Trump shows humility regarding video “I said it and it was wrong”

By now many of us have heard the 11 year old video – ‘hot mike’ moment Trump had talking gutter talk about sex and women.  It was obviously ego and lust driven and wrong.   Naturally, everyone and their dogs have come to the party on this.  Some on the Republican side but most on the Hillary side who are thinking this is the October surprise and election blow that will crush Donald Trump.  Now everyone will know he really devalues women and is an ego driven fiend. Hillary will run in to save the nation, or is that really the case?We only have a few more weeks until the most critical election of our times.  We must focus, vote right and not get distracted right now, even by this video.

Remember who Donald Trump is now and who he is becoming

His Christian faith

From my own research and hearing actual interviews on this, it is most true that Trump has a new found faith in Christ.  He is a newer Christian and growing in the Lord.  He is the first to acknowledge that he has done and said some things that are wrong.  Regarding this emerging video he has weighed in quickly and done the right thing regarding something said 11 years ago. “I said it and it was wrong.”

Trump has shown honesty and humility about his ‘ego and lust’ moment caught on tape.  Unlike Hillary or Bill Clinton, Trump admits it, is ashamed and says he was wrong.  He has given his heart to the Lord and really is growing as a Christian with power and humility, which all of us need.  Hillary and Bill have played ‘pretend’ regarding what is right and wrong, their politically motivated faith statements, engaging in dangerous, unethical and even criminal actions….oh yeah, and having endless sex  outside of their bogus marriage for decades.  Hillary can hardly talk about Trump.

Hillary will no doubt jump on this during debate #2 and again say that she is the one that will support women and their rights.  Look at Trump and what he says about women.  The only small problem with this is that Hillary; far more than Trump’s ego and potty mouth moment, threatened, intimidated, harassed and even thanked some of the droves of women Bill was sleeping around with.  I know, I interviewed many of them on my former national radio show, which experienced all kinds of horror, threats and pain at the hands of ‘the first female candidate’ who says she supports and represents all women.  That is apparently, all women who are sold out to her, will do what she says, are not patriots, conservatives or Christians, nor endless victims of Bills sexual appetite.

As a patriot, conservative and sincere Christian as I believe Trump now is,  it is time for him, now that he has admitted this and said he was sorry, to let it go and trust the Lord.  He must stand on God’s promises and word right now.  These scriptures come to mind:  Romans 8:28 ‘All things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purposes.’  That includes the good, the bad and the ugly folks or all of us believers would be toast.  Then, Trump needs to have on his lips all the time and before he faces debate #2, ‘Phil: 4:8 ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’

This video is no reason for Trump to drop out or lose focus now.  America needs him and desperately needs his plans for fixing national and border security,  increasing jobs and business through regulation and tax cuts,  stopping and replacing the unraveling deceitful Obamacare, and stopping the history rewriting,  sex promoting,  thought controlling and child crushing – Common Core.  Miracle America must become number 1 again.

We have thankfully at least one candidate who will admit he did a wrong thing and is sorry.  He also is the only won, ego – mouth and all, who really does care about women, learns from his mistakes and has the bold ideas and prayed up plans to bring America, our opportunities, stature and hope back.

There will never be an apology or admittance of any wrong perpetrated at the hands of Hillary.  That is simply because there is too much corruption, sin and evil to begin apologizing for.  After all, she is to be worshipped since it is ‘her turn’ and she intends to be the ‘first female’ president.

Hillary will be the first all right

I strongly believe that Hilary will be the first Clinton to be strongly pushed back and rebuked by the masses on Election Day.  She will fail.  She has already had her brief day in the sun with our FBI looking the other way on her crimes and the media protecting her and carrying her water like good little slaves.

It is high time for a Clinton to be held accountable.  We must not let her and Bill near the White House to misrepresent our Constitution, freedoms, Judeo-Christian values, economy and safety.

Go Trump!