Pilin’ on Palin

Did we even attack Hitler so much as Sarah Palin?

Lets see……her clothes were too expensive;  her boy was running away from something when he went to Iraq to serve as a soldier;  her handicapped baby was attacked along with her parenting skills;  her marriage slaughtered;  her faith and church attacked as extremist;  her pregnant and unwedded daughter smeared in “worldly hypocrisy blood;” and of course she was evil and nasty to animals since she was a hunter.  These were just the hors d’oevres offered by the left.  Then we saw at least 15 ethics legal assaults flung at her costing Alaska 2 million and her and Todd 500,000 to fight.  All were thrown out of court. 

Now,  when Sarah Palin resigns early as Governor of Alaska the far left wackoids jump all over her again.  “Look herald,  there is a little more flesh on her left leg we can pound into soup.  Quick!  Get the cleaver!”   In between the obsession on coverage of Michael, Lady Diane Jackson,  we hear comments on various news outlets about what a failure it is for Sarah to dare and resign early.  How could she ever compete?  She’s a quitter and can’t take the heat…..bla bla bla.  She couldn’t possibly take on Obama in the next election.

Never mind that if she did take on Obama she would have the support of countless millions and most the Republican party.  I believe most of us conservatives are desperate and waiting for a real candidate to run and take on Obama in 2012!  Never mind that Hillary Clinton and a host of other politicians quit to run for office.   Facts don’t matter though, lets just continue to question and shred Palin for quitting early.

When a reporter asked Sarah Palin just today when she was out fishing with her family about running for President she said no options were off the table.  She would keep her options open.

I said last week on my show and believe that she didn’t quit at all due to the heat for her and her family.  She has weathered that and is used to that.  Her shared and deeper concern was and is the constant distraction and expense in fighting endless bogus lawsuits.  She felt Alaska could be served better.  She was right….not because Sarah Palin isn’t a fabulous and committed Governor but because the greedy, unprincipled and scandalous left keeps fabricating mythology to steal her time, money and ability to serve in that way.

I predict she will run for President and face off with Obama.  If the Republicans get their act together they will GET BEHIND her and get her elected.  Unlike heir Obama, she has had a REAL service record and was popular as a Governor because she brought real and unselfish service and benefit to Alaska.  She didn’t just push paper around, hang out with terrorists, crooks, hippies and communists while talking about community service!  Oh yeah……to be fair, I should recall the voting service Obama did while serving Illinois.  At least he voted for slaughtering more babies and went the extra mile by voting for partial birth abortion and infanticide.  What a legacy to be proud of!  NOT!

I pray Sarah Palin does run  for President and gets a real team around her this time that does not restrict, constrict or manipulate her speech into 50 yard line sound bites.  WE MUST HAVE A CANDIDATE WHO HITS HARD, OFTEN AND WELL!!!  There is a TON to confront, expose and attack with Obama.  We don’t need a polite gutless wonder to run in 2012.

No one is perfect, nor is Sarah Palin, however,  she is a real Mom,  Wife,  popular Governor,   woman of faith, vision and ability.  I believe she would be a fabulous return to the day when we had committed and principled Presidents like Ronald Reagan.

Go Sarah Go!

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