Homeschooling parents in California facing prison?

The un-American and unbelievable appeals court decision in California, recently criminalizing home schooling parents if they don’t enroll their child into a public school, makes the memories of communism look bland. This is now on its way to the California Supreme court. If this decision is not reversed, parents will be deemed criminal and face major severe consequences. There are nearly 200,000 home-schooled children in California, which means there are tons of parents this ruling affects. Allegedly, Governor Schwarzenegger has come out against this and said it was a ruling against families. So, as this now races to the California Supreme Court, what is Arnold going to do, and what is a parent in California to do? Submit and immediately comply with the law and enroll your child into the public school, or try and sell your house and leave the state, OR?…Choice number 3.

It is time for ALL the home school parents in California to organize, and carpool their way to Sacramento at the same time. Lets see thousands of parents standing on the capital steps acknowledging their criminal status. They should in writing, to media and to all who will listen, collectively admit their criminal guilt because they plan to continue teaching their children at home, which should be their constitutional right. Their decision to continue teaching their children not only reflects their constitutional rights but also reflects the enormously successful statistics and success with home schooling. They show significantly higher college entrance exam scores, and better grades, all the way along with home school than public school. IT IS TIME FOR PARENTS TO UNITE AND STAND TOGETHER ON THIS VITAL ISSUE!

It is, sadly, time in our country for a bunch of Rosa Park’s moments again, this time standing for the rights of parents and our children. It cannot be allowed or tolerated that one or two rogue, anti-constitution, anti-God and parent judges, to invent or rewrite laws, imposing dictatorship opinions against parents, Christians and children. If this ruling passes the Supreme Court and is allowed to stand against so many, what is California planning to do? Tax the masses to cover the enormous expenses in forcing the hundreds of thousands of parents into “family training” treatment and building more prisons for those who won’t comply with the letter? While all the illegals move in, are they planning to have hundreds of thousands of families move out of their state?

But of course, what am I thinking, with all the extra money California spends to support out-of-control illegal aliens, disappearing businesses (out-taxed), and a collapsing housing market, naturally they are going to want to create a large and new criminal class!

We can all say how horrified we are. We can all freak-out over coffee and say, this is the way our country is going, or, we can unite, get angry, and focus strong action, enough to wake up our leaders, both state and federal. Parents please stand your ground. Governor Arnold, do more than be upset! Take a decisive legal and legislative stand for parents, children and home schooling. We are all counting on you.