bible texts in the Hebrew language and in mathematical sequence, such as every 3rd or 10th   Hebrew letter, miraculous things appear that would be mathematically impossible but for the hand of God imparting hidden truths within the letters and words of the Holy Bible.  Check it out yourself and be amazed and have your faith in God built up.

Could it be that God in heaven has already weighed in on this election even before the Holy Bible was written?  Is he listening to the prayers of millions of American Christians praying for deliverance, healing and protection?  2nd Chronicles 7:14 says he is; ‘If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways,  then will I forgive their sins and heal their land.’  Notice that God is addressing HIS people who will be the catalysts for healing and forgiveness in the land.

Already, we are seeing the miracle working power of almighty God all over the unfolding events of this election cycle, with the cherry on top — Bible code expert Rabbi matityaho Glazerson finding hidden in Deuteronomy that Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States.  He also found that Trump was going to be elected in part because he supported Israel.

Prophecies and Dreams about a Donald Trump win

I shared in other articles recently that God has been giving prophetic words to many and speaking to them in dreams all confirming that Donald Trump will become President, that God loves America and will bring America back to greatness and that Trump has accepted Christ as his savior and belongs to God.

Building exposure and investigations outing Hillary

Don’t you also find it most interesting the growing undercover stings, endless WIKI leak emails exposing crimes, lies, racism, corruption, pay to play Foundation, classified emails going out over private servers. Then the FBI missile launched over the Hillary bow with them re opening their investigation against her.  It is almost as if God himself is interceding on this election against stark and planned evil against America and God.

Pray for a Trump victory, pray for protection for Trump and his family and pray Hillary sees Justice and is exposed for who she really is.  I believe Trump will win in a landslide and Hillary and her cartel will be humbled and face justice.

Go God and Go Trump.