How many times must America bend over and take it with Politicians?

As predicted the GOP establishment and poser conservatives are quickly anointing NDAA, abortion, gay marriage and big health care supporter,  Mitt Romney as their guy.  He just won Florida as we saw a shred fest against Newt Gingrich.  I wish I could rescue poor old Newt as the underdog but for some reason a few things about him get stuck in my throat and cause me to hurl. Regarding wanna be Gingrich,  How many times can you have affairs on wives and be sorry?  Is it really serving America being for the mythological ‘global warming ‘soap opera’ that was proven a sham by thousands of scientists?   In my view,  the global warming ‘cartel’  is nothing but another communistic scheme hiding behind the garters of environmental and international crisis.  Its only goal has been to steal money (mostly from America) redistribute our wealth (preferably controlled by the UN) and cause even more suffering for America.   Gee,  I thought we just had nearly 4 years of that madness with Obama.

We all know there is no perfect Candidate for President.  We all have blemishes and warts.  However,  I must draw a few critical lines in the sand regarding what real leadership should look like and what America should not compromise on, especially with her President.

First, we must have a President who loves America first and will lift her up,  not submit her to the Communist, global elitism agenda and drive her down until she is last.  Borders matter; Sovereignty matters;  Constitution and freedom matters!

Second, we must have a President with a lifestyle of integrity and character,  not a passing glance.  Ends don’t justify the means for getting elected.  Shame on Romney for continuing to insult our intelligence and lie to the American people about abortion.  His whole elected career he ran as a pro choice Republican, then magically became pro life in 2010 when it became more politically expedient to present that view when running for President……as if we were ‘dumber than posts’ and didn’t notice.  

Romney and his wife have given to Planned Parenthood and been abortion supporters most of their lives.  It is on the record that Romney looked the other way with the Gay Marriage vote in his state so he could get their vote and he did.  Shame on him for not standing up for the Constitutional,  Biblical and historical definition of Marriage.  Do you want Mr. Compromise handling life and marriage issues in our country?

Other than the obvious horror of Romney care, offering co-pays for abortion and inspiring Obamacare,  the real tell tail sign of danger with Romney as President is that he supports the NDAA Bill which is nothing but a vicious assault on our Miranda rights,  freedom, Constitution and Posse Comitatus.  Don’t even think of minimizing this in your mind!  Do you want a President who has the legal right to grab you out of your house for some blurry, unproven, terrorist suspicion and take you to GITMO or anyplace in the world for an indefinite period of time without charges,  without trial,  not even a phone call to your honey?  That is what Romney supports!!! 

I am the Presidential Candidate who believes that all who signed the NDAA bill into law should be impeached.  Shame on them all.

How many have I heard say that with this upcoming election our only objective is to get Obama out of office.  We must vote the lesser of two evils to do that.  Wrong,  wrong and wrong. 

God in the Holy Bible never says to do or support the lesser of any evil.  Evil is evil.  We must do what is right and vote for who is right,  not for who looks a tinge nicer than Obama but is essentially evil as well.  How does that work,  ‘the lesser of two evils’ anyway?  Can I have a partial affair on my husband.  How about I go to Vegas once with this cute guy,  get a room and do light kissing.  If I don’t go all they way it won’t be a real affair.”  “I will only take small change out of the cash register.  The company won’t need or miss it.  That’s not stealing because no one will get hurt and the company won’t feel it.”  There is no lesser of two evils.  Evil is evil and wrong is wrong.

We must have a President who has their ego, personality and soul submitted to the living God of the Holy Bible not Islam or anything else.  Our President must reflect our real history,  real Judeo-Christian values and traditions.  We must restore Christian values to protect real freedom . excellence and the future of our children.  There is zero room for Sharia law and Islamic rule in America.

Our President must have ideas that build America up,  bless the people,  restore and protect our freedom, Constitution and sovereignty. 

As many of you know and others are finding out,  I am the outsider who is running for President.  As a Conservative Independent,  my candidacy and success depends on the American people , patriot and Tea Party groups to get me the thousands of signatures needed to get on the ballot in all 50 states.  This is very possible if some of you can help me organize this and work with me to get it done.  Look what the Tea Party did with the historical mid term elections.  We can do this again,  together in November and get our country back in line.

I am more imperfect than most but I will also tell you the truth.  I love my husband and have not had any  affairs on him.  I love my country and refuse to have affairs on her or be owned.  I  will give America every ounce of my creative,  entrepreneurial,  visionary and gutsy spirit in service.  I didn’t quit when I was nearly killed in 2005 and I won’t quit on America either.

First, I will set forth tax liberation for America.  This will do so many wonderful things,  like get us out of debt,  stabilize social security,  make us the number one exporter of energy in the world,  triple border security and stop the 200 billion a year in drug trade.  The Concept of putting in a 2% point of purchase tax and eradication of all other federal tax,  is just what our country needs right now. 

Imagine the healing in our economy when folks aren’t paying income tax and businesses aren’t having their profits stolen ….what a concept.  People would hire and spend again.  The IRS could go flip burgers somewhere.

There would be so much extra money coming in (between 10-20 trillion a year) that all the huge battles in our face would be quickly won and we could build back America and lead again  WITHOUT APOLOGY.

I am not doing this for my career,  for power or to be popular.  God did call me and I answered and am trusting Him for the details in this unique time in our country.

Let’s get this done.  Join me if you want to help.   Check out my first videos I did, speaking from my heart with no notes  Listen in to my national radio show and call in