Day care centers and sex offenders – all living together

My eyes are still rolling into the back of my head and my head is still shaking at the thought of what I heard this week on my national radio show.   Danny Zanoza of http:  and Dave Smith,  Director of Illinois Family Institute have discovered through there intense digging that in Illinois there are at least 90 licensed day care centers who have the same addresses as those who are listed on a sex offender registry.  What!DHS is responsible for licensing these child chare facilities which are actual homes,  where over 170,000 children are enrolled and where they provide day care for low income families.   How nice,  this part we like but due to whatever psychotic reason that exists,  Zanoza and Smith have found that known sex offenders have the same exact addresses and are living in those specific homes.

Apparently not every ‘sex offender’ is a pedophile but certainly,  breaking the law somehow in the area of sexual play and deviance is involved in their label so here is the obvious question.  What parent in their right mind would ever want or allow their child to play and hang out all day in a home where a sex offender was living….of any kind???

Is the 18 year old living down the hall a ‘nice’ sex offender because he raped a 14 year old and not an 8 year old?  Maybe another sex offender was having sex with his Grandma.  Maybe that is ok with the kiddies down the hall.

For years in the news we have seen the fight and positioning of rights for sexual deviants,  translation by Roth….perverts.  A whole sea of state and federal laws already exist requiring everything form notification as to where the sex offender will live,  to keeping them 1000 feet from schools.  Going back to 1994 there was 42 USC 14071 et seq Act, which requires states to establish specific requirements for persons convicted of certain crimes against minors and convicted of sexually violent offenses.  It they don’t they get a 10% reduction in their grant funding.  Then in 1996,  there came Megan’s law,  offering more disclosure and registration for sex predators.  This was followed by the Pam Lychner Act in 1996,  and in 2000 Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Police and Campus Crime Act. 

These aren’t even all the federal acts and don’t even touch the huge amount of state laws trying to protect children and adults from sexual predators.  With all this in place,  how is it that sex offenders are sleeping anywhere near children and in the same house,  no matter what type of sex offender they are???  I can only imagine if this living combo of kiddies and perverts is common in Illinois,  are we talking a national epidemic where states are just sticking sex offenders where ever they can plant them?  I think 1000% yes. 

It is vividly apparent and horrifyingly obvious that the rights and safety of children are less then nothing!  It is only about the rights of the sex pervert and the obvious and deadly path officials take when facing budget crunches.  I can only imagine the excuse for such a costly, if not deadly mistake……’we don’t have places to put the sex offenders so we have to put them there’  ‘these aren’t dangerous sex offenders’  ‘adults are in the building.’  I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of idiot mind would dream,  for any reason to put any kind,  shape or flavor of sexual offender near children for any reason.

Now,  the final straw that broke the camels back was that Zanosa and Smith said that this wasn’t being covered on major Illinois news,  headline shows,  Fox or other large radio shows.  Apparently, putting thousands of children at risk for rape and death is not news anymore.  Who cares about the kiddies,  they are from poor areas anyway.  After all,  we all pay for murderous abortions now,  so we might as well destroy the innocence and futures of those pesky,  expensive, small kids in day care.

It is beyond shameful that this has happened.  Heads should and must roll in Illinois with DHS and anyone who made this decision!  Radio,  TV and all media,  state and federal that refuses to get this out there and create noise with an issue this horrifying might as well be branded sexual predators themselves.