Will William Ayers & Bernadine Dohrn pay for their crimes?

It’s finally here, March 12th, the National Press Club, Washington DC. We see 39 years after the murder of Sergeant Brian V. McConnell, a renewed attempt to finally get justice done.

Larry Grathwohl, FBI informant in the Weather Underground, who I have interviewed several times on my national radio show, states that the bombing murder of Sgt. McConnell clearly points to Weather Underground member and now “Professor” Bernardine Dohrn. It also points to Bill Ayers, another fancy Professor. These thugs are just two of the many questionable associates of President Barack Obama. Isn’t that precious?


At this revelatory press event were also Jim Pera, retired San Francisco Police Sergeant, one of the first on the scene of the Park Station bombing; Herbert Romerstein, former congressional investigator, who commented on the very violent history of the Weather Underground; Trevor Loudon, anti-communist researcher, talking of their influence and movement on College campuses and Cliff Kincaid, veteran journalist and president of America’s Survival Inc, talking of the media’s need to represent the whole truth on this and defining the present plans of the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) and Weather Underground.

It is truly a shock to imagine in this country that William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn escaped justice after being linked to so many anti American crimes, explosions and now, allegedly, this heinous murder of Sergeant McConnell. According to the revealed letter, 8 other officers were seriously injured in the explosion.

Jim Kouri, V.P. of the National Association of Chiefs of Police is right on top of this story pointing out what we ALL desperately hope is the obvious, that this is a renewed effort that will finally bring this case to a close and force Ayers and Dohrn to pay for their crimes.

I pray as the strobe light of truth is shined down again upon these two arrogant, lying terrorists, that justice will finally prevail and they will finally wipe the smile off their award winning, pasty, professor faces!

I could care a flying rip about their fancy Doctorates, Professorships and careers since their crimes. Half the country has Ph.Ds including myself. Fancy education and careers are a dime a dozen these days, but none of us have the right to murder, blow up federal buildings, plan our country’s demise and get away with it.

I remember back in March before the Presidential election and before Good Friday, being called by a former CIA and other high level official about the links between William Airs, Obama, the Woods foundation and other involvements together. I wrote and released an article then about it on Good Friday. Jim Couri, V.P. of the National Association of Chiefs of Police also wrote an news article for NewsWithViews.com verifying I was breaking the story. I then released the info I had been called about on my national radio show with my guest Doug Hagmann, director of Northeast Intelligence Network . This information and these links were already available if people dug for them. A few others had talked about various links with Obama before but radio and TV had been vacant and seemingly not interested. After Good Friday, Sean Hannity talked about the link many times but few others. It was as if our media had gone mentally ill regarding these connections with Obama. No one really cared.

It’s time for this case to be reopened and the evidence to be properly looked at this time. It’s also time for the two Professors to consider a very limited, new wardrobe and the possibility of being someone else’s girlfriend.

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