New Technology – ‘Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit’ will save lives

Budgets are going down the toilet everywhere.  Our Government has us in nearly 15 trillion in debt,  several states are at the Bankruptcy stage and businesses are going away all over the place.  Police Departments are also reeling with the endless money problems and they are making decisions accordingly.  But, are they the right ones?Recently,  I was stunned and saddened to hear that the city of Topeka Kansas repealed their domestic violence law in the city.  Why?  Because there was not enough money to prosecute crimes.  So now apparently,  if a Husband or wife beats the snot out of the other,  they wouldn’t be arrested or prosecuted but perhaps instead given a ticket or fine.  How does this movie from hell look?  As the bloodied and beat up wife puts another ice pack on her broken up face,  bad boy husband stuffs the wrinkled up ticket in his pocket the cop gave him, then storms to the bar.  Money problems or not, I hate this movie.

Budgets are a huge challenge for us all on local, state and national levels,  yet,  money issues cannot stop real justice, nor minimize the horror of domestic violence to a simple ticket.  The truth is more times then not,  threats and attacks on a spouse lead to more severe attacks and murder.  I hear about this every week on my show.  Every Wednesday from 4-5pm PAC I talk with survivor, crime blogger and crime expert, Susan Murphy Milano who has brought onto my show family members of all kinds of abuse, threats and crime.  Each week I am lead through the halls of horror,  lack of closure,  battles with authorities who haven’t collected the right evidence at the right time and those who minimize the ongoing nightmares of the victims and family members.

However, Susan Murphy Milano says there is hope and something history making  coming forth that will dramatically change the justice and prosecution landscape.   This new technology is called the ‘Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit’.  This is a process that allows someone caught in a troubled relationship who fears for their life,  to document and video abuse and potential threats.  This Affidavit process will act as a last will and testament and overrule hearsay laws.  As it is now,  time after time the abuser,  even murderer gets off because the tattered and uncollected evidence and record is not presented right for a conviction.  This Affidavit process will also assist the compromised budgets of police departments all across the country because it will legally act as a last will and testament and can be used in court.  Finally,  the bad guys can get caught and put away with real evidence even after the victim is silenced by murder.

Intimate partner homicide is on the increase across the country and it is hardly the time for any city in America to reduce an attack and blood bath given by a lover or spouse to a simple ticket.  Thank God for this revolutionary break through.  Bring on the Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit and shame on Topeka Kansas for letting budget problems buy their very souls and stop justice for abuse victims.  Learn more at  and listen to my crime segment each week at