Trump is God’s Nebuchadnezzar and King Cyrus set to restore and heal America


Many now have had various words from God comparing Trump to Nebuchadnezzar and King Cyrus.  The Holy Bible describes these bigger than life kings in the beginning of their leadership as worldly, a bit arrogant and who didn’t know God.  However, the Bible says that they had great favor with God, largely because they freed Israel and supported them.  They both became very wealthy and grew to know and submit to God.  Trump also has been a ‘self made’ business billionaire, with a tinge of arrogance, big mouth and worldliness.  However, he is the only one who has boldly stood for Israel, Christians and Christian rights and stood against radical Islam.  Recently (as in the last few years) Trump become a Christian and is growing in the Lord for real.  Hillary is not. 

Remember this – God will not be mocked and has His plan regardless of liberal leaning and tilted pollsters, liars, cheats, fraudulent voters, machines and establishment sell outs.  American voters, you must not believe the endless slight of hand shows – false Trump smears, bogus polls, and fraudulent accusations.  Smooth Hillary and her media whores no nothing else but lies and false accusations.

Donald Trump is God’s man.  He talks about his faith and love for the Holy Bible and has had a real conversion experience.  Hillary and Obama never talk about their Christian faith because they don’t have one. They are Christian in name only.  I don’t believe that what is left of the FBI could even find a single piece of evidence that they live a Christian life.  When not speaking to a Christian crowd Hillary and Obama do nothing but put Christians down and stand for the opposite of anyone with real faith in Christ.

Though Hillary has fantasized for decades about being President, I believe God has other plans and intends to allow her own arrogance, hypocrisy and evil to eat her alive in a huge election failure.   I pray this happens for America’s sake.

God bows down to no one and has spoken to many over the last 5-10  years, in prophetic ways, (look up prophecies and dreams several have had about a Trump win…listen, evaluate and get inspired) that Trump would become President and restore America’s wealth,  influence, greatness, safety and spiritual core.  I believe that God is speaking to many in dreams and revelations that all point to a Trump win.

I also have a strong sense and word in my gut and spirit that Trump will become President.  Don’t bow down and worship TV gossip, smears, polls or Hillary lies.  Look forward and don’t look to the left or right. We must all pray hard for a Trump win and for Psalm 91 protection over him and his family.  In addition, we must vote and encourage everyone we know to vote and vote right.

God loves America and intends through Trump’s vision and leadership to bring her back to prosperity, safety, Judeo-Christian values and to be the light on the hill we  always were.  Hillary can wave her UN, code pink or Islamic flag, while the rest of us will stand up proudly holding our Holy Bible in one hand and waving the U.S. flag in the other.

Go Trump and go America!