‘Ground Hog Day’ of Hillary crimes is coming to an end – quickly

Is America about to see the end of endless Hillary crimes – YES?

In a little over a week we have the most important election of all times.  Americans have been forced to endure and watch the unbelievable, suspenseful and horrifying Hillary tale unfold – topping any reality TV show ever.  America has been watching – ‘Hillary- Sleep around – Corruption Island’…and just when you think you have seen the huge, dramatic conclusion to the episode, there is much more again and again.With Hillary, corruption, criminal intent and sexual acting out, have been redefined and taken to whole new levels.   Americans are rendered speechless as Anonymous, WIKI leaks and various stealth hackers continue to expose in stunning detail, Hillary’s real agenda,  racist and vial words referring to African Americans.  Stings and emails have also exposed the paying off and invented false female victims who were allegedly violated under Trump,  paying off and orchestrating violence at Trump rallies on and on…

Emails and undercover videos are now dropping like large snowflakes from the sky displaying ‘smiling’ Hillary standing in front of America, the world and again…the FBI.  Hillary’s ongoing racism, crimes, lies, real UN American and Godless agenda, planned false smears and planned violence are now most clear as they all land on the ground in front of our faces.

All criminal Hillary can do is pathetically attack the FBI and their director, call her legal and growing email problems  a Trump conspiracy or my personal favorite is to blame it on the Russians.  All these accusers must hate women…that’s it.  It has nothing to do with 30 years of lies, crimes and corruption at the hands of Hillary herself.

How can most criminals even compete?

Drug and organized crime families, Islamic radical and ISIS members are lining up with other murderous thugs to file a class action lawsuit against Hillary and her criminal-Foundation- cartel because they have essentially been neutered and ignored.  They are lacking respect as they contemplate how pathetic their lies and crimes are looking standing next to the constant and deepening lies of smiling- Hillary.

As the emails continue to unfold, corruption and lies are now leading back to the White House with even President Obama being vividly exposed as a liar.  What a shock!  America could never imagine that.  It is clear that Obama did know of Hillary using her personal server.  Now, the world knows that Obama not only knew she was using the private server and breaking the law but also emailing her with a fake name on it.  Oh, what a happy lying family we have.  Never mind the law, safety and security of our country.

As the ongoing email revelations unroll and FBI investigations ramp up, this makes Watergate look like a broken lemonade stand.  Pray with your gut and heart that Hillary and her crimes are exposed enough to wake up the independents, swing states and undecided crowds in America.  You must not vote for ‘crooked Hillary.’  Trump had it right all along.

Trump will lead and represent God, country, our Constitution, women, minorities, businesses, freedom, our military and energy needs with integrity, flare, courage and fairness.  Vote Trump and stay free.

Hillary and the Clinton cartel are crumbling right before our eyes.  It is about time, I have been tired of watching ‘Clinton Ground Hog Day.’   Isn’t there anything else on TV?