Obama calls US arrogant – apologies owed

Flatten and horribly insult your country abroad and get nothing for it.  No more troops for Afghanistan.  Our allies lined up to say no with respect to helping us fund and fight the war on terror……….hark, what am I smoking,  I mean “the overseas contingency operation.”  This is the achievement President Obama will take home, a big fat nothing but shredding his own country, in the name of what, international stupidity?  I think YES.

Obama’s covered and notable quotes from the G20 meeting seemed to be nothing but bad mouthing America at every turn.  In a speech to France, where we have taken enough heat over the years he said:  “In America, there is a failure to appreciate Europe’s leading role in the world.  Instead of celebrating your dynamic union and seeking to partner with you to meet common challenges, there have been times where America has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive.”

Charles Krauthammer said it best and covered the bottom line on Fox News recently when he stated:  “He steps all over America and gets nothing for it.”  He went on regarding Obama’s consistent and pathetic attack s against former President Bush.  “When Kennedy arrived in Paris, he didn’t attack Eisenhower…if you want to attack the US, you do it at home.”  I think the days of Obama getting away with blaming Bush for everything are over!

Does America Owe the World an Apology?  Absolutely we do.  Let’s start with apologizing for the billions spent and lives lost in WWII when we led in stopping Hitler and the Nazis from taking over the world.  Then of course a follow up apology is due for rebuilding Germany after they attacked everyone, while rebuilding Japan after they attacked us.

We are sorry for defending Kuwait against he attack from Iraq, spending countless millions helping tsunami, floods and earthquake victims worldwide.  Let’s not forget to apologize for the time President Ronald Reagan disbanded communist Russia and brought down the Berlin wall to let freedom roll.

Then there is the war on terror, which affects the planet!  Let’s apologize for taking out another Hitler, Sadam Hussein, who slaughtered at least 2 million of his own people and funded and planned many attacks against us, including Nuclear if we had let him proceed.   I know this to be true because I interviewed, several times, General Asada an Iraqi who worked directly for Sadam Hussein and revealed the real level of abuse, threat and danger to our country.  We are also dreadfully sorry for spending billions more building up their infrastructure and economy like never before?  Then of course, there is the horrible evil we put upon Afghanistan, taking out their oppressive regime the Taliban and building back a healthy country there.

This list of apologize to the worldwide community could go on and on.  However, if somehow the delusional and emotional left and this President could erase our REAL involvement on the international landscape we would all be German, Japanese,  communist, or all Islamic?  Take your pick.

Let us look where REAL apologies are due!  President Obama owes a grand list of apologies to the American people for betraying our constitution, Judeo-Christian heritage, and insulting us falsely to the world!!!

The list of intrusions and betrayals grows longer each day.

More nominees from hell

We already know Obama surrounded himself with pro abortion, Marxist, extremist hippies from the 60s and even minimizes the behavior of some of his friends like terrorist Bill Ayers.   The train of horror continues down the track as we look at his nominee for the head of the Justice Department, Office of legal Counsel, Dawn Johnsen.  She is currently a law professor who once compared “forced pregnancy” with slavery.   Her nomination is pending before the full senate.

Harold Koh is another prize Obama is nominating as a State Department big wig.  This guy teaches, writes and is an expert in transnational legal thought.  Ed Whelan of National Review Online talks of the huge danger of putting this guy into the State Department as a legal adviser.  Koh believes our laws must submit to international laws.  Whelan says the Koh would severely damage US sovereignty manipulating our laws and a multitude of areas to submit to international law.  Imagine this folks, laws being determined with consequences for breaking those laws decided by countries that are in many cases led by dictators and anti constitutional and American Governments.

Who is arrogant and who owes us an apology?

President Obama is the one who owes this country a series of apologies for disregarding and assaulting our Christian and moral heritage by saying to the Europeans that we aren’t a Christian nation and planning to force abortions on all doctors and hospitals, while forcing us to pay for abortions world wide.   Obama owes us an apology for putting folks in places of power who support and write bills that attack our very sovereignty and constitution and for suggesting in any way shape or form that we should submit to anything foreign, international or UN.

Yes,  there is plenty of arrogance and there are plenty of apologies owed.  I think it is clear by whom!