My web site is under attack and we are coordinating a response. We will keep you posted.

Thursday, the 29th, Lt. Commander Walt Fitzpatrick will be interviewed on my Treason series again.  This can be heard live  from 7-8pm PAC.  We are working very hard to get the sound working again.  It seems someone didn’t want this series to be heard.  Don’t worry.  WE WILL PREVAIL.  Shortly,  yesterdays introductory show with Walt Fitzpatrick will be posted in the archives. Click on hour two.

Hang on to your hats and guts.  We are in the battle of our lives — for our country, media and future.  WE WILL WIN.  I’ll keep you posted as to our sound situation.

These Treason complaints must go forward.  Is there a Grand Jury and Prosecutor with the integrity and guts to take this on or will you be counted among the cowards and traitors who have sold out our country?

Sincerely, Laurie Roth

Survivor, Patriot, Host, Mom and Christian