Beck does not stand for God – Morals or the U.S.

There is no worse hypocrisy and evil then for a high profile person like Glenn Beck to play the  ‘pious’ owner of moral high ground,  and courageous – stand alone Christian card.  Beck is announcing that he will not vote for Trump and would rather have Hillary as President.  These days he is practically her campaign manager.  Beck has encouraged and campaigned for all his dwindling listeners and viewers to join him on his moral and Christian high ground island surrounded by ‘never Trumper sharks’ by not voting for Trump and even voting for Hillary.  Let’s have a moment of silence as we breathe in the Beck enlightenment.Beck’s case in helping Hillary become President is that she can be controlled by the House and the Senate and pushed back. Really?  We cannot have ‘evil’ ‘video tarnished’ Trump in the White House, especially if we are real Christians and care about morals.

Well, I have news for hallucinogenic and fraudulent Beck.  The only moral high ground Beck has lifts  him from the ground about ½ inch,  just the perfect position for my sharp steal boot tip to kick his hypocritical and poser self out of the park.  Apparently, holier than thou Beck hasn’t read the scripture ‘He who has not sinned cast the first stone’ (John 8:7) Nor, has he cared to notice any truth or real context about the famous locker room talk video of Trump.

For the hearing and moral impaired Glenn Beck, I will scream the obvious in case there is still a remote ray of IQ or integrity left in his sell out package.  1) The Trump video was 11 years old and a bold set up and unlike Hillary and Bill Clinton, it was just talk.  Even so, Trump quickly said it was true and apologized saying it was wrong…several times in video, at the second debate, in print and on national TV.

Apparently, in Beck’s ‘holier than thou version of the Bible it doesn’t forgive sinners who are repentant.  Apparently, in ‘2nd Beck Chapter 1’ – those who really are sinners and living in evil get to rule the roost.  How wonderful for the non repentant Hillary and her rapist partner Bill who dream of finding more money, power and control as they slaughter America and freedom….again.

The truth is regardless of Beck’s continued melt downs, this is a battle between good and evil, freedom and tyranny and truth and lies.

Pay attention Beck:  Donald Trump is representing the real God of the Holy Bible, the real people of America who want freedom and safety again and the moral high ground we have been missing for too many years.  Trump has a moral and courageous vision to build America back and understands where he is coming from.

Hillary has a vision to violate national sovereignty, slam gay marriage in our face, persecute Christians and their right to speech even more, and expose America to more danger and attacks.  This is while Hillary will continue funding ISIS and other Islamic terrorists she won’t call Islamic in any way.  Naturally, high ground Hillary won’t call Islamic radicals any names since she plans to import thousands more and pepper them all over America.

This election is not at all complicated or a political rubics cube.  It is simple for anyone who wants freedom and America to heal up; Trump represents a real vision, healing, and repentance with Christian values for America.  Hillary represents Satan, lies, deception, greed, immorality and the opposite of women’s rights, especially for the women that her honey Bill has attacked and raped.

Remember folks, the real God of the Holy Bible honors humility and repentance and forgives.  Trump never said he didn’t have a past and was perfect.  However, he is most forgiven and listens to God unlike Hillary and Glenn Beck.  Do not listen to Glenn Beck and the desperate establishment but listen to your heart and vote like your country and life depended on it.