Be a bold part of Donald Trump becoming our 45th President

Be a part of America’s power and healing machine that finally crushes the evil – anti God and anti America Clinton cartel.  Be a bold part with your vote of HEALING AND RESTORING AMERICA – Her opportunities –  Judeo-Christian values –  National Security – Opportunities for all

The Director of the FBI – James Comey has violated the historically great reputation of the FBI by twice now selling out and walking away again from a real Hillary Clinton email Corruption – Investigation and indictment. Regardless of the details of Comey’s decision this time,  it is clear he is a coward,  total sell out,  bought and paid for and a national disgrace.   Now,  finding any justice at all with Hillary must be in the hands of God and the American people’s vote on Tuesday the 8th, until the next chapter is written on her crimes and accountability.

The FBI – to have any kind of respect ever again from the American people must clean their own house first.  They vividly look compromised and not to be trusted with the truth, law or the American people anymore – SAD.

The largest branch of Government must weigh in now and Protect and heal our country –  VOTE TRUMP.