Will moms have to finish this war?

Why are war crimes being perpetrated by our own leaders against our troops?

The same week congress voted themselves their 5th raise since 9/11; they managed to turn down an attachment to the 87 billion dollars our President wanted for Iraq. The attachment would have paid for our returning troops to fly home from Baltimore!!! Just how many types of drugs are they on in Congress? They just couldn’t find enough money to fly a poor, exhausted private, home on leave, but they made sure their new BMW was paid for with yet another raise in time of war! Disgraceful, even treasonous!! Before that we heard of our injured troops being charged for food each day they were in a hospital, some getting released with no legs left only to find a collection notice as a reward for service to their country. Congress did act to remedy that situation, but apparently that was only a token moment in between cocktail parties. The fleeting moment of conscience was quickly replaced with the important priorities……. How do I get reelected?

This week, just when I thought my blood pressure was under control; the mother of one of our troops in Iraq called my show. She then told me that her son served in Afghanistan for 6 months, then Iraq for 9 months. Last Saturday he called her from Iraq with a very bad cold and fever. He had been up for 50 hours and told her the military didn’t plan on having the troops there through winter so they didn’t have the right clothing for them. He needed Mom to go to the Army-Navy Store and send what amounted to $250 worth of military winter clothing to him. Mom was to buy it and pay for the enormous postage, which would take 5-6 weeks to get to Iraq. In the meantime her son was to freeze without winter clothing.

It gets worse.

She also told me that the army changed the color of the shorts and T-shirts the troops were wearing to exercise in and sleep in while in Iraq. The army deducted $100 from each soldier’s pay for these new-colored uniforms to sleep in. Of course the same son had the $100 deducted for the wardrobe change and didn’t have the money to call home. The soldiers had to send in a requisition form for cash to call home a process that took two weeks!

It gets worse.

When he had returned from Afghanistan for training along with all the other troops who were deployed, they found all of their belongings had been moved out of the barracks to make room for new recruits and their personal items were put in storage. Here is the kicker! Each soldier was given a bill the size of Texas for the storage costs while they were away fighting in Afghanistan!!! Plus, they had to find a new place to live. When they went to the airport to buy a plane ticket home they were told it would be $1,500 since there were no discounts because of so little notice. We treat criminals in prison better than this!!!

This is just part of the ridiculous odyssey one Mom’s heroic boy has had to go through. This is the same story for countless men and women in our military. Why are our leaders having troops call Mommie for clothes? Are they incapable of planning for winter? They can’t call in a huge plane of clothes for freezing and sick soldiers but would rather empty the bank accounts of Moms and have the soldier wait 6-8 weeks to get any relief! If this is how our officers and the Pentagon takes care of our young people in the trenches I say fire them all!!! They apparently can’t plan their way out of a paper bag! I now wonder what else they don’t plan for. Perhaps they forget to order bullets as well. These violations against our troops are life threatening, kill moral, and violate their basic rights! If the Pentagon is too stupid to take care of basic planning and take care of our troops then perhaps the Moms of America should take over. At least our troops would have warm clothes, food and bullets. Moms of America would never have thought of having their boys and girls pay for trips home, hospital food or storage costs.

Is this the new Government PR campaign to get more troops to enlist? I can see it now! “You too can be all that you can be: Starve, Freeze, Go bankrupt, and Die for your country, while congress gets rich!” What could be more motivating to serve your country? Of course if none of the above examples move you to join, then of course there are the glorious accounts of how we have treated war heroes such as General Boykin and Lt. Colonel Allan B. West. We have basically crucified them for being honest and for saving lives.

We need to put a stop to this madness against our troops! We must not turn a deaf ear as we continue this war. Basic care of our troops is not an option it is a must! Write to your congressman, Rumsfeld and the President. Demand action regarding our troops. Ask where the 87 billion is going when troops have to call Mommie for winter wear? Ask why they still have to hitch hike home from Baltimore. Ask why they are paying huge amounts for storage when they are on the front lines. Ask why congress keeps getting raises when we are losing the moral war!

© 2003 Dr. Laurie Roth Ph.D. – All Rights Reserved