Trump clearly won second debate – He crushed PC and brought it to Hillary

There is simply no way Trump could win debate number 2 and frankly the White House until he confronted Hillary with the obvious and neon truth of her corruption,  crimes, lies and deception.  I thank God Trump brought it and then some during debate #2. Most Americans have known (if they even have a small IQ) that it is a crime to delete 33,000 emails (many marked with C for classified) after a subpoena was issued by the FBI for them.  Also, arrogantly calm – lipstick face Clinton obviously thinks the masses are dumb as posts when she said the emails were only about Hillary’s wedding and yoga.  Thankfully, Trump said the obvious – “maybe 3 of 4 emails on a wedding or yoga, not 33,000.”

After another apology for the ancient, locker room talk video, Trump pushed hard and even said he wouldn’t ignore Hillary’s corruption and crimes if he became President. He would call for a real investigation and accountability.  No matter how hard Hillary tried to brag on her 30 year career, bringing up this and that she did for kids and women, Trump brought it back to the pitiful truth.  Her service as a Senator then Secretary of State was nothing but a disaster.

Trump could have spent hours just bringing up Hillary’s failure and corruption but he nailed her on her dangerous and deadly plan to bring in unvetted Syrians in the face of many Islamic terror attacks through out America already.  He went after her for the dangerous and treacherous funding decision with Iran, and her not responding to over 600 requests for help from Ambassador Stevens in Libya – on and on with her real record.

Drip drip drip and tit for tat…quickly turned into a Tsunami of truth and confrontation by Trump all over Hillary, even with the 3 on one odds against him since the moderators were obviously liberals.   Her only response over and over again was to look arrogantly ‘cool’ and like Trump was an inventor and make believe artist.  She even tried the pathetic card of quoting her ‘good friend’ as she called Michelle Obama, who said when people go low you go high.  Trump was quick to remind her that the previous videos out there by Michelle Obama about Hillary are hardly ‘close friend’ material or at any level that matters – supportive.

Hillary’s efforts to crush Trump failed horribly in my opinion.  She desperately tried to sell that Trump was a bad example to all women and children.  Trump pointed out the brazen comparison of her and Bill’s endless lies,sexual assaults, affairs and threats against women to his blown out of proportion locker room talk 11 years ago, can not be compared.

Trump has also shown respect and guts to gather just some of the sea of victims at the hands of Bill and Hillary and have them speak and appear with him in a video.  They live in fear and still suffer to this day, remembering the veiled threats of Hillary, (Bill’s attack dog) after they were violated in so many ways by Bill.

Regardless of Trumps failures and big mouth sometimes,  he is proving to be the real champion of freedom, supporter of women, minorities,  plans to really help the inner cities, create jobs,  support Judeo – Christian values,  our economy, military, safety and opportunity…not lying Hillary.

Bravo Trump on debate Number 2.  You brought it…now continue.