The Salem witch trials again?

This week I watched the self righteous Bushaphobes bare their drug stained teeth and attack Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Collin Powell, and any conservative they could find. It is clear that Clark, Kerry, and every other liberal on Capitol Hill believes that this administration has been a dismal failure regarding this war on terror.

First, they suggest the war was made up on a ranch over a burger. Then they suggest that Clinton did nothing to contribute to the dangers building before 9/11 and allege that Bush and his team all but invited the terrorists into our country to party. The panel totally disregarded the national disgrace and obvious betrayal of Clinton turning away Bin Laden from Sudan 3 times. This is even in the face of Clinton himself, who has acknowledged the offer from the Sudan.

This panel doesn’t care. They only want to know why President Bush didn’t connect the dots. Sadly, the only dots Clinton ever connected were the dots leading from the top of the zipper to the bottom of the zipper on an intern’s dress. At least President Bush and his staff have tried to repair and rebuild after 8 years of turning our army, CIA and FBI into a Martha Stewart sewing club. However, we are obviously still reeling from the pathological tolerance and politeness culture. This distorted culture has literally allowed evil to walk right into our schools, military, congress and churches.

We ask way too many questions about the suffering of our enemies, concern over their poverty, wondering how we brought on their violent behavior and feeling guilty like we deserve it. After all, we are evil Imperialists! When you see a war hero like Lt. Colonel Allen B. West fired and nearly sent to prison for 8 years without retirement for scaring a terrorist to get life saving info, you have a national disaster! That of course is also Bush’s fault. I am quite sure that if an Asteroid struck next week it would be Bush’s fault as well.

Here we are at war and we as a nation should be pulling together. Yes, learning lessons from 9/11 but not using the investigative platform solely to gain political points for Kerry. The only thing this panel is investigating is, “who can mark the corner of their political yard” and if they can enter the Guinness Book of World Records in bashing our President.

The truth is, both sides have to get more serious about saving our country and put the political football aside. I’m afraid that because of our addiction to politeness and sensitivity we may lose this war if we are not careful. We need to stop feeling the pain of our enemy and start caring about the victims in mass graves. Maybe its time for our President and congress to combine more aggressive efforts and implement REAL security measures that just might prevent another 9/11. These are the questions I want answered by a panel:

  • Why didn’t we close the borders on 9/12?
  • Why are we still only searching 2% of our shipping containers?
  • Why are we still waffling on finger printing and giving background checks to visitors from Saudi Arabia?
  • Why are we still kissing up to President Fox who protects murderers of our citizens, encourages lawsuits from illegals and encourages illegals invading our country?
  • Why haven’t we seen an executive order silencing the ACLU and other PC law suits during a time of war? There should have been no apology for profiling. After all, the killers profiled themselves and continue to in attacks all around the world.
  • Why did congress vote itself 5 salary increases since 9/11 at a time of war? One increase was the month after 9/11!
  • Why did congress vote down sending our troops home for free when they come home on a break?

Maybe its time to put a little grit in our attitude before the next 9/11 occurs. We can start by finding and deporting foreigners who aren’t citizens and who haven’t passed an extensive background check. Maybe, it’s time to start really monitoring all Mosques and deport any Cleric who speaks up on behalf of our enemies. Maybe its time to deport members of Mecha and other violent racist groups whom all but call for war against the US. Maybe its time to have a zero tolerance policy for visiting foreigners who enjoy the benefits of our universities and spit on our flag.

You say I’m extreme? Over the top? Just wait until another huge attack is successfu….Sensitivity training will be over! The question is, do we have the guts to take action now, or after we are half dead.

© 2004 Dr. Laurie Roth – All Rights Reserved