Better rude & alive than polite & dead

Recently, our President reminded us that we are dealing with “evil in plain sight.” He also reminded us how dangerous a lack of will is when fighting the enemy. He referenced the League of Nations pouncing around like a paper tiger and crumbling in the face of murderous dictators. That sounds like our UN today. Back then, President Wilson was spreading hopes of idealism with his 14 points of light and just a few years later we saw millions gassed in ovens while Mozart played in the background. During World War II, we finally got a clear image and target outline of the enemy. With this clear vision (it took us long enough even then to get moving) we then bombed our guts out until the war was over.

Since 9/11, we have heard our President define our enemies as “evil ones.” However, over the past two years I have seen what I believe is the REAL plan of the enemy, “evil in plain sight,” working beautifully. It is gaining ground on us due to our lack of clarity and will. First of all, blowing buildings up is obviously not the weapon of choice in this war. It is only one “ace” in the “evil one’s” deck. They are smart and have studied the American ways. We seem to be destroying ourselves just fine. All the killers have to do is buy popcorn and make friends with the ACLU and other “Hate America” organizations. Heck, the movie is half over if you look at how we treated Judge Roy Moore, the pledge of allegiance, gay marriage and Lt. Colonel Allen B. West.

It’s painfully obvious to any strategist. They plan to destroy us from within, using our own legal frailty, our own organizations, our moral weakness and our twisted addiction to tolerance against us. Let me remind you of just a few recent news flashes. Lucas Guttentag, director of ACLU’s “Immigrant Rights” project, recently complained that our government is too tough on would be terrorists. The ACLU seems strangely troubled about the INS guidelines. These guidelines require men from 25 Middle Eastern, African and Asian countries to reregister with the INS shortly before their renewal date or face being deported.

Another news flash, while the ACLU is busy suing everyone and their dog for singing Jingle Bells (WorldNetDaily Nov 21, Students Threatened by Christmas), we have schools in California urging their young ones to fast up to three days to experience the joys of Ramadan. The kids were told they would get extra credit! Of course, don’t mention the baby Jesus or you’re likely to get hung from a tree! ( Nov 24, Christian Group Protests Government Schools’ Pro-Islam Propaganda.)

At the same time, we have liberal attorneys suing on behalf of more and more detainees held at Gitmo. It appears, at this rate, there is a new reality TV show emerging: “How to Shoot Up US Troops and Become a Millionaire.” Why don’t we give the killer who Lt. Colonel Allen B. West interrogated his own show! Maybe that would help ease the pain of his trauma therapy in between his murdering escapades!

Then there was the study banned from publication this week in Europe showing the horrific increase in murders and attacks against the Jews. It was deemed too controversial and could incite the Muslim population into violence. The only problem was that 99% of the attacks noted in the study were at the hands of Muslim radicals. I guess if the scientists changed the last part of their study to “thousands of attacks perpetrated by Christian Scottish Highlanders,” it would be a slam-dunk in the worldwide press!

Here is the bottom line and it’s ugly! We can’t win this war on terror unless we find the courage to REALLY define evil even if it seems rude or politically incorrect to do so! We can’t win this war when bullets are flying overseas to preserve freedom and at home we are rewriting the definition! We can’t win this war when American Muslims don’t display the moral courage to attack the cancer eating at their own faith and clarify once and for all the misused concept of “Jihad!” We can’t win this war when we are actively persecuting Christians, demonizing our religious heritage, and at the same time allowing complete freedom and promotion of the Muslim faith. I have nothing against freedom of expression for Muslims. I do have a big problem, however, when we seem to be flushing our own religious and moral background down the toilet and raising atheism and the Muslim faith up! I would remind you of the recent headlines about New York schools not allowing Christian expression and symbols but promoting Jewish and Muslim symbols. Now we see kids getting extra credit in a public school in California for fasting during Ramadan? Do the same kids get extra credit for meditating about Jesus? No way!

It seems that the radical left has the same agenda as the terrorists:

1.  Demonize our Judeo-Christian Heritage. Sue until all it’s shining symbols and expression are obliterated or pushed back into the closet.

2.  Shame and threaten people legally who define and clarify evil within the Muslim world. Call them Islamaphobes (CAIR recently called Dr. Laura an Islamaphobe for giving 1st amendment advise to a Mom about a field trip to a Mosque)

3.  Infuse a distorted form of tolerance into the military to blunt any effectiveness and kill morale. I remind you of how we treated General Boykin and Lt. Colonel Allen B. West, simply because they were “clear” about this war and the enemy. “Interrogate men…….but don’t be rude!” In other words, shoot yourselves in the head because we want your interrogations to be worthless and only help the enemy!

4.  Once there is legal fear of retaliation and cultural meltdown, move in as the new hero and alternative to Christianity and the answer to the war on terror.

We must not become another League of Nations!! I feel the winds of tolerance leading us right into the gas chambers. Wake up America and fight this war with truth, ambition and conviction!!!

© 2003 Dr. Laurie Roth Ph.D. – All Rights Reserved