GITMO: The horror show of torture & human rights violations?

Wow! I’m sure glad that President Obama had the vision and foresight to declare practically the moment he got into the white house that GITMO must and will close down within a year. After all, its common knowledge that our troops just love torturing the prisoners held there and making life a living hell for them. Certainly this is the long held belief, shouted out by our 5th column media and leftist Politicians that rights are being infringed and torture is abounding for the poor terrorists being held through this war.


Why would our President even pause with the verified facts that show that most of the prisoners that have been released immediately go back into terrorism and battle against our troops and country, AGAIN and AGAIN! We all know that that rude and ugly behavior by the terrorists once they leave is only because our troops at GITMO have treated them so horribly they have to try and kill us again….so the far left believes!

Not to confuse anyone with a hateful thing like the facts but I will try. It was just released on Monday, the 81- page report from a special task force ordered up by President Obama to thoroughly examine GITMO. Below are just some of the many hideous and evil things our troops have participated in. Hold on to your stomach.

The task force found that GITMO was in conformity with Article 3 of the Geneva Convention.

They keep their thermostat between 75-80 degrees
They provide art classes to the prisoners
They encourage and allow a newsletter for the prisoners
They have over 13,000 books, 900 magazines, 300 DVDs and regular TV programs
3 meals a day
Regular Doctor visits if needed
Prayer rugs, Korans and time for religious observance

For more details from this report read Fred Lucas/CNS News.

Shock of all shocks, the prisoners weren’t being tortured but treated better than U.S. domestic prisoners. Quickly, let’s shut this nightmare place down and distribute these repeat offender, killers throughout our country. Lets start with offering them tents on the White House lawn if Obama can’t find another suitable place for them.

I guess my question is, why would anyone in leadership with a brain in times of war even consider closing down GITMO, especially knowing how most of the released terrorists so far have returned to attacking our troops and the U.S. again? Why if no verified abuse of any kind is happening would this place not be left open? Finally, given all the financial struggles currently with our economy and business failures, why would anyone want to waste the money to reinvent the wheel as to where to keep these serial killers and enemies? They are getting fair and generous care already!!!

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