Christians listen up – No staying home this time – Show up and vote for Trump

No diplomacy here – No vote your conscience this time

Trump is America’s man – God’s man – the people’s man – women’s man – minority’s and inner city’s man.  Trump is the man.  Forget the dribbling speech of sell out criminal Hillary Clinton desperately trying to get her small crowds to get excited about being the first woman President –  ‘Isn’t it time for there to be a first woman president?”

Let’s see if I can possibly get excited….Let us look at a small portion of Hillary’s glowing legacy.  She got Ambassador Stevens and his team murdered since she denied the many calls for help and told military standing by to stand down.  That would be leadership for a Ted Bundy company, not the head of the state department over America.

By now, we know Hillary offers nothing but a tsunami of lies, scandals, deception, fraudulent media assaults on Trump, Bill’s victims and no doubt sexual acting out herself.   She has a bold plan to destroy our U.S. sovereignty.   She will turn us into a submission slave to Hillary’s corruption, executive orders, back room pay to play deals, the U.N.  New world order and Islam.

=Glenn Beck and these legalistic, whiny pretend Christians and Speaker Ryan types just kill me with their hypocritical, completely off base rhetoric.  We hear many not daring to lower themselves to vote the ‘lesser of two evils’ so they cannot and will not vote for Trump.  Then we get the holier than thou speeches that either a non vote or a vote for Hillary would be a better moral solution for America and your faith.  I just about threw up writing this paragraph.

Let me remind the ‘brain dead’ poser- Christians out there on your Hillary high horse about a few things.  God has always used imperfect, even mouthy leaders for his purposes.  Go back into your Holy Bible and actually read it.  Notice how God boldly blessed and used two secular Kings – Nebuchadnezzar and King Cyrus who eventually served God (God knew their hearts and pulled them toward him).   God hugely protected them, made them wealthy beyond measure and helped them conquer nation after nation.  This favor, when they were yet secular was simply because they helped, freed and supported Israel.  Trump is the only candidate who plans to help and protect Israel, while standing – no crushing radical Islam.    Believer, any question on who really supports Israel?

My Dad, Neil Roth, is a retired minister and educator who remembers clearly when he was in the army the stories of General George Patton and his mouth.  “Laurie, he swore up a blue streak, but was a brilliant commander and just what America needed.  Without him at critical times we would not have won the war.”   If Patton was leading now against ISIS there would soon be no ISIS left, nor radical Islam waiting to pounce.  However, the ever so sensitive – legalist – leftist Christian types would be marching in the streets in horror because of his swear words and what he called the enemy of America.  The truth was that General Patton was precisely what America needed to win then and Trump is precisely what America needs to win now…bad words and all.

Remember, God is transforming, protecting and leading Trump and has prepared him for such a role and time.  Trump is gusty, courageous, and not for sale.  The endless attacks on Trump by rogue and paid off women from ages ago are so bogus and typical Hillary.  Remember what Miss U.S.A. has recently said about Trump. “He was one of the kindest men she had ever met” She only saw graciousness, kindness, appropriateness on and on….no groping her and trying to get some.  She saw just the opposite.

I strongly believe Donald Trump is God’s man for America and he will get elected,  clean house,  continue to grow in the Lord,  build America back up in all the important ways with the right team, and kick total butt of our enemies instead of fund them and give them more weapons.

My last hurrah

I am a sincere and Bible believing Christian – I am an entrepreneur who is a dreamer – I am a survivor of a near fatal and life changing motorcycle wreck – I am a commentator and working on a new national show again – I am a mother of two kids – I have been married for 16 years to the same man – I am a gun owner, black belt, animal lover and trained Ph.D. in counseling.  I am a singer, songwriter, actress and creative wildcat. I am a dynamic American and cannot wait to vote for Donald Trump and watch what God has in store for America…and it is very good.

All people of faith, you must stop the judgment, show up and vote.  It is not a choice between the lesser of two evils.  It is only good – Trump and evil – Hillary.  Decide which side you are on – I have.